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Found 55 results

  1. What time of day is considered Sawersar & Muhhanera specially in relative to doing path . Also Is it linked with sunrise or eight pehars of the day?
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    Aliens Created Humans

    Alright before you freak out, hear me out. I'm not saying that they are our GOD, just the designers of our human template, our SOUL was made from the SUPER SOUL (Paramatma) By aliens I don't mean weird creatures who look funny. I'm talking about beings from a higher, different level/dimension than us who are more human looking. Obviously Vaheguru is the Creator of all, but time is very long and he's probably made loads of different types of beings and gave those beings powers to create as well. The way we are built is MAD Complex! Like even just moving your finger is caused by one million different reactions all throughout your body, nonstop. Also, this refutes the biblical creation story, and provides the missing link from ape to man in evolution theory. We are probably the results of genetic experiments from higher dimensional beings, which is why we have so much variation and different traits, oh and that god awful reptillian brain once again, Vaheguru is the Supreme Creator but out of his love he probably made other beings to create and so on and so forth, maybe one day with gur kirpa we will be given reigns to create as well.
  3. Should we care about this world and its future? Ex: it is perishable Is Hukam all encompassing? Is it Hukam to do bad things? thanks
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    I need some advice please. I am getting married in May next year. We have booked the gurdwara and are now deciding on the reception. Initially I have always thought to myself I wouldn’t mind not having a reception, this is just because I don’t like too much fuss (and don’t understand why I would spend so much on feeding people I am not necessarily close with). But as the wedding talk has started, now I am getting excited and have thought actually I don’t want to miss out and regret not having a reception, instead we could have a smaller reception and invite close family and friends only. The problem is of course this is not just up to me and my fiancé, now two sets of parents are involved! My father is quite traditional, he straightaway said I am not doing a reception, we are providing nice lunch at the Gurdwara and the grooms side can do what they want. I thought it was unfair for him to write it off straight away but I do understand as traditionally the grooms side pay for the reception? Then my fiancé’s parents came over couple weekends ago and said they definitely want a reception and suggested we can go half and half, so instead of langar at the gurdwara we go straight to the venue for lunch. At that time my dad did not say anything, but since then we have been arguing at home about what to do. If we have a reception, I don’t want a lunchtime one as i think they are too rushed as the doli will need to be done after. But if we do a reception in the evening or next day, we will be paying for the lunch at gurdwara and paying towards the reception (i would help of course, not letting my dad pay for everything). Because of this me and my partner have been arguing so much as we haven’t come to a decision. He’s saying if we don’t want a reception, they will have one but we will only be able to bring limited people, which is fair but I wouldn’t be happy if my family can’t be there. The other option is no reception at all, lunch at the gurdwara from us and then the doli. I feel like I am being pulled in different directions, I want to ensure everyone is happy and my fiancé and I are happy too but this doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment. I don’t think I have ever been so stressed when this is meant to be a happy time! Any advice would be much appreciated.
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