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Found 16 results

  1. WJKKWJKF Sangat ji, what're your views on a Surgeon / Doctor taking off their kara and putting it in their pockets? And other workplace with no jewellery/ Kara strict policy?
  2. Guest

    Amrit vela and long hours

    This is about my wife who has been getting up for amrit vela to read bani. It’s a good thing as she’s a lot calmer in herself, more happy. But she’s also more tired. Getting up for amrit vela means 5 hours’ sleep, 2 hours for amrit vela (starts at 4am, not counting ishnaan). Then gets ready to go to work, 1hr commute. 13 hour shift. Comes home. Eat. Goes to bed. She has started nodding off when driving, and on her days off, spends most of her time sleeping to catch up. Hours are fixed. Most of her colleagues live within walking distance of her workplace. She doesn’t want to move as we live in a nice area. She eats healthily but doesn’t have time for exercise because of looking after the house. I help out with chores as much as possible. I know as she builds up her kamaii she will get stronger, less tired and able to focus more. But she’s really struggling. I don’t want to stop her from keeping amrit vela as it’s benefitted her. What else could we do or try so she’s less tired?
  3. We need a granthi amritdhari sikh for job in Denmark gurdwara Contact 004560468933
  4. Guest


    Hi Sangat Ji I am a 20 year old boy atm doing nothing i study but really dont enjoy i have a family business that my dad wants me to take over and just life is going very shitty i have no idea what to do please some help?
  5. Hello! I work all day at a physiotherapy clinic that plays relaxing meditation music all day. I have control over the music selection and was wondering if some of the sangat can help me out. I want to play kirtan or simran but because we have people from different communities I want it to be something that won't scare away some people. When I first started off I used to play asa di vaar kirtan but that got some people weirded out. It would be cool if I could find some kirtan audio or even raag instrumentals that I could play and listen to and maybe help me do simran or kirtan in my mind. Yet still be relaxing for people getting treatment. Also some people come into the clinic reeking of cigarettes and sometimes alcohol...would this be a problem with me playing kirtan? Need your advice sangat ji. Benti to all kirtan lovers I need your expert advice ji!!! I currently play stuff like this:
  6. Guest

