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Found 4 results

  1. VJKK VJKF Dear All an organisation called Trees For Cities (T4C) is doing brilliant work in and around London. My husband and I went to support them last week only to find that members of Dera Sacha Sauda were there with a stall set up and literally a ton of volunteers all clad in exclusive DSS gear to help with the tree planting. Since I wrote to the organisers to explain who and what DSS stood for and wanted to know what their affiliation with T4C is, I also went into a bit of detail regarding DSS. Attached is their response. Does anyone have any substantial evidence/links I can share with them? A random DSS search results in that twat prancing around on stage with thousands of people. I have no issues with people planting trees but to almost 'take over' and try to link the efforts of T4C with your cult and agenda is a big no-no. If anyone is interested, Trees for Cities will be aiming to plant 20,000 trees in Ealing, Marnham Fields, 10am-4pm on Saturday 25th February, you can visit their webpage for more info.
  2. http://seavent.blogspot.in/2015/02/msg-thanks-sgpc.html Hi All, I think MSG Baba should send a bouquet and a thanks letter to the SGPC, as they must have had saved a lot of budget on promotions of this movie, It is a hit even before its launched. On the contrary, a movie like Eh janam tumhare lekhe, couldnt survive the turmoil of commericial movies for even a week. A brilliant movie glorifying Sikhs (Bhagat Ji), was not even noticed by many. SHame! Pls read the blog, comment and share and guide me as well. May be there are many dimensions yet to explore. REGARDS Navjit.
  3. who would have thought it the baba rahmin the rapist's hindustani cult turning up in east london of all places lol.... they dont waste any time in branching out to foreign lands clearly they are funded by the indian govt. -------------- Spiritual group holds event to clean up East Ham Spiritual group clean up East Ham 2 Adam Barnett, Reporter Friday, October 4, 2013 4:44 PM A group of volunteers cleaned up the streets of East Ham in order to “do something good for humanity”. Dera Sacha Sauda, a “social-spiritual” organisation that carries out humanitarian work, cleaned up 12 streets from Kensington Avenue to East Avenue and Berkley Avenue. The team of 60 volunteers received council permission for their work, for which they brought our own brooms, gloves and bin bags. The group’s campaign has been supported by Stephen Timms MP, who it says will attend its October 27 clean up event. Ankur Jain, a leader of the campaign, said: “It was rewally good. The people came to volunteer from Luton, Cardiff and Birmingham.” “I feel it is our earth. I consider myself a guets on this earth, so should not make a mess where you are a guest. We should keep the earth clean, and if we do there will be no diseases.” The group has many branches in India and has run tree-planting campaigns in the UK. After it’s clean up in East Ham it received signatures from people who wanted to help clean the streets near where they live at the next event.
  4. SANGRUR: A Sangrur court on Monday acquitted 14 Dera Sacha Sauda followers in the case of killing of a Sikh in May 2007. Total 16 dera devotees were booked for the murder of Kamaljit Singh, a resident of Sunam town of Sangrur district, on May 17, 2007 after a clash broke out when some Sikhs tried to take control of the dera's local place of worship. Additional sessions judge Varinder Aggarwal acquitted dera followers on Monday for lack of evidence as the prosecution failed to establish that the victim due to firing by any of the accused. Meanwhile, the lawyers and police also had an altercation on Monday over the entry of former in the court. The police had tightened the security in the court to avoid any clashes after the verdict was pronounced in the court. The lawyers objected to the police arrangements, which led to an argument. Alleging that the policemen misbehaved with them, the lawyers have decided to go on strike on Tuesday. Sangrur district bar association president Gurtej Singh Grewal said, "The policemen misbehaved with and manhandled some lawyers. We have given a call for bandh in all courts of the district on Tuesday." On the other hand, the police denied manhandling the lawyers and accused them of misbehaving with a cop. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/14-dera-followers-acquitted/articleshow/23325554.cms
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