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  1. I am a 21 year old Sikh Male...I am really obsessed with my Appearance and I always look myself in Mirror of how I am looking...The most common problem with me is That I can't tie a Turban perfectly and I have loosened my Faith in having Hair When my Turban doesn't come in Shape I think about seeing the Turban Trainer's door so that he can tie my Turban but I can't tie perfectly my Turban like them....I have a Goatee neither I know how to Tie my Beard perfectly..Some of people have given a lot of bad comments on my Goatee and the way I tie the Turban and at end I thought about cutting hair at once but due to fear of My dad I stopped and I thought The society will also tell me that you are wrong and Sinner...Although I am that sort of Guy who is really Honest,Innocent,Straight Forward,Humble Type of Guy I get a lot depress on little things..I honestly say I don't run behind Girls neither I Chase Girls..neither I slander anyone..neither I smoke nor eat Drugs which is against Sikhism...I do Drink though but occasionaly....I am a God loving person I do go to Gurdwara believe in Sikhism and know a lot of history about Sikhism...I have suffered from Anxiety and Anger issues like getting Violent over little things In past sometimes I would even hit people with Benches as a child But when some people talk about My appearance or way of Dressing I lose myself In Life I can't struggle in Life For a month I have been Sitting at home doing nothing Or else I would just study some Books or so neither I go to College much Neither I have much friends I don't know what is Friendship even I love sports though and a really SPorty Guy and it makes me happier but I get depress on little things and when someone talks about my appearance I only see Barbers Door but then I step behind because of Fear of My Dad that his Jutti will be on my head??i have been running behind Baba's they tell me that some one has done Magic Spell on uuh and It was true when my neighbour throw Burnt ash on my head in 2006??and mixed something in my Ladoo (parshad) I got Sick from that time.. I am that guy who doesn't know what Is World (Duniyadaari) neither I take much interest in Business I have completed my +2 Commerce and currently studying in College....I had a hard life in Past suffered from depression for 10 months in 2006 when I changed my School as I was Teased,Bullied I take things too Lightly I am that sort of guy who whatever thinks he does... And I am really Nostalgic who always thinks about Past in Life...I honestly say I am the Relative of a High Saint Family in Delhi Though who always do Paath and Puja but I don't consider myself able with them as I can never be....My family always go To nanaksar gurdwara (jagraon) during festive events..I am a relative of Sant Sujan Singh Ji and my grandfather was real brother of Him who also did a lot of Paath and Puja,going to Gurdwara and my grandmom did Kirtan at Gurdwara as well they both are expired though and I was lonely and depressed as well after they expired....I am a keshdhari Sikh means I don't cut my hair though but have desire my roots are of High saint family so I always stop myself Please Give me any advice how to Win in Life?How to struggle??I thought this website is the best website which has the answer to my question??I think myself as a Failed guy I can be winner but I don't find anything in Life...how to make my career
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