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Found 2 results

  1. "Vadhbhag Singh was born into a Khatri Sodhi family in the city of Kartarpur. A direct descendant of Guru Hargobind, he belonged to the lineage of Dhirmal & his heretical group, the Dhirmalias. Vadhbhag Singh’s family had by this time, reconciled with the main body of Sikhs (1) Vadhbhag Singh became the leader of Kartarpur—a city in Doaba established by Guru Arjan Dev (to be distinguished from the separate Kartarpur established by Guru Nanak), with Gurdwara Thamm Sahib. In 1757, when Abdali invaded India, he sent his general Nasar Ali to Doaba (2) Nasar Ali conquered Doaba for the Pathan forces under Abdali. He made Jalandhar his capital, and also paid a visit to the neighboring Kartarpur, where Vadhbhag Singh was born and now led. (3) Nasar Ali captured Vadhbhag Singh and cruelly tortured him. He also razed the city of Kartarpur, slaughtering its civilians, burned its main Gurdwara Thamm Sahib to the ground, and defiling the sarovar with slaughtered cows.Vadhbhag Singh was able to escape to the nearby hills(4) Vadhbhag Singh was angry at his failure to protect the holy Sikh site of Thamm Sahib (pictured here) and vowed outright vengeance upon Nasar Ali for his brutality and sacrilege (excerpts from Panth Parkash by Rattan Singh) (5) Adina Beg Khan was an Arain Mughal Nawab who wanted to reclaim Jalandhar from Pathan clutches. He heard of Vadhbhag Singh and went to visit him in the hills. The two greeted each other with respectful religious greetings and decided to forge a military alliance for Jalandhar (6) In exchange for Sikh support for the Mughals conquest of Doaba from the Pathans, Vadhbhag Singh got an oath from Adina Beg that he would be allowed to brutally pillage Jalandhar in eye-for-eye retribution for what the Pathans had done to Kartarpur and Gurdwara Thamm Sahib (7) Vadhbhag Singh then appealed to the main Dal Khalsa (Khalsa army) at the time led by Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and stationed in Majha, for his purpose of avenging the destruction of the Gurdwara. The Dal Khalsa arrived to Vadhbhag Singh’s request (8) The Dal Khalsa defeated the Pathan army defending Jalandhar. Upon this, knowing of the vengeance, fearful civilians appealed to Adina Beg for mercy on them. Afraid of Vadhbhag Singh, Adina Beg appealed to Jassa Singh of the Khalsa Army for mercy upon the civilians of Jalandhar(9) Jassa Singh convened a Sarbat Khalsa to discuss this proposal, which Vadbhag Singh answered by swearing that he would kill himself and any Sikh who stopped him from totally destroying Jalandhar. At this, the Khalsa Army agreed to move forward with the original, brutal, plan (10) In perhaps of the most merciless attacks by the Sikh army, all the surrendered Pathans in Jalandhar were slaughtered, and the entire city was sacked. Vadhbhag Singh only explicitly offered mercy to women & those who converted and became Sikhs on the spot (11) In an act of personal retribution, Vadhbhag Singh dug up the tomb of Nasar Ali (the Afghan general who had tortured him and defiled Kartarpur) stuffed pork into his mouth as an act of sacrilege, and burnt his remains the same way he had burnt Gurdwara Thumm Sahib (12) Following this, the Mughals under Adina Beg reclaimed custody of Jalandhar+Doaba, and formed an alliance with the Khalsa Army. Vadhbhag Singh retreated to the hills (in present day Himachel Pradesh) and lived the left of his life as an ascetic, starting a dera (13) His hagiography includes him adopting a raksha (demon) as his first disciple. He is remembered affectionately as Baba Vadbhag Singh, and his dera is still established with many devotees, and as a place to receive exorcisms for spiritual possessions
  2. does anyone no much about baba vadbagh singh sodhi? i read that he was excommunicated from the panth? my family name is sodhi too! my mum says we come from the same family as him, when we go india we go too his dhera! my thiya goes to his dhera ritually where descendants of his family but i read somewhere that he was apparently rejected by the panth? in my family if a new born baby boy is born or if a guy from our family gets married, its tradition for the family then to go to his dhera for "blessings" ! i know this all sounds weird but yeah LOL! iv been to his dhera once when we went india! its in himachal pardesh, high up in the mountains, not too far from anandpur sahib if i remember correctly. it was a weird place! lots of weird stuff happening there! my mum didnt let me question anything. not far from the dhera is like a holy waterfall where people take a dip. its like in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and forests. next to this holy waterfall is a little gurdwara but when you do matha tekh there this dude slaps your back while your bent over with a chimta and peacock feathers! this other guy was ringing bells in there too! outside, there were all these black strings everywhere, some had beads. my nanni said the strings have a mantra read in them and that we must NOT touch them!! there were red cloths tied everywhere and some strings with beads thrown around everywhere, lots of weird looking jewelry, rings etc . because these things had mantras read into them and were once worn by possessed people we weren't meant to touch them and had to dodge these strings everywhere when walking!! it was creepy! my nani said people who were possessed wore these and once they are cured they leave these strings here! and if you touch them the evil mantra will come onto you in return. the strings and beads were scattered everywhere on the ground and we were told to dodge them! all this <banned word filter activated> was by the "holy" waterfall .there was also this woman sitting there but she had no pupils! just the white parts of her eye! and she was chanting some stuff. the whole place was creepy! the weird the location, the mountains and forests didnt help either lol we then left the magic waterfall and went to the main dhera which was higher up the mountain and that was just as worse. guru granth sahib is kept there but there also a couple of possessed women just outside the main gurdwara! they were making heavy breathing noises and swinging there hair back and forth like crazy and these priests were reading stuff to them!! i couldnt get this place out of my head for several days! the thing is guru granth sahib is kept in this place too and the surrounding shrines and yet they do all this weird stuff there. anyone know anything more about baba vadhbagh singh? because he was excommunicated, then how did we, his descendants get back into the sikh fold? my family are sikhs we believe in guru granth sahib ji and go gurdwara has anyone else been to this place too?
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