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Found 7 results

  1. Dhadhi Jathey can teach so much if we just listen... beautiful ensure Sikhi in your family, be Guru duar da vawadar Kookar ....
  2. http://www.london24.com/news/court/sikh_gang_guilty_of_attacking_indian_general_1_2309777 just seems they recieved little support. also, warning, biased article
  3. The court case is being heard this week: 17 July 2013 Last updated at 07:04 Indian general 'followed before knife attack' in London Lt-Gen Kuldeep Singh Brar was with his wife when he was attacked Continue reading the main story Related StoriesWoman charged over attack on general An Indian general and his wife were followed before his throat was slashed with a knife in London's West End, Southwark Crown Court has heard. Lieutenant-General Kuldeep Singh Brar, 78, needed surgery after the attack in Old Quebec Street on 30 September. Mandeep Singh Sandhu, 34, from Birmingham and Dilbag Singh, 36, from London, deny wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. Harjit Kaur, 38, of west London, also denies the charge. A fourth person, Barjinder Singh Sangha, 33, of Wolverhampton, has previously pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. A fourth man is still at large, the court heard. 'Extremists' target' Prosecutor Annabel Darlow said the victim was deliberately attacked because of his role in the Indian army's attack on the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984. The Golden Temple is one of the holiest Sikh shrines and Operation Blue Star was aimed at flushing out Sikh separatists who were sheltering there. Hundreds of civilians were killed during the assault. Lt Gen Brar was on a holiday in London with his wife Meena and the pair were walking back to the Mostyn Hotel in Bryanston Street when he was targeted. He had to be treated for deep cuts to his face and neck. Ms Darlow said: "Mr Brar is now retired but during his career as a general in the Indian Army oversaw a number of military operations which have made him a target for Sikh extremist groups. "This was no random attack. This was a highly premeditated assault by people who thought about what they were doing and planned it." The jury heard that when the defendants found out Lt Gen Brar was on a private holiday in London with no security, they made two reconnaissance missions over two days to check out his movements. On the night of the attack Ms Kaur tailed the Indian general and his wife, following them into a casino and then a restaurant, the court heard. 'Not forgotten' She also got onto a bus with the couple. Ms Darlow said: "She played a crucial role, silently and unobtrusively following this couple who were unaware they were being followed by a woman who was relaying information to four men that were bent on attacking Brar." Nrs Brar, who spotted the men just before the attack, told her husband they "looked frightening and they looked like a threat". Lt Gen Brar was ambushed by a gang of four men as the couple made their way back to the hotel. "Sangha grabbed Mrs Brar by the throat and threw her against a wall. She started to scream very loudly and called for help," Ms Darlow said. "General Brar was fighting as hard as he could to defend himself." As the attackers fled, one of them dropped his mobile phone giving police important clues about the attackers. The victim has survived several assassination attempts and still receives death threats, as the military operation "has not been forgotten", the court heard. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was also assassinated in the aftermath of Operation Blue Star. The trial continues.
