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Found 6 results

  1. Guest

    Some guidance pls

    WJKK WJKF so while studying at university I had become such a disgusting person, doing what most boys do, when they are surrounded by the wrong people. NO excuse I did all these things and they still go on around in my mind but with Maharaj Kirpa I have learnt that this world won’t bring me the bliss I am after if I forget waheguru, so since been home for over 1.5 years.. I have taking my medicine … doing more naam Simran and trying to get closer to waheguru .. I haven’t drank alcohol or done drugs in over a year, started growing my Kesh and become better at controlling the 5 vices, I am still nothing however. During my time at university I decided to get a tattoo that is a interpretation of gurbani . It reading in English as “from her were born the kings “.. it is quite small and I have now understand that I have done some beadbi by getting gurbani tattoo on myself. I got it when my grandmother passed away but I realise now I only got this tattoo to fuel my ego . I understand that only Maharaj can forgive me.. but if I ever get blessed to take Amrit and i am thinking of getting the tattoo covered or removed before I do this. Any thoughts on if I should get it removed or covered ? please forgive me for any mistakes I have made
  2. As title suggests. I have noticed an increase in ppl from punjab rocking tattoos infact i noticed this for a while and just shrugged it off for some reason. Anyways do you guys also notice this I also seen women having tattoos as well. To me personally i am not a fan of tatoos and they kinda look immature and childish but i would never think of someones opinion to be lesser just because they have a tattoo i even have friends with it
  3. Guest


    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh I checked this form related to tattoo but couldn’t get the answer I am look for. i have read that getting a gurbani ir sikh related tattoo is kind if disrespect, tattoos require to shave the area before the artist start making it. if i manage not to shave the area, no beadvi of hairs, and if i make a regular simple tattoo ( example a lion etc) , is it still anti.gurmat? I know some people say we should some say we shouldn’t have, its modification of body and its prohibited etc however now I am looking for answers from Gurbani perspectives and someones own views? I am thinking to get one, but if it is anti gurmat I will never go for it. thanks
  4. Im aware that tattoos are a complicated topic and I'm not here to discuss whether it's allowed or not, but what I am asking is the sangats thoughts on a Sant Jarnail Ji tattoo that I have seen a few times. I know that Khandas and in onkar tattoos can be considered as disrespectful, but can a Sikh inspired tattoo or a Sant Ji one also be disrespectful ? I'm having trouble uploading pics but just search it in google. All thoughts and opinions welcomed.
  5. Guest


    Hi there, I'am 21 and a Sikh girl and I have been thinking of getting a tattoo, is getting a tattoo against are faith because it does not disobey Waheguru. God wants us to be honest people, work hard , share with others and pray to him. Yes in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji it clearly states we should not drink or smoke, but however I'am unsure about whether or not it has anything against us having tattoo's. I was thinking of getting a small tattoo of a khanda on my wrist, some people would object saying if you drink alcohol then it's wrong however I do not do that, therefore I believe there is nothing wrong with getting it done. People drink and smoke whilst wearing a kara which i personally think is even worse because that is one of the 5 k's which was given to us by God, therefore having a tattoo and not smoking and drinking should surely be better. Also getting a khanda is just showing how much love I have for my faith and therefore I want it on my wrist as a symbol of always being part of the Sikh religion. I know lots of people who have tattoos who then decided to take Amrit, however them having tattoos didn't stop them or have an effect on how much they love their religion. I'm also a non-amritari , therefore me getting a tattoo at this stage would not be wrong because I'am not an amritari therefore I should be allowed to get it done as I have not fully stepped onto the path of God. When or if I ever do step onto this path and if I have tattoo's that will not stop me from becoming an Amritari or effect how much love I have for my Guru.
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