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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5705365/Gang-posed-police-kidnapping-man-jailed-48-years.html https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6226596/kidnap-gang-posing-as-police-bundle-victim-into-car-fitted-with-blue-lights/ Gang who posed as police before kidnapping man, bundling him into fake squad car and demanding £100,000 ransom are jailed for more than 48 years Two of the men grabbed the victim as he left his Bromley home in London They made menacing calls to his elderly mother and relatives demanding money He was only released when it became clear the gang were not going to get paid The four men were all convicted of kidnap, blackmail and falsely imprisoning him By Phoebe Southworth For Mailonline Published: 20:24, 8 May 2018 | Updated: 15:29, 10 May 2018 A gang who posed as police to kidnap a man by bundling him into a fake squad car then demanded a £100,000 ransom have been jailed for more than 48 years. The victim was ambushed seconds after leaving his home in Bromley, south east London, at about 11.20pm on December 22, 2016. The violent gang chased him down and savagely beat him, forcing him to the ground 'like a pack of dogs' before bundling him into a black Audi with flashing blue lights. +6 +6 Conrad Jackson (left) drove the kidnap vehicle - a fake police car fitted with blue flashing lights - and Reece Jackson (right) helped him bundle the victim into the car in Bromley, south east London They threatened to kill the victim and fired an imitation gun inside the vehicle, which contained stab vests, handcuffs and cable ties, Inner London Crown Court heard. The thugs held the terrified man for seven hours and made menacing calls to his elderly mother and relatives demanding more than £100,000 for his release. At one point neighbours saw him desperately scrambling out of the car on his hands and knees before Conrad and Reece Jackson punched him and threw him back in. The victim was not released until just before 7am when it became clear the gang's demands for money would not be met. The four men denied but were convicted by a jury following a trial of joint charges of conspiracy to kidnap, conspiracy to imprison falsely and conspiracy to blackmail. Jurors also convicted Conrad and Reece Jackson jointly of possession of an imitation firearm, and Rollins of possession of a class A drug. Sentencing them on May 8, Judge Mark Bishop said: 'It was a ruthless act of violence, snatching someone off the street and subduing him with violence. 'One witness described it as a frenzied attack, like someone being set on by a pack of dogs. At one point she thought the victim was dead. 'The demands made were chilling and threatening, demanding at one stage £100,000. 'There can be no doubt that this experience would have been frightening and shocking for the family.' +6 +6 Amir Sahir (left) had been spying on the victim before the attack and Zephan Rollins (right) took part in the blackmail Conrad Jackson, 25, a Business Management student at London Metropolitan University, was said to be the 'intellectual' ringleader of the gang and drove the car. He was joined by Reece Jackson, also 25 - described as the 'muscle' behind the operation. CCTV played for jurors showed 'inside man' and father-of-three Amir Sahir, 29, spying on the victim from a second car before the attack. He lived on the same street as the victim and let Conrad and Reece know when they should pounce. Fourth conspirator Zephan Rollins, 30, was said to be 'centrally involved' in the blackmail. He had recently been released on licence from a ten-year jail term for possession of a firearm. +6 A set of handcuffs recovered from the black Audi being driven by Conrad Jackson during the kidnap. It also contained stab vests and cable ties Prosecutor Michael Bisgrove previously told the court: 'The victim was on the road outside his home address. A black Audi vehicle pulled up with blue lights flashing. 'One of the two men in the vehicle got out and ran towards the victim. 'The victim ran away. He was pursued by the man on foot and by the Audi vehicle which was reversed at speed. 'A short distance away the victim was caught up with. He was assaulted. 'Neighbours saw and heard him being punched and kicked to the floor, picked up and put into the back of the Audi, which drove away at speed. 'Over the next seven hours or so, a number of telephone calls were made.' +6 An imitation firearm recovered from the kidnap vehicle. It was shot while the victim was inside He said the calls to the victim's family were 'particularly to his brother and his elderly mother' - demanding ransoms which 'at times were in excess of £100,000'. 'They threatened to shoot the victim and indeed an imitation firearm was present,' said Mr Brisgrove, adding that it was discharged in the car. 'The victim was eventually released shortly before seven the following morning when it became clear the demands were not going to be met.' Conrad Jackson, of Bromley, south east London, was jailed for 15 years for his role in the kidnap, as well as drugs offences and possession of criminal property. Reece Jackson, of Finsbury Park, north London, was jailed for 12-and-a-half years for the kidnap, possession of cannabis and taking a conveyance without authority. Sahir, of Bromley, south east London, was jailed for ten years. He was also banned from driving for six years because he drove while disqualified when he was spying on the victim from a car in the street they both lived on. Rollins, of Bromley, south east London, was jailed for 11 years. Detective Inspector Gary Myers, who leads the Met’s Modern Slavery and Kidnap Unit, blasted the defendants as 'despicable'.
  2. http:///www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-england-manchester-43534672 mods please feel free to move to the Media section. knife possession/use does not mean as much punishment in the U.K. Compared with guns. What if these types of incidents increase? The lawmakers and public might start to say Sikhs should not be allowed to wear Kirpan as Sikhs might wrongly use them. Are there any steps we can take to safeguard our community from this?