  4. One of the Generals responsible for the massacre of thousands of men , women and children during the 1984 has been shunned by Gurdwaras evenafter his death. This man carried out Bluestar and Woodrose with enthusiasm when other sensible Generals refused, Its good that the SGPC and Sukbir Badal have said Bluestar was an outrage against Sikhs and thats why the Bhog was refused. It sends a strong message that the Genocide paticipants are immensely disliked by Sikhs for the Gurdwara to take this action http://www.hindustantimes.com/Punjab/Chandigarh/P-kula-gurdwara-refuses-to-hold-prayers-for-1965-war-hero/SP-Article1-995938.aspx A gurdwara in Sector 7 of Panchkula refused to hold prayers to mark the death anniversary of 1965 war hero Lt Gen RS Dyal on December 30, citing his participation in Operation Bluestar, the 1984 army action by which Sikh militants seeking a separate country (Khalistan) were flushed out of theGolden Temple in Amritsar. The refusal has shocked the defence community of the region. A devout Sikh who was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra, the country's second highest war gallantry award, for the capture of the formidable Haji Pir Pass in J&K in the 1965 war with Pakistan, Lt Gen Dyal was chief of staff, Western Command, at the time of Bluestar. He retired as army commander of the Southern Command, then served as lieutenant governor of Pondicherry (Puducherry) and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and passed away on January 29 last year. "When I went to the gurdwara to ask them to conduct the rituals, they (the management) said he (Lt Gen Dyal) should have resigned over Bluestar. I was shocked. I said he had just followed orders," said the late officer's wife Barinder Kaur Dyal. "He was the hero of Haji Pir Pass. They don't remember his contribution in the 1965 war, but rake up Bluestar. This should end now." The religious service was then organised at the family residence with the help of the army's priest, and the langar (community kitchen) was organised at the Khetrapal Officers' Institute (KOI) in Chandimandir. Reasoned Harbans Singh, secretary of the Sector-7 gurudwara management, "When we had conducted the bhog (prayer) on Lt Gen Dyal's death, the Sikh sangat (community) raised a lot of questions. So this time we decided to go with the sangat." "Even during the bhog, the gurdwara management was hesitant," said Col Iqbal Singh (retd), a former aide of Lt Gen Dyal, "Arrangements were lacking, and they appeared to be handing us a favour." When HT contacted Avtar Singh Makkar, president of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandak Committee (SGPC), he praised the gurdwara management. "Lt Gen Dyal was involved in the attack on the Akal Takht (the Sikh temporal seat in the Golden Temple complex). Artillery and tanks were used. He never apologised." Asked whether he recognised Lt Gen Dyal's role in the 1965 war, Makkar said, "What he did in 1984 remains unacceptable." Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (retd), chairman of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM) and former vice-chief of army staff, reacted, "It is a sad incident. An incident like Operation Bluestar should not be used against the army, which is a secular institution. Lt Gen Dyal was a great soldier who deserves respect. We are all proud of him as he did what was required." Terming the incident unfortunate, Lt Col SS Sohi (retd), president of the Ex-Servicemen Grievance Cell, said, "The army fights for the nation, not for a religion or caste. Soldiers like Lt Gen Dyal are rare." Lt Gen Dyal is considered one of the main officers during Bluestar along with Lt Gen K Sunderji, who was the army commander (Lt Gen Dyal's immediate superior) in the Western Command, and Lt Gen Kuldip Singh Brar, who led the troops inside the Golden Temple. General AS Vaidya, the then army chief, was assassinated in Pune in August 1986, while Lt Gen Sunderji died of natural causes in 1999. Lt Gen Brar was injured in an attack by pro-Khalistan Sikh radicals in London last year. Maj Gen KS Bajwa (retd), author of five books on wars, said, "Lt Gen Dyal does not deserve such treatment. Operation Bluestar was a Gen Sunderji's show. Lt Gen Dyal just executed what was ordered
  5. At last, a UK based Sikh Organisation has taken the initiative to write an official PR in response to all the crass Indian media reporting of last week. Well done NSYF. http://nsyf.org.uk/news/vilification-of-sikhs/ The vilification of Sikhs Oct 8by Shamsher During the recent events surrounding retired Lt.Gen K.S. Brar, there has been hysterical reporting by certain sections of the Indian media. While the Indian media is not exactly a paragon of impartiality and balanced reporting, the recent coverage has left most readers we have spoken to in disbelief. It varies from misreporting and hysteria, to publishing material that is simply false. This has created a potentially dangerous situation, in a country where religious differences can be easily exploited for political gain, and where there is well documented history of these differences spilling over into communal violence. Today after a week of arrests and investigation we have learned that two Sikh men have been charged with “wounding with the intent to do grievous bodily harm”, a full week after the incident on 30th September. During the initial investigation UK Police did not comment on the religion or