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Found 29 results

  1. Comedian, 27, is ridiculed for saying she felt 'threatened' and 'scared' when four Sikh men boarded her plane, questioned why they were allowed to fly and described them as a 'different type of Muslim' Jess Hilarious has been forced to apologize after posting a series of videos to her four million followers in which she confused Sikh men for Muslims The comic says: ' Where are they going?' filming the men as they got on the plane She later adds: 'If I'm scared, I'm scared. F**k y'all. I felt threatened' Jess, who appears on Fox comedy Rel, continues her tirade after being allowed back on the evacuated plane, saying it's ironic 'I don’t see those people' Later appears to have called the men Muslim in a now deleted apology She has been labelled as Islamophobic and ignorant online and forced to say sorry to both the Muslim and Sikh communities in a later video In it she admits to being 'unaware of Sikhs' and says she is 'still learning' Jess posted the clips online just a day after the New Zealand terror attack By Lauren Fruen For Dailymail.com Published: 15:38, 19 March 2019 | Updated: 17:17, 19 March 2019 e-mail 207 shares 40 View comments A comedian has been ridiculed online after saying she was 'threatened' and 'scared' by four Sikh men boarding her plane before describing them as a 'different type of Muslim'. Instagram star Jess Hilarious, 27, posted a series of videos to her four million followers in which she commented on the four passengers wearing turbans, getting onto her plane. The comic, real name Jessica Moore, is now under fire for the Instagram posts, which she has since deleted. In one clip, the comedian, who stars in Fox comedy Rel, can be heard saying: 'Where are they going? Where are they going?' as the men board her flight. She later reaffirms her fear after the plane was emptied of passengers for unknown reasons, adding: 'If I'm scared, I'm scared. F**k y'all. F**k how y'all feel. Y'all mad at me because I don't side with every other black person. Because I don't side with every other race—f**k y'all. 'I feel how I feel, I felt threatened, and that was it. And I'm not flying there. We were evacuated, b***h! Why? Why, with no reason explained at all, no technical difficulties or nothing. Y'all going to listen to Jess with the mess one day, because my news is real.' Once back on the plane she continued her tirade, suggesting the reason the plane had been evacuated was because of the men, adding: 'So, how ironic is it that we boarded the same plane and I don’t see those people. Yeah, we’re fully boarded. Eat my a**.' Video playing bottom right... Click here to expand to full page +10 Jess Hilarious posted a series of videos to her four million followers in which she commented on the four passengers wearing turbans, getting onto her plane +10 The comedian, who stars in Fox comedy Rel, can be heard saying: 'Where are they going? Where are they going?' as the men board her flight +10 This now deleted apology has been attributed to the actress in which she says 'I was totally unaware of the different types of Muslims, so yes I’m ignorant to the facts so TEACH ME' It is not known why the plane was originally evacuated. The Sikh Coalition blasted her actions as 'spewing fearful, bigoted rhetoric'. A spokesman told the DailyMail.com: 'The Comedian Jess Hilarious spewed fearful, bigoted rhetoric about visibly Sikh passengers on social media this weekend. No community should be the target of hate and bigotry. 'In addition, we invite Jess to participate in an interfaith educational training, which would cover the dangers of racial and religious profiling.' She also quickly came under fire online after people labelled her Islamophobic and ignorant. One said: 'Also, Sikhs aren’t Muslims. Even if they were, that’s not a bad thing. You’re canceled.' Another added: 'Really disappointed in jesshilarious and the islamophobic (sic) comments she made, not that there’s EVER a good time but right now? bigger yikes. I truly hope someone pulls her aside and makes this moment teachable, but also nobody owes her that. there’s FREE knowledge on the interwebs.' And one wrote: 'So apparently @jess_hilarious wasn't the reason these men were removed from the plane. This doesn't change that she was ignorant and Islamophobic. It's always a bad time to be that way, but this is particularly a bad time.' The comedian Jess Hilarious spewed fearful, bigoted rhetoric about visibly Sikh passengers on social media this weekend. No community should be the target of hate and bigotry. Jess has now been forced to apologize to both the Muslim and Sikh communities. In a video captioned 'Official Statement Regarding Sikh & Muslim Community' Jess tells her followers: 'So, naturally in my previous post, I was defensive, but that’s what happens when you don’t take the time to really know what’s transpiring. 