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Found 3 results

  1. puzzled

    Sikhism in Austria

    Does anyone on here know anything about sikhs in Austria. My mum recently came back from India and discovered these photographs of my nanis father as a young man, so my great grandad and also another photo of him as a 6 year boy with his father who is my great great grandad! The photos were taken in austria. These photos are amazing they were really handsome men and looked like gentlemen really well dressed. The photo with my great grandad as a young man he is wearing uniform, he was in the army in Austria that's something that my nani always used to tell us that her father was in the army, and the photo my mum found of him he is in his uniform! We don't know much about him but that he died sometime back in the 40s and my family received a letter in Punjabi saying he passed away. My nani never met her father, he came India got married and went back to Austria, my nani was born afterwards and never met him. He died a dew years after she was born. So does anyone know anything about sikhs in Austria and how they got there and why they went there? The photo with him as a 6 year old with his father must of been take back in the 1910s we know nothing about his father! But his like sitting on the chair with a pagh and suit. There is absolutely no info on sikh history in Austria If anyone knows anything then that would be great
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44410597 Austria has said it will close down seven mosques and expel imams who it says are funded by foreign countries. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the move was a crackdown on political Islam. Some mosques are suspected of having links to Turkish nationalists. In April images emerged showing children in Turkish army uniforms re-enacting the World War One Battle of Gallipoli. The Turkish president's office called Austria's move "Islamophobic, racist and discriminatory". Austria to cut benefits for immigrants Austrian far-right triumph inspires nationalists Europe and the veil Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin took to Twitter to condemn the move.
  3. On 22 January, the Austrian jail authority, accompanied by sniffer dogs, raided the belongings of five Sikhs while they were away from their cells. They showed great disregard for the sacred gutka's (prayer books) and other religious literature. All their belongings were left in a real state of disarray. You may recall that Hardeep Singh, Tarsem Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Jaspal Singh and Surjit Singh all received 17 year prison sentences in 2009, for the murder of Ramanand in Vienna. Ramanand, a controversial figure, disrespected the Guru Granth Sahib and committed 'beadbi' of the saroop. Hardeep Singh has begun a hungerstrike by way of a protest at the harsh treatment they have received. SOPW will be taking up this case with the various authorities and organisations throughout UK and Europe. We are concerned for the Singhs well being whilst in prison and want to ensure that their civil rights are protected. We support Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa

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