ethnicity of the individuals it was detaining for questioning. This is in stark contrast with the Indian media who began with reports of unidentified assailants on the 1st of Oct. This then developed into reports of “four bearded men” on the 2nd; by the 3rd it had descended into a full scale international conspiracy in which law abiding Sikh organisations, including religious, charitable and political bodies were labelled as being linked to ‘terrorism’. This situation has been used to make unfounded allegations in the wider Indian media of the rise of Sikh extremism globally, no doubt to justify the recent arrests and torture of Sikh political activists in the Punjab, which prompted Human Rights Watch to call on the government of India for an investigation and to “promptly enact the Prevention of Torture bill and…take immediate steps to implement its provisions, including ending all torture and ill-treatment by security forces and prosecuting those responsible”. The most shocking comments came in reports that featured remarks from Foreign Office (FCO) Minister Hugo Swire (the minister is in charge of trade with India). The minister was reported to have said “It (the attack on Brar) is of great concern to the United Kingdom. We don’t want these people here exporting their terrorist views because they represent a real threat to people in the UK apart from anything else”. Given the way the Indian media has handled this incident these remarks give the impression that the minister was referring to Sikhs in general. The NSYF Press Office contacted the FCO for clarification, and in a statement issued to the NSYF the FCO made it clear that “The Minister’s comments were quite clearly referring to the perpetrators of this crime and were not directed towards any community”. They further commented that they “…don’t have any control in the way the (Indian) media is reporting this incident”, and that interpreting them in this way was “completely incorrect”. The NSYF Press Office will be providing a full analysis of the reporting in this incident, and writing to individual news agencies about the misrepresented facts of the Indian army invasion of Amritsar code named ‘operation blue star’.
  6. The latest drivel in the Hindustan Times... http://www.hindustantimes.com/Punjab/Chandigarh/Memorial-at-Golden-Temple-will-reopen-Sikhs-wounds-Gen-Brar/SP-Article1-941746.aspx Memorial at Golden Temple will reopen Sikhs' wounds: Lt Gen KS Brar Ramesh Vinayak, Hindustan Times Mumbai, October 08, 2012 Lieutenant General (retd) Kuldip Singh Brar, the only surviving commander of Operation Bluestar, fears that the upcoming memorial to the army action in Harmandar Sahib in Amritsar may not only become a rallying point for radicals but also reopen the Sikh community's wounds of the past. "A larger section of the Sikhs has put the trauma of Operation Bluestar behind, but I am afraid it wouldn't take longer for that section to get smaller and for some of it to get to the side of radicals," said Lt Gen Brar in the course of an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times at his high-security residence here on Wednesday. The 78-year-old general, who shot into the headlines following an audacious assassination attempt on him in London on September 30 by suspected pro-Khalistan militants, is currently recuperating from the deep gashes inflicted on the neck by his four attackers. Asked whether a closure on Punjab's traumatic past was possible, Lt Gen Brar, a 1971 war-decorated, third generation soldier hailing from Moga district, struck a note of pragmatism: "Well, it will take a while. Because lots of people have suffered not in Punjab alone but in the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi and elsewhere also. The Sikh community has been hurt and the wounds will take time to heal," he said. Which is why, he argued, any memorial to Operation Bluestar should never be allowed to come up inside the Darbar Sahib. "Whenever the devotees, especially young ones, would see the memorial, it could inflame passions rather than healing old wounds," he added. He charged the Akalis and the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) with playing with fire by conceding to the radicals' agenda to glorify Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale and his militant followers as 'martyrs'. He sharply disagreed with the SGPC's contention that the upcoming memorial was to commemorate the killing of innocents during the army action. "There are other ways to remember such deaths but building a monument to militant ideology is not desirable at all for the sake of hard-earned peace in Punjab," he said. Brar also spoke about how the London attack had changed his life. "It has of course made my life very difficult. I am used to living with perpetual threats from radicals." However, he said he was not asking for more security. About the British police probe into the attack, Brar said the Scotland Yard had conducted DNA test on his bloodstained jacket and boots and also scanned CCTV footage to track down the attackers whom he had fought back. "The British police authorities are updating me on a daily basis on the probe and have assured that the perpetrators of the attack would not get away with it," he said, adding that two suspects chargesheeted on Monday were from the Birmingham area where the banned Babbar Khalsa has its headquarters.
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