'In understanding the error of my actions, I have to first acknowledge the rooted issues, which means racially profiling a group of individuals based on their appearance and on top of that—publicizing it on a platform where others can be hurt by it and others were hurt from it. 'I’m not sure if these particular individuals that were on the plane are aware of my actions by now, but either way, I would love to apologize personally to them first for my insensitive and ignorant behavior. 'I am still learning and I was unaware of Sikhs. A lot of them reached out to me and educated me on who they are and what they stand for.' Jess came under fire online after users pointed out that the men were Sikh and not Muslim and 'even if they were that's not a bad thing' +10 +10 +10 +10 +10 Jess has now been forced to apologize to both the Muslim and Sikh communities +10 Jess posted the videos online just a day after the New Zealand terror attack RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Mobster John Gotti Jr is demanding a police apology after... Music video director who worked with Michael Jackson says he... Share this article Share She added: 'Yet, I would still like to apologize to all of you who were aware and offended by my actions. I refuse to teach, spread or be an advocate for hatred—I just want to make people laugh.' In an earlier, now deleted, apology attributed to the actress she is said to have written: 'I saw four people of that calibre and I just revert back to the past. 'I was totally unaware of the different types of Muslims, so yes I’m ignorant to the facts so TEACH ME.' Jess posted the videos online just a day after the New Zealand terror attack in which 50 people were killed at two mosques. She confirmed she will be donating $15,000 to the victims of the tragedy. DailyMail.com has contacted a representative for Jess for comment. Share or comment on this article: Comedian accused of Islamophobia for saying Sikh men on her plane made her feel 'threatened' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6826339/Comedian-accused-Islamophobia-saying-Sikh-men-plane-feel-threatened.html
  2. http://barficulture.tv/world/408 Special report published this week http://www.nsicop-cpsnr.ca/reports/rp-2018-12-03/SpecialReport-en.pdf Some key findings Ten out of the report's 18 findings, and three out of its five recommendations, were partially or completely redacted due to security reasons. But it still makes some significant points. "According to a CSIS Intelligence Assessment, the threat from Sikh extremists in Canada peaked in the mid-1980s and declined thereafter." Canadian and Indian officials met several times to "address more effectively India’s growing concerns regarding the rise of extremism". It recommended that MPs and Senators be briefed regularly on the "risks of foreign interference and extremism in Canada". "The conclusion of officials from the security and intelligence community that Mr. Atwal was not a threat was based on a narrow interpretation of risk that did not reflect his known criminal record or *** [redacted]"
  3. How Intelligentsia is discrediting the Martyrdom of Guru Teghbahadur. Integral to comprehending the Sikh versus State dynamic is the historicity of the Sikhs, as a collective, vis-a-vis political absolutism. It is no wonder, then, that political powers from time to time have continually targeted the Sikh past in a bid to neuter Sikhi of it’s temporal purview. Whereas historically the Sikhs were more erudite regarding their past, their modern descendants exhibit no such tendency owing to intellectual atrophy. Sampradaic (traditional) sophistry is content with reciting vague passages from the infamous Suraj Prakashwhereas mainstream historians have jumped onto the political bandwagon in a bid to acquire financial incentives. A canard from one such historian, Dr. Fauja Singh, which has now become the adage of those who would do Sikh history harm posits: – The martyrdom of Guru Teghbahadur Ji, the ninth Nanak, was not affected for the general freedom of conscience. – The aforementioned Nanak was no man of faith. His death was well-deserved as he was a marauder. – Contemporary Sikh records which contend otherwise are either fabrications, or late interpolations- the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, who is said to have ordered the Guru’s execution, was not present in Delhi at the time thus rendering these records obsolete. Summarily, it is concluded that the Sikhs possess no history of their own and must rely on non-Sikh historicity and sophistry to relate their past. It is deplorable that whereas our forebears possessed an intellect honed to the point of perfection, our present generation can barely differentiate between bona fide reverence and dog-whistle politics. In light of the latter, is it any wonder then that we accept the below asinine criterion for our historiography? 