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Found 2 results

  1. Do these idiiot; inferior servant Sikhs that signed that agreement not get it? They think they got a good deal for sikhs? The super rich British white ruling classes only care about using our people as cannon fodder and not about respecting Sikhs as equals. If they, british elite oligarchs, were serious about treating Sikhs as equal and good they would implement strong actions against anti-sikh hate crimes on par with what jews get. They would talk about restoring Sikh sovereignty and full support of Khalistan which they were responsible for not creating. They would hold a public hearing about getting to the horrible truth of british thatcher govt military intel and weapons support enabling the murders of Sikhs and attacking our parliament sri akal takht and holiest shrine in 1984. And see that the was guilty punished. They would apologise for the heinous crime of murdering 1,000 innocent unarmed civilian protestors in jalliahwalah barg by general o'dyer in 1919 on vaisakhi day. They would talk about giving a visible representation of turbanned Sikhs in the mainstream media and public sector jobs. etc,etc http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/uk-armed-forces-sign-covenant-with-sikhs/story-LqcFYdapNol57IWdNgIxDK.html
  2. Ok I was pretty indifferent to the British army's consultation of creating a Sikh regiment or re-establishing it since the days of the british empire. Now the reasons why we should oppose such a move is listen below: 1) 1980s The british government / establishment authoritised state violence and arms supply to kill thousands of Sikhs in darbar sahib in 1984 operation blue star and the followup operations in the killing fields of punjab 2) The British establishment is responsible for desmantling the Sikh empire and Sikh rule and therefore creating Pakistan and India for their own economic selfish power base reasons. They left Sikhs as refugee's in lands hostile to our people as historical events has proved. 3) If British Sikh troops are deployed in unjust wars for economic oil land resourse stealing agenda's like in Iraq and afghanistan then it will reflect really badly on the Sikh community. It will show us as a bad guys invading peoples lands and attacking civlians. The british army had a good reputation until iraq were now everyone see's them as pawns and cannon fodder used for the elites in power to grow their investment portfolio's. Also lets remember amritsar 1919 vaisakhi say april 13th when British Indian gurka troops were used to mass murder punjabi's by gunfire on orders of general o'dwyer resulting in the killing thousands of innocent mostly Sikh punjabi protesters calling for an end to british imperialist rule. To this day Gurka's are seen as an evil force by many punjabi's. 4) Sikhs have not had any official apology for events of 1984, nor any help or support creating a sovereign Sikh state where Sikhs will truely experience the glow of freedom nor given compensation for all the huge damage they caused on the Sikh live and property in india. The British establishment is quite happy with the way things are as India is a huge economic bloc useful for trade and economy. So human rights of Sikhs do not matter, they are expandable. Therefore no British Sikh with a brain can justify any support to a government and its armed forces that does not has any of its interests at heart.
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