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Found 590 results

  1. 1. Can someone provide an accurate number of how many Sikhs there are in the world and how many Sikhs there will be in the future? 2. What is the fertility rate of the average Sikh? In my opinion, I think that in order for Sikhism to become a much larger religion than it already is, the mean fertility rate of the average Sikh must substantially increase. 3. Do you think that it is necessary for the Akal Takht and other prominent Sikhs and Granthis to launch conversion campaigns in India? 4. What and how do you see Sikhism being in the future? How many adherents will there be and how relevant will it be to the mainstream not just in India, but in other countries? 5. Insofar as Gurdwara administration is concerned, does the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee watch over all Gurdwaras? What of other parts of India, specifically in terms of historical Gurdwaras?
  2. What if a sikh guy doesn't want to have kids. Is he allowed to get a vasectomy?
  3. Here in the UK, there have been cases where British born non practicing Sikhs have taken the shahada and become practicing Muslims i.e. turned from their parent's religion Sikhi, to Islam. I've noted that in this cases, Gursikhs and Amritdharis find out about the person or are approached by the person's family and turn up to the newly converted person's house to make them see sense / see the light. But this response is reactive rather than pro-active. Person's converted now, heart, mind and soul, bit late for the Singhs to be turning up to the person's house to start their parchaar and try to convince them to turn back to Sikhi (when they were never in it in the first place) Shouldn't we be reaching these potentially vulnerable and impressionable people before they even take their first step away from Sikhi so to speak, rather than having no involvement in their lives, until they convert, at which point it's time to turn up lol? Might I suggest GurSikhs step out of their comfort zones and exclusive 'amritdhari-only' social circles, get their hands dirty and reach these people before their targeted, influenced by outside sources, and future generations are lost.
  4. Guest


    khalsa ji can anyone tell me what is salotar and sunehra in nihangs thanks das guest singh keep the faith bhul chuk maaf wgjkwgjf sat srii akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
  5. puzzled

    Hindus attack Gurdwara

    Hindus have attacked a Gurdwara and Sikhs. A Sikh was killed and many were injured. https://sikhsiyasat.net/2019/03/24/hindus-attack-gurdwara-sahib-in-kaithal-one-sikh-killed-several-injured/
  6. As a male, I realize that this might be insensitive but let me preface by saying that a male cannot understand what it is like to be a female in today's society so if an Amritdhari bibi is cutting her facial hair/wax, it doesn't bother me. It's the bibi's decision. However, what does bother me is if that same bibi is wearing a keski. I don't understand the logic here? Either: 1) cut your facial hair/wax and don't cover your hair on top of it; OR 2) don't do the above and wear a keski. Sorry if I have offended anyone. Thanks.
  7. Guest

    love some one

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh im a sikh boy loving a hindu girl i cant live without her plz help me waheguru ji . i want to marry with her only please waheguru ji do something i cant live with her
  8. puzzled

    Sikhs in Britain

    Rare photos of Sikhs in Britian Sikh door to door salesman selling silk ties and cloth, 1930 Sikh soldier Bark Street, Hulme, Manchester in c.1956. A Sikh boy is in the middle with his friends Leicester 1974 London 1960s Manchester 1950s Sikh and British wounded recovering from injuries sustained in the front line to their left hand or arm, Southampton, c.November 1914. Sikh boy reading a comic, Bradford 1969 Three Sikh boys making roti at home in the dockland area of Liverpool. Wolverhampton builders 1978 1964 Sikh wedding 1966 Sikh family in a east london bomb shelter during the London blitz, this one is sad i hope they made it ... sheperds bush gurdwara, the lady at the back in the corner is the same lady in the bomb shelter with her family in the above photo 1957 London
  9. Khalsa ji does anyone know where i can buy senchi sahibs in 2 volumes and for how much money they will cost me pl make your reply fast thanks keep the faith bhul chuk maaf daas guest singh waheguru ji da khalsa waheguru ji di fateh boooleee soo nihaaal saat srii akaaal
  10. Guest


    At school all my friends have turned their back on me and no one listens to anything I say. I've always been nice to my friends but they just bully me and say I'm too weird to be their friend. Why is Waheguru doing this to me! I do paath and always help others. But now my life is so miserable! I'm a girl in grade 9. Everyday I cry and all I ever hear are rumors about me! No one listens to me and my mom thinks I'm lying! Is Waheguru listening to me? Is there any shabad or paath to help me? I feel so alone and miserable. I have restless nights because I'm scared to wake up and face another terrible day. Sometimes I wish I could just die in my sleep! I cry myself to sleep every night. Even when I do paath it's like Waheguru isn't listening. Please help me, what should I do? I have posted the same thing to another sikhi forum, I would really just like some advice. Thank you so much. Wjkk Wjkf
  11. puzzled