1.) Sikh history is retained in Persian records irrespective of the latter’s bias. 2.) Sikh literature, definitions of self etc. are irrelevant. If they are to be ever utilized, than only in a corroborative/supplementary fashion. (1) 3.) The Nanaks were nothing more than unremarkable citizens of the Hindu-Mughal theophany. Their conduct, then, is to be solely scrutinized under contemporaneous legal/social mores. (2) 4.) The Sikh philosophy-cum-praxis is not distinct from post-colonial Hinduism (as opposed to Hinduism’s pre-colonial geographic explication) and must be judged under neo-sanataan/vedic norms. (3) 5.) European records- lacking comprehension and rationalism- are to be treated as Fide dignus; any substantiation to the contrary is to be ignored. (4) Initially cemented by Latif, Sarkar and Gupta these guidelines have today developed into axiomatic lifelines for both Sikh and non-Sikh historians. Conforming to this imbecilic criterion, Dr. Fauja Singh published his vilification of the ninth Nanak in the renowned Journal of Sikh Studies in 1974. Immediately taken to task by several eminent scholars, Singh sought the assistance of Dr. Satish Chandra (NCERT) who subsequently had his work published in curricular texts. (5) A dean at the History department of Punjabi University, Singh’s mendacious propaganda carried the seal of academic approval- an element which the opponents of the Sikhs have taken due notice of. His canard, based on an ambivalent chronicle compiled at least a century after Aurangzeb’s demise and translated by an Orientalist, promulgates: ‘Tegh-Bahadur collating many acolytes grew powerful and many people became part-and-parcel of his retinue. Another fakir, Hafiz Ada(a)m of the order of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi had also collated a multitude around him. Both men amalgamated their forces and commenced subsisting on plunder and rapine…’ (6) For those conversant with Sikh history, any Sikh forming a coalition with the order of the bigot Sirhindi- irrespective of their status as Guru or acolyte- would have instantly been faced with a draconian censure from their own community. It is crucial to note here that Sirhindi, and his political patrons, had been instrumental in having the fifth Nanak executed and the sixth arraigned. (7) Dr. Fauja Singh and his ilk of scholars, for all their airs of sophistry, have completely bypassed this conspicuous point and instead painted a rosy picture of congenial love between the house of Nanak and the house of the chauvinist Sirhindi. Singh’s fictions, if analyzed briefly, imply the following: -Guru Teghbahadur, in reality, never asked to be declared Guru and the epithet is of later origin. – The Guru’s real name was Tyag Mal and he was dedicated to a pre-Marxian philosophy which radically differed from the ideology of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. -The Guru planned and coordinated a pre-mature revolution (allegations of plunder and rapine) after collating unsavoury individuals around him. -He perceived himself to be on the path to success but failed to take into account the military prowess of the Mughals. –The Mughals, after a brief skirmish, apprehended him and brought him to Delhi. -Under justified legal mores, the Guru was shown the error of his ways and then beheaded as penalty for his mutinous reign. –Aurangzeb was not present in Delhi at the time but liaised via letter with his Delhi satrap. Sikh records, particularly the Bachittra-Natak, are fallacious when addressing this point. As a mockery of the historian’s discipline, Dr. Fauja Singh provides sources for his fictions and herein lies his weakness- his sources, if scrutinized attentively, are full of contradictions and (shockingly) make no mention of Guru Teghbahadur subsisting on plunder and rapine or even confronting the Mughals on the field of battle. What are these sources? Below is a brief description of them: The Memoirs of Mirza Mohammad Khan- Aurangzeb’s official historian, Mohd. Khan deifies his emperor whilst making no mention of either the Sufi saint Sarmad’s martyrdom (his only sin was that he confronted Aurangzeb in direct contradiction of Islamic injunctions which forbade rebellion) or either the ninth Nanak’s beheading. (8) Truly his master’s voice, Khan’s memoirs nonetheless provide an insight into how the contemporary Mughal regime went about it’s daily tasks. The Munta-hab-ul-lubab of Kafi Khan- Aurangzeb’s initial injunction, concerning sophistry, was to censor all impartial historians and instead patronize those who towed the state line. Dissenters were executed and/or imprisoned. (9) Compiled during this perilous period, the Munta-hab-ul-lubab was prepared under the nom de plume of Kafi Khan. Similar to Mohd. Khan’s memoirs in that that it makes no mention of either Sarmad of the ninth Guru’s martyrdoms, the lubabnonetheless is devoid of the deification found in Memoirs and