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Found 5 results

  1. Gay Sikh man was forced to dress up as a woman on his wedding day because his in-laws didn't want anyone to know he was male https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6766221/Gay-Sikh-man-forced-dress-woman-wedding-day.html You couldn't make it up.........
  2. Ok so something weird is happening with me. Somebody mentioned some things last year exact words like then I didn't understand wat was on about, and this year those same things are happening and same words being said by th same person but to other people. When I said oh yes I remember u sayin last yr, and they completely deny anything was said. And that I'm making it up, after listening to them. I know I'm not making it up, and remember exactly wat I heard. But how would somebody know wat job they are going to get, exactly wat is going to happen a year in advance? I thought n thought n can't come to no answer. Either that person can foresee th future for themselves and is denying ever said anything. But I'm thinking maybe mind games are being played. I don't talk much to them now, coz of this issue, as kept being told I'm imagining things and it was never said. But I clearly remember it word for word, and then after a year those things are happening with that person. Question is, is somebody able to foresee their own future? And why would they about it if it's already planned wat they are to do and make out did not say it. The other weird thing is when we were talking last year I realised like all of a sudden would pop in sentences, that had no relevance to our conversations. I did ask if a third person was on th phone n same again,swears no. So I'm thinkin I'm havin mind games played, or that person wants to stay Gupt in forseeing things. Anyways now keep away as I got scared. Ps: put this in wrong section
  3. So I was wondering what Scientology was about and wikipedia'd it. Under the body and spirit section i came across this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_Scientology Body and Spirit Scientology beliefs revolve around the thetan, the individualized expression of the cosmic source, or life force, named after the Greek letter theta (θ).[103][104][105] The thetan is the true identity of a person – an intrinsically good, omniscient, non-material core capable of unlimited creativity.[103][104] In the primordial past, thetans brought the material universe into being largely for their own pleasure.[103] The universe has no independent reality, but derives its apparent reality from the fact that most thetans agree it exists.[104] Thetans fell from grace when they began to identify with their creation, rather than their original state of spiritual purity.[103] Eventually they lost their memory of their true nature, along with the associated spiritual and creative powers. As a result, thetans came to think of themselves as nothing but embodied beings.[104][106] Thetans are reborn time and time again in new bodies through a process called "assumption" which is analogous to reincarnation.[103] Like Hinduism, Scientology posits a causal relationship between the experiences of earlier incarnations and one's present life, and with each rebirth, the effects of the MEST universe (MEST here stands for matter, energy, space, and time) on the thetan become stronger.[103] ummmmmm.....so anybody notice any similarities? because this sounds similar to a post I remember N30SINGH ji saying about the creation of sargun from nirgun and the veil of Maya being created, and MEST sounds like karam, and "thetans came to think of themselves as nothing but embodied beings" this kinda reminds me of man thoo jot saroop hai, apna mool pachan.... Should we start saying Baba L. Ron Hubbard Scientologywale?
  4. Guest

    Really weird simran

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCD3cUZDHr8 Saw this on t.v. and recorded it with my phone, so I'm sorry if the quality isn't great. Ummm what is this? This doesn't look like normal simran. Is that a nagara and narsingha?
  5. Guest

    I Have A Weird Problem! Help

    Hello jios, everything is fine in my life exept one thing - I have really werid problem with puntuality.. Every morning I hardly wake up from my buzzer - but when I am awake .. I just turn off the buzzer and say " there i enough time"... So I lie in bad and sleep for 10 minutes... after that I awake again because my buzzer and say .. now it is time to go.. But then I am really in rush .. so I brush comb hiar etc... and Tie my dastaar - and here is the problem... Everyday I try to make my dastaar "Perfect" and everyday I get late to school.. And when I am already late I keep saying to myself know it makes no sense to go to school and I stay at home.. or go after the lesson is finished ....What the hell is wrong with me? It is like I don´t care anymore about school? Please help - what should I do...?
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