  3. Sikh24 is reporting a "breaking" (meaning unconfirmed) story that some Sikhs in Italy may have tried to violently attack missionary Panthpreet Singh: http://www.sikh24.com/2017/05/07/breaking-bid-to-attack-sikh-preacher-panthpreet-singh-in-italy/ If it's true, it's deplorable, on many levels. Leaving aside other reasons, I'll just come to this: 1) Since the evidence of Guru Granth Sahib ji, Dasam Granth Sahib, Bani Bhai Gurdas ji, Bani Bhai Nand Lal ji, janam sakhis, our glorious history as recorded in Suraj Parkash and other granths, Rehitnamas, biographies of Sikh saints, and historical accounts by non-Sikhs is so overwhelming, there is no reason in the world to engage in violence. 2) The aam sangat (normal members of congregation) do not have great knowledge of the sources mentioned above, or even a deep knowledge of Guru Granth Sahib ji. They find it difficult to evaluate the claims of missionaries as opposed to normal Sikh preachers. What happens is that when Sikhs engage in violence against missionaries, the sangat starts to believe that Sikhs have no firm arguments and that's the reason they get violent. So they start believing that the missionaries are correct. In conclusion, with folded hands, I plead: don't engage in violence, and tell your friends and acquaintances to not do so either, if you care about preserving Sikhism. Attack the missionaries with arguments, not violence.
  4. Guest

    Are my actions justified ?

    Me: 3Khalistan. Love Punjabis regardless of caste, See a Singh solute a Singh, Shere Punjab till I die Situation: This guy wants to marry a girl from another culture (irrelevant of which one) and wishes to take part in Anand Karaj as typical Sikh weddings occur, and of course with the clarification that a non Sikhs cannot take part in Anand Karaj we spoke to him politely several times and then even tried to bring about reasonable solutions but he and his family just didn't care. The guys really not that religious and he's only doing this as this is the normality for a Sikh wedding so his family can look normal. Like "koi nee putt marry who you want just do it in a gudwara please" So then him giving it the large lead to us assaulting the guy and and whoever he was with and therefore he and matey ended up in intensive care for a few weeks and missed his wedding (he's fine now, just a few bruises left), the reason behind this is that people like this just make us look bad and I find it very insulting the way some of our culture conduct themselves although violence is not the way what else am I to do. Turn a blind eye ? So I was just curious is this the future ? as peaceful protests don't seem to be working And am I the only guy in London who feels like this because up north the Coventry, Birmingham soormeh lock of Gudwaras (Lemmington Spa Sooormeh) in numbers of fifty but with me the number was like 4 and only 1 being Punjabi (me). PS the wedding was at a corrupt gudwara where they allow interfaith marriage and also happens to be the leaders nephew. Lol
  5. Canada apologizes for 1914 rejection of Asian migrant ship Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally apologizes, Wednesday, May 18, 2016, in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, for a 1914 Canadian government decision that barred most of the passengers of the Komagata Maru from entering the country. Canadian officials refused to allow the Indians in, even though they were British subjects just like every other Canadian of the time. The chartered vessel was carrying 376 Indian passengers, nearly all of them Sikhs, bound for what they thought would be a new life in Canada. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP) The Associated Press By ROB GILLIES Posted: May. 18, 2016 8:00 am Updated: May. 18, 2016 9:38 pm TORONTO (AP) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized in Parliament on Wednesday for a government decision in 1914 to turn away a ship carrying hundreds of South Asian immigrants. The Komagata Maru from Hong Kong arrived off Vancouver only to have almost all of its 376 passengers, nearly all of them Sikhs from India, denied entry due to immigration laws at the time. The passengers were hoping to challenge Canadian immigration law, which refused entry to any Indians who had not arrived in Canada via a continuous journey from the Indian mainland nearly impossible at the time. The law was seen as a measure to stymie Indian arrivals. Officials refused to allow the Indians in, even though they were British subjects just like every other Canadian of the time. After 20 passengers who had previously lived in Canada were allowed to disembark, the ship was turned away. The ship was eventually sent to Calcutta, and least 19 people were killed in a skirmish with British soldiers. Others were jailed. "Canada's government was, without question, responsible for the laws that prevented these passengers from immigrating peacefully and securely," Trudeau said. "For that, and for every regrettable consequence that followed, we are sorry." Opposition leaders also apologized. New Democrat leader Thomas Mulcair called it "racism, plain and simple." A spectator in the public gallery hollered out a Punjabi slogan that signals happiness after Trudeau spoke. Former prime minister Stephen Harper apologized at an event in British Columbia in 2008, but members of the Sikh community have long said an apology should be offered formally in Parliament. There are more than a million Canadians of South Asian descent. Trudeau had pledged to make an apology during his election campaign last year. He noted in Parliament on Wednesday that Canada's current defense minister, Harjit Sajjan, once commanded the reserve regiment that turned back the Komagata Maru and thanked him for helping the Komagata Maru incident get national attention. "Before entering political life, the minister was the commanding officer of the British Columbia Regiment Duke of Connaught's Own the same regiment that once forced out the Komagata Maru," Trudeau said to applause. "A century ago, the minister's family might well have been turned away from Canada. Today, the minister sits beside us, here, in this House." Sajjan tweeted that he was humbled and grateful and he thanked Trudeau.
