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Found 4 results

  1. GRESHAM, Ore. — A Portland man accused of attacking a woman inside a Gresham Sikh Temple while drunk has a criminal history including three DUII convictions, according to court documents. Timothy Walter Schmidt is in the Multnomah County jail facing seven charges. The most serious being sex abuse and attempted rape, and he will face a Multnomah County judge on Tuesday afternoon. Gresham police say the 37-year-old was drunk when he asked to use the bathroom around 10 PM Sunday, March 26, 2017. Sikh Temple members let him inside. Police say he then found a 26-year-old woman in the building and attacked her. Police say another temple member heard the attack, and pulled Schmidt off the woman - holding him down until police arrived. It is not clear if religion or ethnicity played a role in the attack, but that is something police are looking into. No one at the Sikh Temple wanted to comment on what happened. A search of Schmidt's criminal history returned DUII convictions in 2007, 2013 and 2015. http://katu.com/news/local/sikh-temple-attack-suspect-has-criminal-history-involving-alcohol =================== This is evil and sickening in a Sikh gurdwara? A White guy tore pages out of SGGS Ji recently, A few gurdwara's been attacked since 9/11, A white terrorist shot a singh in Seattle a few days ago. A white terrorist murdered 8 Sikhs in 2012 in gurdwara in Wisconsin and now its this attempted rape and sexual assault on a sister? How long will American Sikhs tolerate this anti-sikh attacks before they started to grow a pair and do something physically about defending their people and places of worship?
  2. Just few days ago a white nationalist terrorist killed 6 people inside a mosque in quebec, canada. I am no fan of Islam and islamification as many will know on the forum. However Where is the coverage the mass hysteria and outcry from mainstream and alternative media against white terrorism against non-white minorities? Oh yes there isn't any.... white privilege strikes again just like the religion of pieces (islam) its counterpart white terrorism is just as fatal just as nasty and just as a threat to us, whites and other non-whites. In 2012 a us army veteran psy ops specialist called Michael page wade murdered 6 innocent Sikh Americans in a gurdwara in wisconsin he did not care if they were moslems or not he just hated and wanted to kill all non-whites. In 2015 a British Sikh dentist in cardiff was almost hacked to death by a white terrorist from the now banned white terrorist group "national action uk" he didnt care if that guy was a muslim or not he just wanted to kill a brown/asian guy. British Sikh survey recently out shows how much discrimination British Sikhs face in society even though they are one of the most integrated of ethnic religious communities yet there is no government help or outcry like there is for jews. Its open overt discrimination and it needs to be called out.... are Sikhs sleeping again? Have thy got enough intelligence to call out victimisation by every day white privilege surrounding them? Things are bound to get worse as we see how the west is lurking towards far right politics. So its time to wake up and unite against the common threats we face as a kaum.
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3627218/French-man-arrested-125kg-explosives-Ukraine-planned-carry-attacks-Euro-2016-angry-mass-immigration-spread-Islam.html
  4. http://www.vice.com/read/american-isis-the-domestic-terrorist-fallout-of-the-iraq-war-213 6 Innocent Sikh americans were murdered in in 2012 in a gurdwara of all places in cold blood by racist white american terrorist Mike page wade who was trained in eilte pys-ops. Other incidents from what I remember are: 9/11/2001 - babir sodhi was killed by a hispanic american who killed him because he thought all those with turbans are not americans and are terrorists. Various Sikhs physically attacked and beaten by racist white and racist black gangs of youths. 7/7/2005 - london... various gurdwara attacked 1 even firebombed by 2 white men in sheppards bush and Sikhs verbally attacked and looked at with suspicion by ignorant whites when muslim terrorists attacked transport system feb/ 2015 - A Welsh Sikh is violently attacked by with weapons by racist white terrorist ex-british army guy. We forget that the greatest terrorist threat that Western Sikhs face is racist atheist terrorists ie Latino or white terrorist / extremist and not a muslims.
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