is often impartial concerning some of the Mughal state’s excesses. (10) The Ma’asar-i-Alamgiri- Compiled by Must’ad Khan, the Alamgiri was intended as a political omnibus charting 40 years of Aurangzeb’s incumbency. (11) Insightful regarding political policy, the Alamgiri does not concentrate on the concerned Mughal’s day-to-day reign. The Sayyar-ul-matakharin- Written by Ghulam Hussain Khan, the matakharin charts the history of the sub-continent from 1702-1786. Mixing fact with fiction, Khan relays largely on hearsay and populist rhetoric to chart the lives of seven Mughal emperors and depict the ever-increasing proliferation of the British in Bengal. (12) Historians believe the work to first have been compiled in 1785, and then published in 1897. Only one manuscript is in existence. Hussain Khan, if indeed that was his real name, makes no mention of his own self or his times. His description of the British is sketchy and almost mythological on some points. Interestingly enough, however, the matakharin makes mention of Guru Teghbahadur’s martyrdom. Hussain Khan narrates that: 1.) Perceiving the Guru’s ever-growing influence, Aurangzeb ordered him arrested. 2.) It was reported, by the Mughal’s intelligence, that the Guru’s acolytes were all peace-loving men and the Guru himself was a pacifist. 3.) The Governor of Lahore arraigned the Guru. 4.) Subsequently, the Guru was executed via dismemberment. His cadaver was cut into four pieces and each piece was then displayed at the four gates of Lahore. What compelled Hussain Khan to relate such fibs? It is impossible to argue that he was biased against the Sikhs as his mythologizing is ubiquitous. Can it be that he offered his services to some British officer who, in a moment of sheer gullibility, commissioned him to write a history of the sub-continent? Is the deification of the British, then, some ploy to flatter his patron and part him from his gold? Whatever Hussain Khan’s intent, his work soon enough was brought to the attention of two British Army Officers; the hon. Reymond and John Briggs. Reymond, it seems, was an auxiliary in Brigg’s bigger scheme of things. In 1830, both men would publish a translation of the matakharin for which Briggs would claim the sole credit (whatever happened to Reymond? It seems his secondary status deserved no recognition). (13) Sensitive to the political airs of the day, particularly where the Sikh Empire of Ranjit Singh was concerned, Briggs incorporated the general bias of his day into his translation. (14) No longer was Guru Teghbahadur a pacifist. Rather he was a rapacious mercenary, extorting the impoverished and collating bandits around him. As such, he was well deserving of his faith. The heathen Sikhs had to be taken away from the shade of such Gurus and be placed in the keep of the Abrahamic preceptors. The discipline of historic research, which has swept through the sub-continent, over the past century it seems has failed to budge the ossified brains of indigenous historians. Rather than establish a biography of their sources, they are content with reiterating the latter’s canards verbatim. Let us now turn to Dr. Fauja Singh’s second contention: the absence of Aurangzeb. The Bachittra-Natak states: ‘Shattering the pitcher of his mortal coil on the head of the Delhi emperor, did Teghbahadur depart…’ (15) Several other Sikh sources also mention, more clearly, the presence of Aurangzeb at the Guru’s execution. Sir Jadhunath Sarkar was the initial historian to doubt the veracity of this fact based on his sources viz Khafi Khan and Must’ad Khan. Both men, it must be noted, make no mention of the Guru’s martyrdom whilst Sikh accounts posit Aurangzeb to have been in Delhi on that fateful day in November 1675 when the Guru was executed. Sarkar, owing to his bias, dismissed both the matakharin and Sikh accounts on the basis that both were inferior compared to prior Persian records. His corroborative texts were the journals of two contemporary Portugese travelers Ormez and Dr. Fryer, and the mercenary Manucci. On the basis of their references, Sarkar dismissed the presence of Aurangzeb at the Guru’s execution but matters however were no so black and white as he believed. Do the Persian accounts tally with Sarkar’s supplementary accounts? The answer is a plain negative. The Satnami rebellion, which transpired prior to the Guru’s execution and an event in which he played a critical role, is depicted by Kafi Khan as having occurred in 1082 Hijri (Islamic calendar) and- in sheer contradiction- in 1084 Hijri. (16) This gap of two years is neither explained by Kafi, nor commented upon by Sarkar who believes the work to have been untouched. If 1082 Hijri is converted into the Julian chronology, then Sarkar’s theory regarding Aurangzeb’s absence falls flat on it’s face. Must’ad Khan posits the Satnami bellicosity having transpired in 1082 Hijri which, if converted to Julian