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Found 4 results

  1. This is in no way favoring one over the other as any child is a blessing regardless of gender. However pureley out of curiosity are more daughters being born then sons in recent times? I remember going back with the first generation that arrived in the UK. Those families seem to have had alot more sons then daughters. But when I look these days. It seems the opposite has occured many more daughters are being born then sons. Could this be some kind of environmental factors or just plain natures choice? Could it be related to peoples diet, nutrition exercise??
  2. WJKK WJKF I have a question. Is it mainly Singh's who complain over Maryada and Jathebandian? Do Singhni's also engage in these type of conversations? (Not being sexist or stereotypical or anything, just out of curiosity. I mainly see Singh's get involved in this type of stuff)
  3. I'm finding it difficult to wrap my head around this. So I understand that Vaheguru Jee is genderless, but why is it that all of our Guru's were of a male body? Why not female? I always thought Sikhi was completely for gender equality but I find it difficult to answer my curious questions as to why I hardly see females doing seva in Gurdwaras unless their making langar, why the panj pyare are all male, and why our Gurus were all male? Also, day after day I am seeing that Sikhi is in fact no more better than Islam when it comes to gender equality. And another question. I don't want to know anything about women, but my question is simply, why do MEN wear a turban? I'm trying to understand because any male I ask just nods and says, because the men do, or, because our Gurus did. But the question is always left unanswered.
  4. Hi it would be a great help if I could get some response in regards to these questions. I'm writing my Dissertation paper on the turban. 1. what does the turban represent for you personally? 2. How does the pagh determine your personality? (if it doesn't why?) 3. How does it construct your physical appearance? (by wearing a pagh how do you perceive yourself and how do others look at you) 4. whats the style of your pagh? (the way its tied, the style, the colour significance) and why? 5. Is it a cultural and or religious purpose and why? 6. Is there any gender distinctions(differences) in wearing and tieing a pagh? (For example through my observations I noted most men wear a pagh [not necessarily religious] whereas women only wear it for religious reasons, and they mostly cover the pagh with a chunni where as men do not.) What is your take on this difference? All responses and opinions are non judgemental. I would like genuine opinions rather than a definition or generalisations. So feel free to be expressive! :D
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