  6. I came across this video yesterday and was gob smacked by these perpetrators attacking an innocent man and degrading him for no apparent reason. No matter what our beliefs we cannot press upon others our way of thinking and certainly not by force. Only takes a handful of people to tarnish many. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G0FV_rRso8
  7. Tomorrow GTA 5 will be released - its an 18 rated game but i am still shocked at how many parents let their under-age kids play games like this and games like Call of Duty. the ESRB has stated the reasons for its Mature content classification as Now i'm not against games, i am an avid gamer and have pretty much played every major game to be released within the past 15 years, but i find that these games are really unsuitable for young children. When i was younger my parents didn't know anything about games, they just thought it was donkey kong and line tennis. So when games got really realistic they didn't have a clue the sort of stuff i was playing. But even then, back in our day Wolfenstein wasn't so realistic and didn't have the same impact as modern games which have real human looking characters and realistic blood damage effects. These days you have realistic looking characters and in gta's case quite misogynistic content which degrades women and gives the wrong kind of message to young people about how women should be treated.Also a problem is these children being introduced to themes and concepts that are presented not within historical or educational context but in a very gung-ho kill as much as you can kind of attitude. i guess for a sensible adult these games can be ok, and its not real so its just a bit of escapism - but for children this game can be quite damaging towards building their initial ideas on sex and morality- i think that older siblings and cousins must also be careful not to play these games around younger siblings. another issue is online gaming - you can check who your kids are playing with when they come over to your house but online they just wearing a pair of headphones and you don't know who's playing with them and what they are saying. A lot of the time there is some very offensive cursing and swearing between players which can be switched off so your child can play online without having to listen to it. I play games like call of duty and battlefield but never in front of my kids, until they reach a maturer age where they can understand the context within which the game is being played. my benti to parents is that they check carefully what games they buy for their kids and make sure the content is suitable, and also play games with your kids but restrict their time or use it as an incentive to complete homework or do other tasks. I do believe that games are a powerful medium and can help in engaging young children and can be great fun played in a family atmosphere. Here are some suggestions for kids little big planet 1&2 Lego adventure games Rayman legends Disney games (toy story, universe, ) Kinect games racing games such as need 4 speed & burnout Sports games such as Fifa or Pro evo and for the older lot halo 2 ,3 or 4 is good as a shooter as it more fantasy based and involves shooting aliens, not realistic looking humans.
  8. BHAAR - Unthinkable burden - Toronto Screening A story of a blackcat A real life story through the eyes of a young Sikh male depicting the dark chapter of state-sanctioned violence in Punjab. This story takes you through the life experiences of Punjabi's who were subjected to torture at the hands of the Indian police. Description Trailer: Showtimes: Albion Cinemas Saturday March 23 - 1:30pm Sunday March 24 - 11:30am, 1:30pmTickets $10 Please contact daas for further info
  9. Apologies for the long post, please take time to go through it and the references. Please accept my apologies for hurt sentiments and I would be grateful for your observations into my failings or misunderstandings of the teachings. And lastly, this is not about debating the Khalsa (it had to be included in this post for obvious reasons), but rather this is about Peace vs. Violence in Sikhi in a pure theological sense so let us keep comments to that. I'm surprised that this topic has not been debated in greater detail by the Online Sangat. I appreciate that it may be a taboo subject as the Guru Gobind Singh ji has stipulated specific rules on the carrying of a kirpan and there is the long tradition of the Nihangs and violent acts by Guru's orders (therefore the inference that violence is not prohibited), but correct fundamental understanding is very important: "Whoever does not realize the essence of the soul / all his religious actions are hollow and false" The issue at the heart of the matter is not whether or not we should be carrying kirpans and whether this infers that violence is therefore acceptable, but rather, whether Waheguruji Himself condones violence- at all in the context of the perfect nature of his (formless) existence. Now if we look at the only possible source of inspiration in the issue, which is Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji- the everlasting embodiment of the Gurus, there is no reference to condoning violence, indeed we have the contrary, speaking against violence. "The heart is filled with anger and violence, which cause all sense to be forgotten." Where people see weapons and violent actions being mentioned metaphorically, the context is always to highlight why it is wrong or that it is a metaphor for achieving right through spiritual wisdom. The SGGSji is the truth, we cannot choose to ignore any of the specific lines because it conflicts with what we want to interpret. Specifically: "The pursuit of virtue is my bow and arrow, my quiver, sword and scabbard." "You hold in your hands the sword of the Guru's spiritual wisdom; with this destroyer of death, kill the Messenger of Death." "The True Guru has placed the sword of spiritual wisdom in my hands; I have overcome and slain the Messenger of Death." "In His Mercy, God has blessed me with the sword of spiritual wisdom; I have attacked and killed the demons." "From the Guru, I have obtained the supremely powerful sword of spiritual wisdom." And importantly: "Devotional worship of the Lord is the sword and armour of the True Guru; He has killed and cast out Death, the torturer." Threfore a reference such as: "When it pleases You, we wield the sword, and cut off the heads of our enemies" HAS TO BE consistent with what "sword" means as highlighted above. You cannot chose to turn a blind eye towards this. A