mores, becomes 1673. (17) Sarkar proclaims the latter date to be authentic, but then his Portugese narratives betray him. Ormez, in concurrence with one of Kafi Khan’s dates, depicts Aurangzeb as having confronted the Satnamis in 1674- a year prior to the Guru’s martyrdom making it plausible that the Mughal was present in Delhi during the latter episode. Fryer, whilst reporting to officials, narrates how intelligence has been received that Aurangzeb has commenced a campaign against non-Muslims and those who dare confront him on the field of battle. His report carries the colophon of September 1674-January 1675 (18), again making Aurangzeb’s presence in Delhi during November viable. Manucci, on the other hand, narrates that Aurangzeb commenced his Jihad in 1679. (19) It was on the basis of this chronological quandary that Sarkar presented us with his half-baked theory that Aurangzeb was not present in Delhi during the Guru’s execution. Compare this, then, with Sikh tradition which is unmoved in it’s date of November 1675 and claim of Aurangzeb’s presence. We need not delve further into any more inconsistencies which, both Sikh and non-Sikh, historians have birthed in a bid to acquire fame on the basis of controversy. However a blunt rejoinder should be served to the Sikhs- once more they stand on the cusp of history, yet today they can no longer protect their own past. Unless they cease with their moronic tendency to perceive only the positive and ignore the negative, they will be held culpable by future generations of having decimated their own heritage. It is high time now that they awaken, and protect the moral characters of their Gurus. Sources: (1) S. Kapur Singh, Sikhism and the Sikhs, pg. 293-294. (2) Ibid. (3) Ibid. (4) Ibid. (5) Ibid, pg. 298. Among the historians who challenged Fauja Singh were Prof. Teja Singh, Dr. Ganda Singh and S. Kapur Singh. Fauja Singh, enjoying close proximity with Chandra, used political connections to have his work thrust into the limelight and it was subsequently published in national textbooks. More recently, the infamous Bikram Lamba (self-proclaimed motivational writer) has contended the accuracy of Fauja Singh’s views (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/guru-teg-bahadurs-martyrdom-reality-bikram-lamba)- Lamba, doubtless, has fallen into the same trap as Fauja Singh. (6) Paraphrased from A Short History of the Sikhs, vol. i, Dr. Ganda Singh and Professor Teja Singh. (7) S. Kapur Singh, Theo-Political Status of Sri Darbar Sahib. (8) S. Kapur Singh, Sikhism and the Sikhs, pg. 295. (9) Accessed from http://www.rediff.com/news/2007/feb/16francois.htm (10) Hodgson C, (2015), Indigenous Historians of India and their works, (unpublished thesis); pg. 210. (11) Ibid, pg. 230. (12) Accessed from https://archive.org/details/siyarulmutakheri00ghulrich (13) Sikhism and the Sikhs, pg. 297. (14) Ibid. (15) Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Bachittra-Natak, Dasam Granth (translation ours). (16) Sikhism and the Sikhs, pg. 302. (17) Ibid. (18) Referenced in A New Account of East India and Persia, pg. 1275. (19) Mogul India 1653-1708, Manucci, pg. 239. https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2018/02/04/veiling-the-sword/
  4. 100-yr-old dies waiting for justice for 24 years Amar Kaur had deposed against ex-Punjab DGP Saini Satya Prakash Tribune News Service New Delhi, December 12 Amar Kaur, who had been waging a legal battle to get justice for her son, son-in-law and driver — not seen again after allegedly being kidnapped by former Punjab Director General of Police SS Saini almost 24 years ago —died here on Tuesday. Kaur (100) had been bed-ridden for a decade due to brain stroke. Amar Kaur had deposed against Saini in a Delhi court while being in a wheelchair supported by an ambulance almost a decade ago. She had sent a telegram from her bed in Moolchand Hospital to the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court on July 8, 2011, requesting him to fast track the trial and hold day-to-day hearings so that she could get justice in her lifetime and her soul could rest in peace. “I have lost everything today. My mother could not get justice in her lifetime. The judicial system should not drag on a case for such a long time that people die waiting for justice. No person, howsoever powerful, should be allowed to misuse the system to unnecessarily delay a trial,” her son Ashish Kumar said, breaking down inconsolably. Her businessman son Vinod Kumar, son-in-law Ashok Kumar and driver Mukhtiyar Singh never returned home after being picked up by the police in Ludhiana and Chandigarh on March 15, 1994. A criminal case was registered against Saini and others by CBI on the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in 1994. The case was transferred to Delhi by the SC in 2004 after Kaur expressed apprehension that Saini might use his might to influence witnesses.
