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  1. Guest


    I was at my firend birthday party and the cake had egg in it, I just fed him the cake, I didn't eat it. What do I do? Peshi? Or should I do ardass
  2. As an Amritdhaari of 10 years I started doing something only 4 years ago... eating EGG based ingredients. WHY? you ask? because I AM A JEEB RASS (TONGUE TASTING) GUY! What? It's possible to avoid it? YES BUT LIKE I SAID! I indulge in good food tastes. "Why not cook your own food at home and make t eggless?" BECAUSE I admit to being a tongue taster AND part of tongue taster, there will always be something missing in eggless compared to egg based. Anyone will know on consumption. Ok, now that we've established am a jeeb rass insaan, let's take a look at the "Benefits," I can eat cakes, Jaffa cakes, MUFFINS (my fav), fancy angels, mayonnaise, croissants and anything egg based. Free range, whole, yolks saara kuch! NOW! for hypocritical yet unexplainable reasons I do not eat egg on it's own neither if it's in a hot meal, because it's not right I HATE BEING A HYPOCRITE Sorry folks I know I bring you bad news about myself but part of jeeb rass insaan, right? it's all about enjoying the delicacies available. I only purchase them from shops/ bars NOT home made.
  3. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji| I recently came across a Gursikh who keeps strong amritvela, does simran throughout the day and very humble sikh, however, he does not eat raw eggs but he consumes products from brand such as Quorn which contain egg. He has told me that all the singhs he knows consume this and there is nothing wrong with it? What are the Sangats views on here?
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I have question for my veg brothers/sisters. I want to take protein shakes and because there made in a factory with egg, it says may contain traces of egg and other stuff. Is it acceptable if i take them ?
  5. WJKK WJKF I want to stop eating eggs because I want to be able to take Amrit one day. The problem I'm facing is that my parents aren't in favour of me stopping. I'm 15 so they still have control over what I eat. Is there anyway I can convince them? Any quotes I could show them? Any health issues that I could show them? Anything would greatly be appreciated.
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