revealing reference: "You pray for hours to God the Beautiful/ But your gaze is evil, and your nights are wasted in conflict. /You perform daily cleansing rituals, / wear two loin-cloths, perform religious rituals and put only milk in your mouth./ But in your heart, you have drawn out the sword..... You dance, but your consciousness is filled with evil....... You are lewd and depraved - this is such an unrighteous dance!" (abridged, pg 1351). Sikhi is not an Abrahamic religion- A key distinction needs to be made with the fundamental understanding of the soul and Waheguruji's hukam; and practical methods to life in the physical realm. Having established that God never condones violence (against a living being), we move onto the physical realm. We, ourselves create problems for humanity. Hatred, discrimination, slavery and all other causes of violence are entirely man-made. What is a man-made problem, caused by NOT living the way Waheguruji intended us to exist in the physical embodiment, is something Waheguruji will not actively engage in to change- as He does not engage (we strive to engage with him) and he is pure, true and beyond such frivolous material things. It is for man to solve problems by using the teachings of Saints, Gurus and Prophets. Unnerving faith in Waheguruji protects from evil. He creates and destroys (He has the power to do so). It is He alone who can take a life (indirectly). Waheguruji being the ultimate creator or destroyer is a description as to how vast his power is- it is beyond our knowledge or capabilities. Kabir's story of Prahlaad (SGGSji pg 1194) comes to mind in the context of the person who did not give up his devotion: "The king became angry and drew his sword" "Show me your protector now!" "So God emerged out of the pillar, and assumed a mighty form." "He killed Harnaakhash, tearing him apart with his nails..He saves His devotees like Prahlaad over and over again. " There are two significant points regarding this: a) ultimate devotion protects against tyranny b) Kabir's couplet is a story- not to be taken literally (God isn't about to emerge from a pillar in physical form, although He could if He chose to)- it's the moral story that is to be learnt i.e. point (a). © The story could have quite as easily had Prahlaad pull out his kirpan, but this would inconsistent with the message of Waheguruji. There is general consensus in most circumstances where violence should not be used, but there are some who would justify violence under certain circumstances such as protecting the oppressed and innocent/ defending from tyranny and evil etc. Once again the SGGSji is consistent in this matter: "Kabeer, to use force is tyranny, even if you call it legal." The bottomline is that violence simply cannot be justified. With those unsatisfied with true devotion (including living as intended) as being sufficient and the only thing that ultimately matters and if you disagree with the line above, we need to address the man-made problem of conflict and violence and how to deal with it practically. This raises the following questions: 1) Are we, as mere mortals commanded by God to directly and physically be involved in the liberation of the oppressed etc? 2) If so, are we commanded to use force and violence to achieve these means I am not aware of any reference in Waheguruji's Hukam (SGGSji) which supports either. "He preserves our soul, our breath of life, body and wealth. By His Grace, He protects our soul." Note the difference in words between preserve our body and protect our soul, which is key. We are but an insignificant speck in the history of the universe and entirely insignificant in the everlasting greater cosmos. Universes and existences have come and gone, that is said, we could be one of an infinite number of spacetime existence to have ever existed and which will exist. The body is preserved, but not protected by Him, and He is all powerful. He therefore is concerned with our souls, which may theoretically always exist as being part of Him. We are concerned with protecting our bodies because of the overwhelming desire to protect Maya. "You fool! Why are you so proud of Maya?" "The animals and the birds frolic and play-they do not see death/ Mankind is also with them, trapped in the net of Maya." "The enticing desire for Maya leads people to become emotionally attached to their children, relatives, households and spouses." "Because of attachment to Maya, the world is bound by the Messenger of Death." And critically: "please save me from Maya, the cause of death." So, given that Maya is the cause of death, theolgically how does one escape from the clutches of Maya? (Rhetorical question) Through more Maya or through remembering Him? (Rhetorical question) Therefore theologically, belief that physical life is supreme is wrong. This I'm afraid would appear to be the uncomfortable truth- Waheguruji does not take notice of what happens in the Maya state and the body does not matter to him to the extent that he will protect it- he will only seek to preserve it to give us an opportunity to release ourselves from the cycle of birth and death. Propagating violence will not break the cycle of birth and death. Unlike in Abrahamic texts such as the Koran which promise rewards for fighting in the name of God for what it views as just actions, we have the benefit of knowing that the cycle of birth and death cannot be broken by these means. The uncomfortable truth is that if a mortal had faith and acted in compliance with His hukam, but in doing so the world as we know it ended, then that is the intended outcome. Worlds and life will continue to be created (or not) as He desires. The uncomfortable truth is that we want to preserve life (defence), and being virtuous, we find it difficult to tolerate oppression, discrimination etc to the point where we are willing to use violence to achieve these goals (even though as far as I'm aware Waheguruji does not command us to do so). "One whose mind is pleased and appeased, has no egotistical pride. Violence and greed are forgotten." Now this throws up some further questions: 1) Let's assume that this is true; that mere devotion and living life as intended is sufficient for our physical forms being preserved ; does this mean that I stand by whilst the innocent are slaughtered? 