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  1. Guest

    Warning for the future

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh I thought I would post here since people here aren’t total missionaries. I used to be a poster here, but I quit many many years ago, after quitting I focused on my life but also did my own Jaap of bani and focused on that, I was fortunate enough to be blessed by Maharaj in a small capacity. But the times approaching are going to hell for us as a people and for the world. Guru Sahib warned us already, but we’ve not heeded at all. I should warn you that in Gurmat, Prophecies rarely have dates because a Mahapurakh is able to do Ardaas and Guru Nanak Sahib Ji will then push the event back and lower its effect. Baba Nand Singh Ji did this before the partitions as he didn’t wish to see the carnage. However, there are set in stone, one such thing is the cycle of events mentioned in bani. In 1521 Guru Sahib described the destruction of Einimanbad and uttered his shabad telling Bhai Lalo how they would be punished for their paap towards both Bhai Mardana Ji and other Sadhus. Guru Sahib then told the dates which were ਆਵਨਿ ਅਠਤਰੈ ਜਾਨਿ ਸਤਾਨਵੈ ਹੋਰੁ ਭੀ ਉਠਸੀ ਮਰਦ ਕਾ ਚੇਲਾ ॥ Coming in 78 they will depart in 97, another disciple of a man will arise. (I will be using bikrami dates here as its easier to explain, bikrami is about 57 years ahead but this can fluctuate a bit). They came in 78 and then in 97, the Mughals lost their raaj temporarily to Sher Shah Suri. Eventually because of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s bachan they regained their raaj. However, these dates have always repeated themselves in our history. The next time they repeated themselves was during Guru Hargobind Ji’s time. The first time the Mughals’ attacked Guru Sahib was in 1678, the Mughals then launched a final attack on 6th Patasha Ji and this was in 1697 where 52,000 soldiers attacked Guru Sahib, the number actually inflated because a lot of other people, mercenaries all joined in too. Then again in 1778, 10th Guru Sahib sent Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Ji and then in 1797, Baghel Singh put down the Mughal darbar for good. Again in 1878, Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s darbar was at its peak and things were good for Sikhs, however in 1897, the Dogras started to conspire with the British and then overthrew the darbar. This repeats again in 1978, the aftereffects of World War 1 are felt worldwide, this is also the date Hitler became leader of the Nazi party and the advent of the Spanish flu that killed millions and then in 1997, World War 2 was in full swing. During the 1978-1997 period we sikhs lost a lot of lives, we also struggled a lot to gain back our Gurudwaras from Mahant/Massands. That same period is now upon on with 2078 bringing with it the Covid Crisis. For the first time in history, we Sikhs were given the golden opportunity by Guru Ji to not have our food etc taken care of but also having nothing to do. We should have been doing bhakti and mass amounts of it. Because if it’s any indication of what’s to come things are going to get the worst they’ve ever been. The year before this period starts tends to paint a color of how this period unfolds. Right now, things are shifting in the world and in other realms too. I recall reading Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji said that eventually the Devtas would flee their tiraths because the paap would become too much for them. I also saw this in a vision (or something close) where the devtas were arriving in large numbers to Swarg alongside some very battered and old beings, they were all climbing up a mountain route like refugees walking to see shelter. Either to barricade themselves or find some sort of protection remains to be seen. A lot of Shaheeds have also been reborn and are safely in the west, away from the cruelty of the current Sarkar there and from the spiritual filth polluting India. 10th Master has evicted Punjab for a reason with 10% of our population now in the west and Punjab’s own halat getting worse. Bhai Rama Singh’s autobiography is also testament to this fact. When the time is right, Maharaj will bring them all back to do their duty. A lot of Mahapurakhs have also said similar things, a lot of Bhakti wale have also seen a lot of carnage and that India will burn for the paaps it done on Sikhs, on a personal note I too have seen some dark dark things, akin to almost partition levels of horror, Im too young to live through the partition horrors and Im too young to have experienced the racism our fathers would have faced when immigrating here but what I saw was horrifying enough iv mentally sealed it away and never want to think about it again. I was also given a bachan to do bani jaap as it would help and keep us safe, I consulted with others who were also alarmed by this as they said that similar things were being discussed in India by spiritually minded people and similar alarm bells had also been sounded by others. Baba Thakur Singh Ji’s bachans are also coming true and will come true. I know a lot of people don’t believe in them and that’s fine and now they’ve even started doing his nindya by saying he recanted his statements about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji before doing Akaal Chalana. That’s not true and the people currently spreading them are doing so to cover their own feelings. I’ve spoken to Baba Ji’s garvei and to some of their closest family members, I can also attest to the sanctity of the bachan. Where this lie began, I have no idea. Whether you believe Sant Ji was Shaheed and has been reborn or if you believe Sant Ji is still here is up to you and I encourage people not to fight over this, but they will play a role in helping us. But Sant Ji is a strict Gursikh who told everyone to keep rehit and do Bani jaap alongside keeping shasters. That is what we should be doing. All the Sampardayas have gotten corrupt and lazy, Guru Ji himself will deal with them and set things right after so don’t worry about this maryada or that, just focus on bhakti and keeping shasters. That is why I do implore people to practice the code of conduct laid out by Mahapurakhs from Nanaksar, Harkowale, Rara Sahib, Taksal. A lot of puratan Mahapurakhs have also taken avtar again. A Kharak Brahmgyani (one that the world knows already that enemies fear and the aam Sangat have a lot of respect for) has been around for ages and is currently in Maha-Samadhi, this one will lead the sikhs from a political and war perspective. He will spread Shanti when the time right. Regardless there’s a lot of bachans I can say and some I can’t, I can put up more later if anyone wants but anyways. The time for us now is to get shasters and do Bhakti. Everyone has been saying this, you will need both to survive. Guru Sahib will look after his pakhe Sikhs through everything. Make sure your local Gurudwaras can house and protect our people, I understand that committees are stupid and most of the fat uncles are probably more likely to sip tea and choke down samosas but make sure theres supplies sikhs can use. Make sure theres a good amount of youth who are healthy enough to fight too. Keep a close network of Sikhs and I know western sikhs have this notion of whites aren’t bad but in times of turmoil friends become enemies fast and everyone will be out for themselves. Look at Ukraine, how our people were treated by the racists there who wouldn’t let sikhs onto evacuation trains because they felt they were entitled to it first, look at the lockdown situation where everyone was mass stocking without a care for others. Family looks after family and as Sikhs we should be one family in this. I understand a lot of our people won’t heed this (happens all the time hence why Mahapurakhs tend to keep quiet about it) but those who can please be ready to protect yourselves, these bachans are from proper Mahapurakhs. Jathedar Kulwant Singh Ji also said that a time will come for us when we have a mala in one hand and a Sri Sahib in another. I.E we will need to do Bhakti while fighting with our weapons. So, I request you to please don’t delay and keep prepared. If someone wants to hear a bit more open bachan just respond here.
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