    doing naam at work

    So i work in a bank full of goreh and non-religous people. These people dont understand my faith (i'm sikh btw) and i just about started understanding it very recently. I heard about naam and this whole idea of reciting the name of god. I try to do this at work now and again but i had a question... the goreh will tell me to stop talking or give me very funny looks (already have got them lol) when/if they hear me doing naam. So i do it very very very quietly almost to the point where i can't hear the sound of naam but my lips and tongue and everything are still doing naam. sometimes i can hear myself but most times i can just feel my breathe leaving my lips as i breathe doing naam. Is this okay? i can't be loud or any louder than i am. please help! thanks
  7. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Sangat ji, I have been considering moving away from the UK. Mainly just had enough of the place. I am alone. No family at all nor am I married. I am not educated either. Has anyone got any experience on the emmigration process for someone in the UK wanting to move to Canada who may be or has been in a similar situation as myself? I was there this time last year and saw that there is a lot of Sangat there. It's clean, peaceful and generally seems like a great move especially for someone that just wants to get up and leave everything in the UK behind. I had the chance to speak to someone there who has moved from London and is working in banking/finance but he actually married a Canadian Singhni and was under 30 years of age when he applied for his PR (permanent residence) so it was a little easier for him. Any ideas, feedback, information or suggestions would be much appreciated. Akaal!
  8. WJKK WJKF I'm trying to find a new career and have been wanting to get out of my job. I'm in IT abd where I am there's no progression and the area I'm in, support engineer i do not want to do anymore. I been looking at different areas of IT and wanted advice so I did a Hukamnama from Guruji. Can someone please explain to this manmukh the meaning of the Shabad. Is Guruji telling me not to look around after other things and stay put? Am i in trouble or with bad Sangat? What is Guruji telling me to do? Phul Chuk Maff swrg mhlw 5 ] Saarang, Fifth Mehla: ApunI ieqnI kCU n swrI ] By himself, the mortal cannot accomplish anything. Aink kwj Aink Dwvrqw auriJE Awn jMjwrI ]1] rhwau ] He runs around chasing all sorts of projects, engrossed in other entanglements. ||1||Pause|| idaus cwir ky dIsih sMgI aUhW nwhI jh BwrI ] His companions of these few days will not be there when he is in trouble. iqn isau rwic mwic ihqu lwieE jo kwim nhI gwvwrI ]1] He is hand and glove with those who are of no use to him; the poor wretch is affectionately involved with them. ||1|| hau nwhI nwhI ikCu myrw nw hmro bsu cwrI ] I am nothing; nothing belongs to me. I have no power or control. krn krwvn nwnk ky pRB sMqn sMig auDwrI ]2]36]59] O Creator, Cause of causes, Lord God of Nanak, I am saved and redeemed in the Society of the Saints. ||2||36||5
  9. Gurfateh Sangat Ji, I was wondering if anyone has travelled, lived or spent some time in Anandpur Sahib from the UK? I have been wanting to go and experience Sikhi life out there but do not know how to go about it. Any advise? Where do people stay? (Hotels, Gurdvara) How about work - if any? Travelling? How to do sangat or get in touch with Singh's/Nihung Singh's there? Any help or tips would be great. Also just to mention, I have no relatives or friends out there. I went to Punjab around 15 years ago for a couple of months. Thank you. Gurfateh Ji.
  10. We want to start working on the simple local awareness campaign for the betterment of our common sikh folks. Our goal is: 1. 5000 Bumper Stickers (cars) 2. 500 Yard Signs 3. 10 Big Signs (Fence on major intersections) 4. Small Stickers 5. Resourceful website on "Who are Sikhs" Personally, we are not asking for money from anyone but we definitely need help in designing the content to get the effective response from the non-sikhs. To start with, I asked group of 5th graders (sikhs) to send me the design of the Yard Signs. I will upload them later on and share it with you. However, anyone here who is in marketing can share his ideas to run an effective campaign will be great help. (pls note that we are on a very tight budget)
  11. Can Sikhs or non Muslims in general succeed working for a company that is mostly Muslim. From personal experience I have been in this situation once which only lasted a few weeks . Because I could sense the hatred that existed for non muslim workers. But what about other Sikhs who find themselves in these situations? Is it a good idea to join one of these places that are mostly run by muslims and what are other peoples experiences. I find there was definitely hostility beneath the surface. And Muslims would just like to be only with their own kind rather then a non muslim.
  12. Guest


    Could there be a section on here where sikh posts jobs online to help other sikhs out. I know some sikhs who have been out of work for a year etc. I'm not saying this as a business venture, I'm saying to genuinely help other sikhs out who may not be able to provide for their families or pay bills- or even sikhs who dont have a degree, or who may have spend thousands on a degree but not working. I'm talking about helping to make a difference and to strengthen sikhs. Theres a relationship section on here, why not a job section aswell? We may come to a point where we need to put our money together for a cause, for defence as in our Gurus times. People may feel more compelled to do so if we help each other out.
  13. is work supposed to be taking of our lives, should u quit a job u cant remmber god, The blind have forgotten the Name of God. The self-willed people are in utter darkness. Their comings and goings in reincarnation do not end; through death and rebirth, they are wasting away (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 19).
  14. Guest

    Kara At Work

    WJKK WJKFateh, I'll be starting a new job at the end of February in a hospital. They need you to be bare below the elbows. If I'm told to take my kara off (for safety or hygiene), is there any reason I can give for keeping it on? Thank youuu
  15. Guest

    Drinking At Work Event

    WJKK WJKF Daas is amritdhari and at work we are having many events at pubs for christmas get together. I am getting much pressure to attend these events as my work says they are for professional development to spend time with coworkers. I don't want to single myself and make a big deal why I can't go, but i am also wondering if it is wrong for me to go? It doesn't feel right to go... I go to restaurants all the time, but pub seems like its more dedicated to alcohol/beer... Any input in how to deal with these situations...
  16. Guest

    Going To Places Like Yates

    i think i know the answer is no, but need to hear it from other gursikhs... am i right in saying amritdhari should avoid places like Yates at all costs? ive got work issue, dotn want to go and if i hear its a defo no-no then will feel stronger to hold my ground and say not to work colleagues albeit they may nack chat about me :blush2:
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