2) But hold on Veerji, you are forgetting about Guru Gobind Singh ji, he asked us to protect the innocent and weak and gave us the Kirpan and several Gurus engaged in battle and by all accounts, killed other people. Are you saying that that was not consistent with how we should be living our lives? Both of these statements are the same argument essentially. Firstly, we ourselves are not Sat Gurus, we are their disciples (and ultimately of Waheguruji). Guru Nanak dev ji's guru was Waheguruji. He and the other Sat gurus were not necessarily subject to the the rules of Maya which entrap us. With regard to protecting the innocent, opposing tyranny, once again, being Sat gurus, I would say they were obliged to act as they were caught in Maya and therefore concerned with the it's preservation (not protection) whilst they were actively able to. If they used violence it does not mean we are authorised to do so. Their teachings are embodied in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which are non-violent and will never be able to be violent. They had a specific plan for humanity and they attempted to deliver it on the ground. Instead of the whole human race readily accepting this, the inherent nature of how we exist in Maya meant that that was never to be. They had to go deliver us SGGSji by His command and if that meant by His grace and by His grace only lives had to perish then it was by His grace. Now what of the Khalsa? That's a very interesting question and for me it is easily answered. The ultimate source of inspiration is SGGSji. Guru Gobind Singh ji did not compile his own banis into SGGSji and for very good reason. There is a distinction to be made with SGGSji and the Dasam Granth and ancillary texts, and actually it's in my view a very advanced system for this, compared to other religious texts, where the word of God is intermixed with stories, myths, untruths and Maya-ic elements. SGGSji is purely related to the core theological belief of God realisation. It does not condone violence in any form and for any reason. Sri Dasam granth and ancillary texts have an inherent Maya-ic element and therefore these could not be incorporated into the SGGSji. Indeed Guru Nanak Dev ji and other Gurus were very particular as to which external Saints' and gurus' and historical verses should be accepted as the truth of relating to the core theology. Guru Gobind Singh ji, a Sat Guru in his own right, had every right to have his contribution added to SGGSji, but a lot of it is not purely theological and has Maya-ic elements. Guruji was concerned with the preservation of Sikhi. Maya in Sikhi poses a great paradox; If the religion and the world are not preserved then they both may die out both in the short term and long-term; if Sikhi is not preserved it would die out and if the world is not preserved then fairness and justice will be overwhelmed over time by tyranny and oppression, thereby not allowing the opportunity of souls to escape Maya in this reincarnation of the universe. However Sikhi itself does not condone violence and is entirely free of Maya. Whilst it could be, it is not a perfect world and for the two to co-exist, there have to be rules relating to self-preservation which are inconsistent with what the theological and Ultimate ASPIRATIONS of God'd will is. Well and good you may say, but where does leave me and where does it leave the Khalsa? This is my view on this: 1) The Khalsa was created by the order of the tenth Guru and therfore serves a purpose. Through Gurujis kirpa, the Khalsa is born and it belongs to Waheguru (as does everything). "Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji fateh" (But also bear in mind the only mention of Khalsa itself means pure): "Says Kabeer, those humble people become pure - they become Khalsa - who know the Lord's loving devotional worship." Not everyone was intended to be a (warrior style) Khalsa Sikh, even among Sikhs. This again comes out of the fact the Khalsa was not incorporated into SGGSji and that anyone who follows SGGSji will be liberated; anyone is free to do so. Only the most pure can be Khalsa (and therefore Amritdhari as per varying rehats) and they have responsibilities which an ordinary Sikh need not undertake. The Khalsa is a specific path which is a balance of God's true word and the fact that it has to be practiced in an imperfect world. SGGSji is available to one and all to follow and seek liberation. The Khalsa are special and they serve a purpose. Khalsa belongs to Waheguru and only though His kirpa can someone be a Khalsa Sikh (complete with kirpan and licence to kill). Whether the act of violence by a Khalsa Sikh in carrying out his duties as ordered by the tenth Guru will result in delayed liberation from the cycle of birth and death is a question solely for Waheguruji and Waheguruji alone (liberation is never assured- even if one does everything to the letter, it is permissible and probably almost always certain). In my personal view, a Khalsa Sikh, being the most pure and having to balance Guruji's orders of accepting Waheguru's command of peace whilst living preserving life in Maya; a paradoxical state; has a difficult internal battle and it is this internal battle which gives him righteousness. God preserves life, one of his methods may be through the Khalsa. He however protects souls and a true Khalsa should strive to have his soul protected by following Waheguruji's command whilst humbly serving Guruji's orders. The conclusion is thus: Theologically, from the core fundamental principles, Wareguruji does not condone violence; one must always speak out against violence whatever the justification. Violence is a product of Maya. Khalsa is a product of Sikhi and Maya needing to co-exist; a paradoxical state; Khalsa Sikhs may, by Guruji's kirpa be ordered to assist in the preservation of human life for it's continued survival but must always be aware of the eternal word of Waheguruji as per SGGSji. However the entire human race need not be Khalsa, a 'Sikh' (in the literal sense of the word); a truth seeker, can be non-violent person and this will be in accordance with Waheguruji's wishes. Please do not scorn those who reject violence, they are as pure as those following any other path can be. Equally do not scorn the Khalsa, they are truly noble for undertaking the difficult responsibility of supporting a paradoxical state of existence. Apologies for the long post, please take time to go through it and the references. Please accept my apologies for hurt sentiments and I would be grateful for your observations into my failings or misunderstandings of the teachings. And lastly, this is not about debating the Khalsa (it had to be included in this post for obvious reasons), but rather this is about Peace vs. Violence in Sikhi in a pure theological sense so let us keep comments to that.