  5. I was watching some videos on youtube the other day and came across this old hindu guy called Rajiv Malhotra he seems to be influencing the younger Indian generation towards hindu nationalism. Evil Sakshi Bhardwaj the anti-sikh infamous hindu extremist who recently made highly offensive videos against Sikhs and Sikhi is a follower and admirer of this guy. https://twitter.com/RajivMessage/status/5808820218718
  6. Islamo-fascist article writer basically calls the rapist ram rahim of dehra sacha sauda as a "sikh guru". When if the muslim idiiot writer had a brain he would have realised Sikhs have been fighting these dehra cultists for more than a decade now for blasphemy and beadhi against Sikhi and our SGGS Ji. https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/226142-Sikh-guru-sentenced-to-jail-for-raping-two-followers
  7. Posted at: Jul 31, 2017, 1:51 AM; last updated: Jul 31, 2017, 1:51 AM (IST) Death in Turkey: Kin allege hate crime The wailing relatives of Lovepreet Singh whose body was brought to Amritsar from Turkey on Sunday. Photo: Sunil kumar Tribune News Service Amritsar, July 30 Family members of teenager Lovepreet Singh, whose body was brought here today from Turkey, alleged that he became a victim of racial abuse. His mortal remains were consigned to flames today. Balwinder Singh, deceased’s maternal uncle, said talks with his acquaintances in Turkey revealed that Lovepreet was shunted out of job twice for his being a turbaned Sikh. They shared that Lovepreet was objected for wearing turban, he added. He had gone on a study visa to Lithuania, but somehow got stuck in Turkey, considered a gateway to the European countries. The 19-year-old had flown to Istanbul on September 21 last year after his parents took Rs 8-lakh loan to send their son abroad and a sum of Rs 5.5 lakh was paid to the travel agent. His family members were thankful to the district administration and the External Affairs Ministry in extending support to bring the body from overseas. The Turkish authorities had claimed that his body was fished out of the sea on June 26. On the basis of Aadhaar card and his belongings, the Turkish authorities had approached the Amritsar DC.
  8. from the article below : Ashutosh Maharaj was pronounced “clinically dead” on January 28, 2014. Ever since, his body has been preserved in a freezer by his followers at the DJJS headquarters at Nurmahal in Punjab’s Jalandhar district. His followers claim he had gone into a state of meditation and would return after fulfilment of his spiritual mission http://indianexpress.com/article/india/ashutosh-maharaj-punjab-high-court-allows-preservation-of-divya-jyoti-jagriti-sansthan-body-4736758/ This is the same guy who got punjab police to shoot on innocent sikhs in 2008. And he had been doing beadbi of gurbani and guru ghar ever since he's living in punjab. Waheguru exposed this pakhandi to whole world now lol. His followers ditched him. Didn't even do daag sanskar of his body. So much for humiliation . Waheguru is great
  9. Jat Sikh discovers wife is Dalit, kills self days after marriage He had allegedly taken the step after he came to know that the girl, whom he married a few days ago, believing that she was a Jat Sikh, turned out to be a Dalit. Updated: May 31, 2017 11:57 IST HT Correspondent Hindustan Times, Sangrur Manpreet Singh Manpreet Singh, 22, a resident of Khai village here, who had consumed a poisonous substance on Sunday, died on the same night. He had allegedly taken the step after he came to know that the girl, whom he married a few days ago, believing that she was a Jat Sikh, turned out to be a Dalit. He wrote in his suicide note,“I am Manpreet Singh Brar. My matchmaker Gurtej Singh Baba arranged my match for marriage. I am a Jat boy and my father-in-law is also a Jat, but his wife is a Ramdasia… I was told that they (his wife and mother in-law) are also Jat.” Manpreet’s family also alleged that matchmaker Gurtej had told before the marriage that the girl is from a poor family, but they are Jats and he also took Rs 45,000 for the role of a middleman. “After the marriage, his wife spent two days with him and after that she went to her parents. When he had gone to his in-laws, he came to know that his wife is a Dalit instead of a Jat. He brought her to his home, but after some time he went to the farm and did not return to home. He consumed some poisonous substance” said, Piara Singh, the deceased brother-in-law. Meanwhile, police have registered a case under the Section 306 (abetment of suicide) of the Indian Penal Code at Lehra police station. “He might have committed suicide due to caste issue. We are investigating the matter and Gurtej Singh will be arrested soon,” said Jagbir Singh, station house officer (SHO), Lehra police station. http://www.hindustantimes.com/punjab/jat-sikh-discovers-wife-is-dalit-kills-self-days-after-marriage/story-0HEATz2Sx59feWzU6TMI1L.html
  10. I'm monitoring twitter right now and look what we found here. Imagine if they or any political party in the western democractic nations posted this about jews or muslims or any other minorities.....the outrage it would cause.