    Sikh havelis in Pakistan

    Some beautiful old sikh havelis in Pakistan dyan singh haveli atam singhs haveli rawalpindi bakhshi ram singhs haveli rawalpindi lane of sikh and hindu havelis rawalpindi khem singh bedi haveli (think he was a descendant of guru nanak devi ji ?) pre partition sikh haveli Punjab soojan singh haveli rawalpindi pre partition sikh haveli haveli jawala singh sandhu jeevan singh sikh haveli punjab layalpur sikh haveli punjab layalpur sandhu haveli diwan haveli haveli nau nihal singh (maharaja ranjit singhs grandson) mahraja ranjit singh birthplace gujranwala
  12. On 30 April 1877 Britisher tried to put Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) on auction that got cancelled with the blessings of Guru Ramdas ji. Surprisingly this incident never been brought up by Sikhs since it was an act of Christians. Read full article. http://dailysikhupdates.com/british-built-gothic-tower-across-sri-darbar-sahib-1874/
  13. Does the aforementioned committee oversee and own all gurdwaras in India?
  14. Can an amritdhari girl wed a non amritdhari guy in anand karaj? The guys kesdhari, just hasnt decided to take amrit yet, wants to progress with rehat before committing to amrit. Both the girl and guy and their families are happy with it. Any potential issues?
  15. Do ya like him? Is he a good role model? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesoormasingh/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk6OyQb-di2QHTa7WeWBjFQ
  16. Has anyone else read this? I did just recently and it was pretty good and made for a good read. says on their instagram and facebook that all purchases made would fund future sikh projects and make them free too - so thats great! http://thesikhwarehouse.co.uk/product/khalsa-rehatname-bhai-nand-lal/
  17. The Nirmale are a very old sect that was apparently started when a few sikhs were sent to Kanshi to learn Sanskrit from Brahmins under Guru Gobind Singh Ji's instruction. As a result, these Sikhs came back full of knowledge about Sanskrit but had been influenced by Brahminism as well. Thus this group twisted sikhi with a Vedantic view and claimed things like Guru Nanak Dev ji was an avtar of Vishnu and stuff. This sect has also had very close relations to Damdami Taksal. In the past, Nirmale Mahants/sants have had Taksali sants as their students and thus I think it is reasonable to assume that the Nirmales had an influence on the teachings that the Taksal subsequently taught. When listening to some Taksali prachar, I've heard things like the 5 pyare were not random, they were devte/bhagats that reincarnated. So basically saying that instead of being normal everyday people who courageously and wholeheartedly chose to become a part of Sikhi and Sikh tradition, they were preplanning to stand up in the crowd on Vaisakhi since their birth. Things like this make me question this prachar and think maybe Nirmale have a hand in combining Gurmat with Brahmanism in these jathebandis. Anyone else agree/disagree?
  18. Why are Deras seeing so much success in Punjab? My family particularly has been going to a small dera for generations and having recently gone back to Punjab, I've seen so much anti-gurmat things at these kind of places. I especially noticed that the Radha Soami dera leader has immense influence in the Doaba region. I see his photo in every other house/shop. Is there rise in power correlated to Sikhi getting weaker? Are there any ways to combat Deras in a non-Taliban approach? Lol. Is there a way to make the people understand and critically think why their supporting these Deras rather than going towards Sikhi? I've personally tried to point out the anti-gurmat ways of the sant my family worships and they think I've been brainwashed and pretty much stop me from saying anything negative against "Babaji" saying that he's done alot for the family.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw9uRaa3Gjg its called, 'the closest ive come to god." its the closest ive got to god, like this
  20. Why are Taksalis so against Nirvair Khalsa Jatha and Bhai Ranjit Singh? I don't follow any specific jathebandi or sampardas so I don't listen to parchar/kirtan with preconceived judgements based on the allegiance of a group. Based on the katha/vichaar I've heard from these guys, I never really saw anything wrong with what they were saying. In fact, they've spoken on issues that are currently hurting the sikh community like saint worship/derawaad, caste system, some sikh 'clergy' being no different than ancient religious elites, gurdwaras running as a business and etc. So what's the big deal strictly with their vichaar. I know there has been allegations on NKJ in the past but if that was the issue the people are protesting about right now, it would've happened a long time ago (which it did for a little bit I believe). So what's the deal right now?
  21. These days a lot of people question Guru Sahibs hukhams and the rehit.
  22. my dear Sikh brother just please think why we are opposing namdhari baba thakur dalip singh just think is not it what he is saying is not it that true and is not it that he is doing something for sikh panth ? is not it he grow sikhs or we are just opposing without giving second thought we should re think
  23. Guest

    Sikhism and Forgiveness

    I have some questions about forgiveness and Sikhism. What does it say in the Guru Granth Sahib about it? I have made mistakes in my life and have broken promises before. However, I am determined to improve my life and I will do everything in my power to fulfill the promises. I have come close to falling to the urges, but I stopped myself before I could break the promise again. I am hoping God sees that I stopped myself in time and hope he will forgive me for what I have done/almost did, as I will change myself. I am more motivated than ever to fulfill my promises and make sure to never break it again. I'm not sure if I should be posting on this site about this, but wanted to seek advice from other Sikhs. On the side note, what does listening to kirtan do to a person and what effect can it have on you?
  24. http://www.newindianexpress.com/world/2018/nov/27/pakistani-men-sexually-exploiting-british-sikh-girls-study-1903887.html According to this new report,UK Sikh women began to elope with Pakistani men since the 60's. This would mean the current batch of Sikhs in the UK are mostly the spawn of whores. No wonder the girls are mega sluts and the boys effeminate drunks. Discuss.

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