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Found 3 results

  1. I am not just talking about outward beauty but inner beauty. For me when I find a woman attractive it is always a combination of their looks and personality. Ie some women just turn you on and your not sure why. Many might not even be the best looking but their personality is sexually attractive and alluring. Now this is happened to me on quite a few occasions where the female may not be the best looking but they have erotic and alluring personality and ooze sex appeal that draws you to them. So anyone know where most of the beauties reside? . From my experience it has always been eastern european women. They have a combination of great feminine personality with beautiful looks. Not to mention a sexy accent which is usually broken english. I have had the pleasure of working with a few of these women. Who behave and act like a woman. Instead of the butch british women that act like men.
  2. As Sikhs youngsters are told "When going for wedding and you're Amritdhaari, be sure your spouse is too." Unfortunately like the education over Nitnemi spouse (as explained in last post), THIS IS NOT TRUE! Grown ups, same grown ups who utter "Nitnemi hovai, Oocha soocha jivan hovai," will say "Have you seen how ugly he/ she looks?" During my trip to engagement in India this year, my uncle took me to Baba Deep Singh Gurudwara.* My Uncle said "Son, we're going to see this potential Amritdhaari girl for you. But be warned! She don't look nice..." On visiting the Gurudwara my mum saw her. Uncle was desperate to leave, on exiting mum stopped us n said we SHOULD meet her! So we went to one side n we all met. Ok, she had dark skin n bit o facial hair (unnoticeable from far). When she spoke she had this sweet amazing voice. I knew her jivan was that of Chardikala. I thought I met one girl now for next then I can decide between two. Then dad rang, asked n he was like "Naa puth! Chungi tra dekhi? Rehndi yaar. Audhe dandh wi ooche si" (No idea where he got that from. No pics of her were sent from anyone so my uncle exaggerated). I was right though! She does immense seva. Infact she GAVE UP HER TEACHING JOB TO DO SEVA AT THE GURUDWARA! Then my mum spoke on phone n said "She matches my son! She's simple he's simple. She is also somebody's daughter." Then dad spoke to me n said make sure you look carefully at next girl b4 deciding. Don't just carry on liking any old body. BROTHERS N SISTERS! THIS... Is the truth. If it happened with me I bet it happened elsewhere! Many are swearing at me, thinking "No mate, you're only one Sikh guy representative" BUT... I know for a fact their are more Sikhs who been through LIES by adults of "Nitnemi over looks" and "Oocha soocha over education." In fact it is Looks/ education over Amritdhaari! After my engagement to another girl and return back to my home town mum rebuked dad about wha he said n talking me outta saying "Yes" to her. All I say is whoever marries that girl, that guy will be a Heera. *Names of places and locations are changed.
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    VJKK VJKF I felt so blessed to be a Sikh whilst watching this video: VJKK VJKF
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