  11. As you can see from the tweet above, this sikh girl has an issue with a celeb white woman who has merely stated facts that Guru Arjan Dev Ji was martyred by muslims. Can that be classed as islamophobia (fear of islam) as this naive Sikh girl is alleging in her tweet? Why shouldn't be there a fear of Islam if Islam is seeking to dominate, discrimination, subjugate, kill and destroy non-muslim ways of life and nations? And why is she defending islam from getting attacked anyways and yet nothing about defending Sikhi and Sikhs? What strategies should be used to help these young idiots realise they should be defending their faith and fellow Sikhs first over others.
  12. Disclaimer foreword : I don't intend to spread any kind of animosity between two communities but will just share the kind of things hindus said about our sikh gurus, about our dastaar , etc. This is my first hand experience. I joined my current office in July 2015. I wanted to get along well with everyone , but soon realized my distinct appearance (turban and beard) didn't go well along with some of them. In lunch table I started getting ridiculed I remember this motherfucker started mocking me. He was a south indian 1) Why do you tie that thing on your head ? to keep your head from exploding ? 2) Why do you people wear that dagger ? *after I explained him , "So if a sikh woman is gonna chop vegetables, but forgets her knife in kitchen, can she use Kirpan?" 3) What do you do if you gotta ride a bike ? how you going to wear your helmet ? 4) What you gonna do if you got an itch on your head ? how you gonna scratch ? *laughs* One of them other , when I showed him a pic of Guru Gobind Singh ji made a face of disrespect and said "What has he done ?" . then finds and shows me 'santa banta jokes' . "this is only thing you're good for, this is your only history lol" He's a loyal far-right winger "nationalist". All the while, these people always kept praising shivaji , their hero , even this south indian guy kept praising shivaji .They would talk of going to temple together. So it proves they do have some hindu sentiment in them . They're not truly atheist ! I had heard of RSS people in my earlier years, but this was first hand hate experience of hate from hindus ! When I told them of sacrifices of sikh gurus, they usually went in denial mode. I was honestly very revolted. I once cursed one of them "may you die with maggots inside you " . Once these people also called Khalsa terrorist ! And mocked sikhs right to wear kirpan ! Also , these people always united , even if one of them said wrong to me . I didn't used to hate hindus, but after these experience, I would say I don't really call them "brother" as I used to !
  13. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Something Daas wanted to know was why some lost Sikhs go to Fake Gurus? Don't say the Indian Government sponsors them,(even though they do), because we all know that these people are not really devout that it would effect what the Indian Government did. Are these people stupid or something, that they need to be lied to on a much lower level of spirituality than what they could get from a Gurdwara? Add to that, some of these Pakhandi Babas have shown Manmat, and their i-d-i-o-t-i-c disciples still follow them like a mentally brainwashed person. Examples being 1978, (Fauja Singh and some other Singhs being Shaheed from a Pakhandi), Beas incident, (where Radha Pakhandi followers made some Sikhs Shaheed), Noormahal being very aggressive towards Khalsa, and that Saucha Sahib Pakhandi making his fake Amrit. Is there something wrong in the brains of the these people's disciples, especially since they claim to the world that some of these are "so-called" Sikhs? Just my few questions on why any person would follow them, rather than Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  14. https://twitter.com/amiiidonalon This rat has been using al-taqiya (deception) very slyly he operates a few "british asian" facebook pages where its all pro-islamic propaganda and jokes against non-muslim religions. If you analyse his tweets he has been following hindu and sikh girls on twitter for a 2-3years and pretended to be a Sikh chatting dirty to girls and then all of a sudden start of last year he started to show his true colours and islamification agenda by posting pro-islamic tweets pretending to have "reverted" to islam. We need to make Sikh girls aware of such tactics.