  10. Although many skin heads get beats on the streets nowadays (especially in London) when coming across streetwise Blacks, Sikhs, Muslims etc... it is good to know the kind of evil violent intent the old school skin heads used to have. These people are still around and try and 'educate' the softened BNP, EDL and remnants of the NF on how to build a violent racist character. If you ever come across a nasty racist like this, ensure you are in a good position to ensure the outcome is favourable, on your part. Make serious martial arts culture a core part of your life. Taken from a Skin Head forum. STREET FIGHTING (for Skin Heads) Have we, as a subculture, forgotten what it means to be a skinhead? Sure, it's about good music, loyal friends, and good times, however, more importantly, its about racial preservation and ****geny. I have been a skinhead for a LONG time, and have seen a lot of bull**** come and go, trying to pass itself off as skinhead values and traditions. Why do we shave our heads, and dress like murderers? It's simple. Being a skinhead is a final lifestyle change that essentially claims "I am white, I am sick of this Jewish and Mud bull**** around me, I am not going to take any ****, I will beat your <banned word filter activated>, I will die for my race." That is what being a skinhead is about. **** this spirit of '69 bull****. In my opinion, you can only be a "traditional" skin, or a "racist" skin. This S.H.A.R.P. and A.R.A. bull**** which is manifesting itself on today's streets is completely Jewish bull****. I have never met a "traditional" skin, which would not drink, or hang out with my friends and myself. 'Traditional" skinheads are trapped in the closet. I have met over a hundred, and everyone said something to the effect "Yeah I am racist..but..." Fine, its ok in my book to remain non-political, however should one of these so called "traditional" skins be anti-racist, they are full of ****, and must be beat to the ground. Never have one of these sharp of ara pieces of **** taken a stand for their beliefs. Every one of these drug addict pieces of **** I have encountered have easily been beaten to the ground. **** them. They are a joke, and should never upset a real skinhead, as they will easily fall before you. Lets now talk about the essence of a skinhead; tenacity and violence. How many of you reading this have been in a fight in the last five years? How many have ever been in a fight outside of high school. You need to ask yourself these questions, and ask yourself if you really have what it takes to call yourself a skinhead. As a skinhead, you should not take **** from anyone. I do not care if there are multiple people, you simply do not take **** from them. So what if you get your <banned word filter activated> kicked? So what if you get killed? If you have the aggressive spirit I, and numerous others have, neither of the above will happen to you. How violent are you? How much do you believe in our cause? If some ******* at the grocery store makes a comment such as "Seek Help", do you immediately beat him to the ground? Do you have the animal inside you? Can you do anything it takes? Remember, the reason ******s are so violent is that they still have the ability to tap into animal instinct, and somewhat lack the ability to turn it off. This is a product of natural selection, and results because ******s are so far behind whites, and every other race for that matter, in an evolutionary sense. Whites can turn on the inner animal, although it takes a bit of practice. It's essentially what the military does to all of its infantry and spec ops. They simply train the soldier until the beast can be turned on. This is the same reason that many of you have never met a "normal" marine, and why most of them act like murderers. You, as a skinhead, must turn on the inner animal in order to do what other may deem as impossible, sickening, depraved, and insane. It takes only minimal training to turn on the inner animal, it is only a matter of breaking the psychological barrier. Have you ever had dreams where you were punching in slow motion, regardless of what your dream opponent could do? This is a psychological manifestation of the constraints of the inner animal. We are generally unable to access the inner animal because of environmental conditioning, and natural selection, in that we have not needed our inner animal for thousands of years. Only a minimum of training is necessary before it can be accessed. What the hell is the inner animal? I have invented this silly name for it because it does not have a name. Some call it instinct, others call it animal instinct. This allows you to do what is unspeakable in today's culture. What can the it do for you? Accessing the inner animal results in the following: Lack of fear Ability to inflict depraved actions onto another Ability to kill without reflection or remorse. If you can turn on the inner animal, you will be able to, unarmed, beat much stronger, more aggressive opponents. If you are willing to do what it takes to win a fight, you will not lose, although you have to break through the psychological barrier to achieve these goals. The ability to tap into the inner animal will keep you alive in the streets, in prison, and in revolutionary times. What do I mean by "the ability to inflict depraved actions onto another?" I'll tell you by asking you the following questions. Could you claw out an opponents eyes and scrape the pink muscle of the eye socket while optical fluid pours over your hands. Could you stand the "underwater popping sound" as the eye is torn from the optic cord? Could you bash, stab, kick an opponent until their head caves in, their brains varnishing the floor, as their eyes are displaced from their sockets? Could you kill thousands of people with an explosive device? Essentially, I am asking, have you ever seen a body? Can you stand to see the mutilation of the human body without going into shock? Can you inflict the above damage on another's body without going into shock, freezing, or being hindered because of psychological preconditioning? If the answer is no, you can not yet tap into the inner animal, nor will you survive long in what the future will surely bring. If the answer is yes, you will most likely never loose another fight, and you will indeed be an asset to our cause. Unarmed Combat This is happy fun. This is what most people ask me about. If you have the "inner animal" you can be a great fighter. I will go into several places to attack