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  1. Guest


    Ssa everyone. I come here today not for judgement or harsh words, but to talk to sangat ji. I am 21 years old and currently at university. I am a lesbian. I have known since i was a young girl of my attraction towards women and i knew from a young age that my family would never accept it. I stay at home for uni, i have quite a restricted social life, my parents are vey traditional in the sense that girls stay home and boys can do what they like. I know my parents will never accept me, and my mother is very aggressive to the point where she calls me very harsh words and hits me and screams at me. She has always had a very bad temper one that has scared me since i was little and she gives me bad anxiety. my parents are separated and i live with my dad. I love my fanily and my parents but they will never accept me and im not happy at home. If my relationship with my mother was better or if i was to marry a man i would never consider this, but since i wont be getting married and my mother’s anger will never subside, i find myself struggling at home. I want to live away from home and have boundaries with my parents but i dont know how to talk to them about this. They wont let me move out for uni and they say when i get married is when i can live out. Anyone who i can talk to would be appreciated, advice or support. Thank you ji.
  2. UK "sikhs" can be a different kind of ignorant. The level of colonialism in your way of thinking is astonishing but not a surprise being that you live in the land of sikhi's infiltraters and opressors. But I digress, you guys are nothing more than evangelical Christians with turbans on. You know nothing of the Hindustan that sikhi was founded in. Only the post British India they you are used. But I'll leave u with this. The Oneness is everything and everyone. To express this level of hate and mockery towards people is to express hate and mockery to yourself and the divine. Wake up from your slumber. You have not seen God yet. Your life leaving you very quickly. You dont have much time left. Free yourself from the prison you've built yourself. I wish i was optimistic but Im not. I already know what you will say. I just have one request. Please Slander me. Please slander my love for the guru. Please slander my experience of life. Please slander me. with love, a Fellow Gay Sikh Finally two people who have some sense and share my views,bruh i agree with both of ya'll.at the same time we have other sikhs here saying u are sikh and then not accepting hukam what kind if a sikhi is that,being LGBT is hukam you can say all u want but it is hukam people are born that way,understand it accept it it is bhana,and ik my message is gonna fall on blind ears and i gonna be "disproved" in some crazy irrational way but atleast i did my part,and both of the ppl whose posts i have quoted ( i.e. posts from @hellothere and @BlessedToBeGay),i frigging agree with u 100% i wrote my reply separtely bcos the original topic was i a plae where guests cant reply,so idk,also tell me if Akaal Purakh is in every molecule of existence are us lgbt folk not part of this universe and also you listen to bhai jagraj singh ji and even to the parts where he is with the lgbtq+ community,y'all dont listen to him there do u and for those of you who didnt know daas guest singh is LGBT,he is . BAM!
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