  15. http://www.indiatimes.com/news/world/a-sikh-man-was-photoshopped-to-resemble-a-paris-terrorist-was-even-shared-by-an-isis-channel-247316.html
  16. Which anti-Sikh process and individuals elected makker and SGPC to rule over our religious and political affairs?
  17. Do all these Anti-Sikh organizations such as Nirankaris, Dera Saucha Sahib, and many others work together to face Guru Sahib? (Why do they hate Guru Sahib so much?)
  18. Saw this on social media. Don't know how true it is but goes to show how far the Indian establishment and British establishment work very closely together to put on fake religious people in mainstream media to attack and belittle minority groups such as the Sikhs.
  19. Years of corruption, not listening and calling sarbat khalsa and misrule of Sikh institutes and gurdwara's have lead to many Sikhs wanting to split from SGPC. Expect more of it until sgpc is crushed or reduced to a small organisation than it once was
  20. There is an etheophian farmer who has recently been arguing for legal aid to sue the UK govt in crimes against his people. The Sikhs have a bigger case for suing not only the UK govt but all the other governments for their role in the Sikh holocaust of 1984. * They financially aided and military advised the Indian govt military against sikh religious and political figures (ie sant bhindranwale). Theyn interfered in the political and religious affairs of the Sikhs and their fundamental human rights of self determination and freedom * They deported some Sikhs not granting them political asylum when they were victims of indian state terror * They Banned two sikh separatist fighting forces against Indian union forces whereas they allow British jews to get armed training in self defense militia's and IDF in israel. Which is open discrimination and favoritism against religious / racial minorities. More to add to the list
  21. I wanted to let everyone know that the funding campaign for The 1984 Project has officially launched on Kickstarter. Please check it out, contribute, and share. Thanks in advance for any help! If you know of any survivors of the atrocities of the November 1984 killings that would be willing to speak to me while I'm in India, please let me know. My list is growing and I want to interview as many people as possible for this project. If you know of any rescuers of Sikhs, I would also appreciate their stories. The 1984 Project: Contribute Here
  22. Check shocking footage how our own darbar sahib is really now occupied by SGPC task force masands of badal dal Attacking and swearing anyone they see fit ...including innocent sikh pilgrims in blue bana https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=693847667341892&fref=nf The Sikh nation is a sleeping lion but when awoken and stirred if it pounces on spgc and badal dal it wont spare any of them for crimes against Sikhs especially at sri harmandir sahib and right now they are poking and teasing the Sikh lion
  23. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shapia.santabantatab http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vipin.Crazyprofile.SantaBanta This app's needs to be reported to google play store. Look what is says in one of the descriptions: " "
  24. https://twitter.com/Gaysikh check this account, and see how this individual is trying to promote gayism amoung the worldwide Sikh community on twitter. And even promoting other Sikhs to become gays. You can read how some so called Sikhs are all for gayness and want to "come out". Already Sikh community is targetted by many anti-sikh forces trying to undermine the faith and next generation (from pedo muslim grooming gangs and extremists, western culterial atheist secularist extremists, hindu indian rss shiva sena extremists, ravidassia secterian extremists) and now you have these gays who are trying to confuse the next generation. Where there is a high population of gays the birthrate of that nation and community goes down. This is why the west has promoted gays and removed the ban from homosexuality whereas if you look at nations like russia they have banned most homosexual promotion activity because they have a declining birth rate which threatens their future workforce and population. So should sikhs keep quite and allow these people destroy our faith and community overtly and covertly or should we stand up against it?
  25. clearly many punjabi sikh youths especially from Canada have been neglected for a long time and the results are evident the moneh youth have zero knowledge about Sikhi all the know about is bhangra, drinking, getting laid and their evil caste mentality .....basically punjabi atheists in thinking and actions When amankaur84 says the truth that Sikhs should only marry other Sikhs....look at what these morons are saying (sohena kaur, juggy gill and inderpreet singh and others) that is ok to marry a non-sikh? Have they not been taught Sikh history how sacrifices were made so that our religion survived and now these ungrateful rats think its ok to discard all Sikh norms and traditions and help the haters of Sikhism decrease the Sikh influence in a persons life and demographic population. Ask most muslim youths who they should marry and they will say muslim only, ask a jewish and they say jewish only. It seems our youth have been so badly brainwashed and have not been given guidance how to think in a Sikh way that they have drifted so far into atheism and wishy washy 3HO hippy kind of thinking, where everthing is permitted that is in western culture but isnt allowed in sikh religion and culture.

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