and how to go about it. Attack first! Do not defend yourself, if you are attacking at full force, you will not need to, your opponent will be defending himself. Use the highest amount of force in the weakest point of your opponent. Keep attacking until your opponent is out cold or dead. You have to ask yourself one question before a fight takes place: Can I take this *******? If the answer is yes, then fight as you always have, if the answer is no, or you are really ****ed, then unleash the inner animal! Targets: My favorite targets are the knee, throat, and eyes. Kick the knee and shins, when you are wearing steel toes as you should (Hey we wear them for a reason dip****), then you will break bone. If you can do a side kick or a sharp front kick to the knee, the fight is over, REGARDLESS of how fat or big your opponent is. There is not much of a fight after you rip the ligaments and tendons from his knee. You will at the most be fighting a hopping mark! Chop at the throat, or squeeze if wrestling. A hard chop will kill. You can also hit the back of the neck, but unless you are really strong you will not kill. The eyes. It takes the inner animal to tear out eyes. I do not care if you are fighting Thor, tear out an eye and its over. Use your thumbs or index and middle finger. Press until you feel bone, then "scoop" the eye out. The thumb is not as effective as the index and middle finger however, but you can still roll a ****** by using it. The eye will probably leak, and slightly bulge. This is usually enough to stop the fight and put your opponent into shock. Using the fingers you can actually tear an eye completely out of the socket. Any eye attack is hard to do because of psychological barriers. Try finding a dead cat, bird, etc, and tearing its eyes out. Its ****ing hard! If you can tap the inner animal it becomes a breeze. If someone is grabbing you, break their finger, and rip it off. Once a finger breaks you need only fight the tendon/ligaments, and the skin. Bite. Bite anything vital you can, usually fingers, nose, and throat. A GOOD bite will kill on the wrist or side of the neck. A nose bitten off will result in shock if the opponent is not drunk. As I said, the eyes are the best place to go, but you have to be mentally prepared to do it. When striking, avoid a closed fist, instead use your palm on the nose. There are several fun things to do when you beat someone to the ground. **** on their face **** on their face (Not recommended if you have to walk home!) Curby or Curbie depending on where you are from. I am AMAZED that Norton did one to the ****** in American History X! It is odd that the movie was so cool and accurate, yet at the same time sucked and was inaccurate. A Curby is simply placing an opponent's open mouth on a curb, then kicking his head in a downward kick to knock out all of his teeth. Kicking can break the neck though, especially in the heat of the moment. Instead, I prefer to jump up and use both hands to press the head down, right where a jew wears his yahmaka. This will do the job without landing you in jail for murder should you get caught. I have covered the major items I, and most other people use. Everything listed works, and you will never lose a fight using the above methods unless you are a complete cripple. Remember, go for the eyes, and wear steel caps. If you end up in a county jail you still have weapons on your feet, as they take away everything else. Boots are essential. Depending on where you are, there will be a lot of mud in the county jail. Rip their asses apart and kick until they are out. Any questions or suggestions are welcome. The above is based on military and personal research, and actually works. Nothing else does, and although I have taken years of martial arts, I now consider it bull**** and ineffective. Stick to the above and you will never loose. Additional Rules: Always ****ing run after a beat down, regardless if anyone is around or not. Never call or talk to the police for ANY reason. Simply be silent, or say "I have nothing to say to you" over and over. Don't kill unless your life was threatened first, or you can get away with it. Never let a cop in your home without a warrant. They are like vampires, and can't come in unless you invite them. If you are going to go out and roll some muds, do it alone, people talk. FIGHTING WITH A KNIFE First of all, get yourself a good knife: Benchmade, Ka-Bar (Marine Issue), Spyder Co (Police or Military model - What I carry). Benchmade makes some great automatics, however if you live in a gay state, stick to Spyder co, the police model is great. Go for the serrated edge, as it will almost cut an arm off. I cut a 22" shark in half with one swing of a Spyder co police model! They are not to be ****ed with. The police model also comes with a synthetic handle, which is easier to hold then the steel one I have. When fighting, slash at the insides of the arms, as all the veins and arteries are there. For the lower body, slash at the insides of the crotch, or the back of the knee. You can also stab the groin for added measure. For the upper body slash at the sides of the neck, or drive the knife into the base of the neck, under the adam's apple. Stab or slash at the eyes if you can. If behind the opponent, cut his throat, or stab him in the kidneys. Every other spot is a waste of time. However DO stab at these "wastes" if that is all you can get, remember, the purpose of a knife is to bleed your opponent to death, so open a vein and save some time. Expect to get cut during a knife fight. If you are wearing a jacket, take it off and wrap it around your off arm, and use it as a shield. Constantly kick at your opponent's knees to get him off balance, then move in for the kill. If using a knife against a person wielding a club, bat, etc, take off your flight, and whip your jacket at his weapon, especially when he/she swings it at you. This will slow it down a lot. Take a slowed hit if you must, sure, it will hurt, but you have a knife, so open a vein! It will all be over soon. Very few people can take a major cut without freaking out or going into shock. It will take a few seconds though. Remember, even if you destroy a victim's heart with a shotgun, they can still move for 10-15 seconds and kill you! If you are injured, remember. The ****** must die, you are doing good for your city and your future children. This is usually enough to give you a "second wind". Or yell "WHITE POWER", "DIE ******!!", anything to get your adrenaline flowing.
