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  1. WJKK WJKF I am not sure what percentage of Sikh males and females actually watch Bollywood movies, But from experience it seems many Sikhs especially, the older Sikh generation are constantly glued to the TV's showing Bollywood films. This then encourages their children to then watch the filth in these films that portrays Indian girls with Muslims in disgusting and perverse romance movies. In fact Most of the movies portray this kind of scenario. corrupting the mind of girls into thinking that this is somehow normal and the right thing to do. The people who make this disgusting movies should be ashamed of themselves. Imagine if in Pakistan all the male actors where Sikh and Hindus and the girls were Muslim? would that ever happen? Never in a million years. But yet the exact thing is happening in India. Everyone knows how powerful the effect of the media has on people especially the youth who are brainwashed in the doctrine of Love, sex and alcohol and interfaith relationships with Muslims. It on one hand portrays Sikhs with turbans as clowns then on the other hand glorifies Khans as good looking handsome and intelligent which brainwashes our youth especially girls into thinking this is right. Even though without being offensive Muslims on the whole are not exactly the most good looking. It somehow brainwashes young women into thinking Muslims are the best looking due to the constant bombardment of these Khans on the big screen. Im pretty sure that from these films girls are then encouraged to find these Khans in real life to live out the perverse fantasies they see on the big screen. I say we Boycott Bollywood as it is brainwashing Sikh and Hindu girls into having relationships with Muslims. Its as simple as that. Dont be fooled into thinking these movies are harmless entertainment without a hidden agenda. These movies are brainwashing all Sikh and Hindu girls as into these relationships as its portraying Muslim to be good looking heroes while portraying Sikhs and Hindus to be ugly clowns. It normalizes inter-faith relationships between Sikh and Hindu girls with Muslims. Who are brainwashed into thinking Muslims are superior and better looking the Sikhs and Hindus. When this is not true., We need to take action its our responsibility to protect our youth from the dangers of watching such disgusting filth which gets into the minds and psyche of innocent girls and boys from a young age which then influences their behavior and choices in later life. from the ages of 8,9 upwards girls are watching these sordid love affairs between Muslim males and non Muslim girls which then becomes normalized and acceptable in their minds. Its up to us to stop these movies to protect the generation from becoming hooked on the filth that is bollwood! WJKK WJKF
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