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  1. Gursant Singh has been outspoken for gun rights and I agreed with him, but he seems to be a bit unbalanced in hindsight. I personally stick by the constitution and believe all individuals should have the right, but he continuously says only SIkhs should have rights to the second amendment. I was a bit iffy about him previously because of how adamant he was about his views and how he has a vendetta against 3HO. I don't disagree with Gursant Singh about 3HO and I agree with him about second amendment rights, I view gun control as a joke, but his approach can be damaging in the long run. Just recently everyone must have seen this image: It's a bold statement made by Gap because they're not trying to kiss up to the Sikh community in hopes of some better sales because frankly we don't have that sort of manpower or money to be heard. Gursant and a few others have claimed that this image is somehow "provocative" and "lustful" and some have gone far as saying it's beadbi. I find that to be utterly ridiculous and stupid. Why? -First, the dastar has been worn by individuals from all religions. The bible mentions the turban over 20 times. If the individual was not a Punjabi/Sikh and was a Christian wearing a turban, would people call foul? -Secondly, I see a lot of Singhs complaining about self confidence issues and feeling like no one is attracted to them. I never really related to that complaint, but now that Gap has made this bold statement Gursant made this stupid facebook page and apnay (including as I've seen many fake profiles/non-Sikhs) liking and supporting him. -Thirdly Gursant started this and a bunch of Punjabis and non-Sikhs have jumped on the bandwagon and this has somehow turned into a panthic issue? Are you kidding me? If Gursant hadn't said anything, everyone would quietly appreciate Gap featuring a keshdhari Sikh with a dastar. -Next, how the hell is this provocative or lustful? It's YOUR OWN mind that can turn the picture as being lustful or modest. We aren't <Edited> Muslims. -Some youth are on a "flex" that think anything mainstream somehow is wrong so they've jumped on Gursant's bandwagon that paints this positive portrayal of Sikhs as offensive. -Gursant doesn't really care about this, his only angle on this is that SIkhNet covered the news and he has a vendetta against Sikhnet. He is ending up causing a gridlock which in effect hurts the own thing he claims to fight against - nonSikh practices in 3HO. I can't take him seriously anymore. -Last and not least, for all my brothers who do pagh di pooni. Your mom, sister, dad or those who are married - their wife has helped do pagh di pooni. Is that beadbi too? If your wife can help do your pooni, why not touch your dastar? The victim and cry baby mentality is glaring. Get a grip. We're losing the media battle and I wouldn't be surprised if there are shraarti individuals out to cause problems. There are many things to protest and actual beadbi happening. Merely activating the masses for a stupid issue like this ends up making nothing happen. When are we going to smarten up?
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