  11. Must read for all those serious about learning about the reality of violence on the streets. Assault In Progress by R. J. Nash The following is information gleaned from the manuscript for the book : Title: "Condition: Black" Sub title: assault in progress Title copyright of R. J. Nash. Data has been gathered from a Home Office study group formed to investigate violence within modern society. This study lists what are now becoming known as "Habitual acts of violence". A "Habitual Act Of Violence" (HAOV) is one that is repeatedly seen to be used in a given situation. The data was gathered mainly from within the United Kingdom and Europe. All data has been gathered through a study of violence within society and from interviews with both victims and offenders. Although statistics have been compiled, they are not yet for general release. The following is general advice to women for their safety and well-being. Threat awareness and avoidance. 1. Just because a person is a relative, friend or colleague does not make them a ‘safe’ person in respect of potential sexual assault. Most sexual assaults are committed by persons who have intimate knowledge of the victim. Always be aware of the possibility of assault. The most common place of assault is in the home. Close all doors and windows when you are home alone. If it is necessary to have a window open, have a lock fitted that will allow partial opening with security. Always use security chain on the door when answering callers. Ensure that the chain is sufficient to delay forced entry for at least ten seconds. No matter how well you know a male, try not to invite them in when you are alone. Designate one room as a place of safety. This room should have only one entrance and be equipped with a stout door, an internal bolt, a panic alarm, a telephone and a weapon of choice. Ensure you are completely familiar with the weapon and can confidently use it. There are many utility weapons around the house, familiarise yourself with these and be prepared to use them When walking alone, be aware of your environment and the persons around you, avoid lonely deserted areas. Frequently change your route to and from home, especially in lightly populated areas. Remember, most attackers know you and your routine. Avoid walking close to alleyways or parked cars and vans/panel trucks. If you feel uneasy or troubled, there is probably good cause for you to feel this. Search for the reason. If you feel you are being followed, don’t try to establish the fact, just go quickly to a place of safety. Once there, don’t leave until you are sure it is safe. Always carry a personal alarm and a utility weapon. Attackers are looking for easy victims. Walk confidently with head high and show awareness. If you are accosted (point A) remember that your attacker has chosen his assault place (point B). NEVER allow yourself to be taken from point A to point B. Your best chance of escape is at point A by direct and immediate action. If you think that by going along without resistance you will not be hurt, you are wrong. Even if you are not physically beaten, you will suffer severe emotional trauma. Research shows that if you resist and are successful, you will suffer virtually no long-term trauma. If you have resisted but the assault is still successful, you will come to terms with it quicker than those who do not resist. Never think that you can appeal for mercy or to your attackers sympathetic nature. If he had sympathy or mercy, he would not be attacking you. Therefore when defending yourself, Show No Mercy. Habitual Acts of Violence: Part One Male on Male, Close Quarters. These are listed in frequency order. 1. One person pushes, hands to chest, which is normally followed by the pushee striking first, to the head. 2. A swinging punch to the head. 3. A front clothing grab, one handed, followed by punch to the head. 4. A front clothing grab, two hands, followed by a head butt. 5. A front clothing grab, two hands, followed by a knee to the groin. 6. A bottle, glass, or ashtray to the head. 7. A lashing kick to groin/lower legs. 8.A broken bottle/glass jabbed to face. 9. A slash with knife, most commonly a 3 to 4"lockblade knife or kitchen utility knife. (Apart from muggings, sexual assaults and gang violence, the hunting/combat type knife is seldom used) 10.A grappling style head lock. Only one occasion of a well known boxer, caught on night club cctv, opening the conflict with a hook punch to the body. An interesting point was highlighted. Most fights, after the initial encounter, quickly degenerated into scrappy scuffling with head and waist grabbing and ended on the floor. Which brings to mind that most Shotokaners lack groundwork skills. Anyone brave enough to redress this imbalance on the list? Habitual Acts of Violence: Part Two Offences against the person, male on female These are listed in frequency order. This data was gathered from interviews with victims and offenders and from statements. Data only covers robbery/sexual methodology and changes relative to first contact with victim ie., venue/ night/day etc. Domestic violence is not covered as this is a specific subject of its' own. 1. The victim was approached from the rear/side/front, a threat was made with a weapon, and then the weapon was hidden. Then the victim's right upper arm was held by the attacker's left hand and the victim was led away. 2. A silent or rushing approach was made from the victim's rear, and then a rear neck/head lock applied and the victim dragged away. 3. The same approach as in #2, with a rear waist grab. The victim was carried/dragged away, normally into bushes/alley etc. 4. The victim was pinned to a wall with a throat grab with the attacker's left hand. A weapon-shown threat was made, and then the weapon hidden, and the victim led away. 5. The victim was approached from rear/ front/side. The attacker grabbed the victim's hair with his left hand, and then she was dragged away. The Most Common Wrist Grips, Male On Female. 1. The attacker's left hand, thumb uppermost, gripping the victim's raised right wrist. The attacker threatens/ gesticulates with his right hand. 2. With the victim's right arm down, the attacker grips the victim's right upper arm with his left hand and her right wrist with his right hand. 3. The victim raises both arms, with both of her wrists gripped. The attacker's hands are vertical with the attacker's thumbs uppermost. 4. With the victim's arms down, the attacker grabs both upper arms. 5. With the victim's right arm down, the attacker's left hand grabs just below the right elbow, and his right hand grabs her wrist. A fact worth mentioning at this point is that research shows that women who violently resist ,whether the attack is successful or not, cope with the aftershock and trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) better than those who go quietly and hope they won't be hurt. Very few who do resist get badly battered or cut. Research/profiling seems to indicate that if an attacker is likely to batter or stab, it will happen whether resistance is given or not. Conclusion Probably the most important advice a self defence instructor can give is : Be aware of the possibility of violence at any time, never think "it can’t happen to me".
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