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  1. Guest

    Bullied And Trust.

    I remember when I was in school I had awful days, my best days were in primary. in secondary my mum used to make me do a plait.. I had long hair lol and still do! but anyways i used to go to school and yh the boys in my class used to call me hairy!!! when really there were 2 Muslim girls who had the most bushiest eyebrows and sideburns!!!!!!! my school was a mixture of races.. white, black, Sikh, Hindu but majority Muslim. the Sikh boys were a disgrace and most of the girls were slags. they used to drink, do shisha, smoke, do weed etc etc.. don't get me wrong i had friends but my school had the fakest of people and their were backstabbers and sh** , anyhow when i left school I've never looked back, there some people i stay in contact with others can kiss my hdbfedkwek LOOOL, when i see them on the streets i don't bother! im a friendly person and that but with them nah ah. i was the only one i positively grantee that knew about the Sikh history. m not religious but i know about the singhs and sacrifices and etc etc.. what there is to know basically. there were times when i did wanna cut my hair but i always thought of my mum and dads izit.. (pride) and thought im a Sikh! and im not gonna cut my hair because of words cos that's easy defeat. BUT DRUMROLL.. THE FUNNY THING IS, MY SISTER HAS A RISTAAA AND MY JIJA TO BE HAS A COSUIN THAT BULLIED ME! basically my brother's know and they told my dad, I told my mum and sister but they didn't wanna know! and told me to keep quiet cos it was time ago but I just wanted an apology as he comes to my house! and yh.. um my brothers told my dad and my dad had a word with me and etc which was cool cos I felt as if it was off my chest, he spoke with the boys father but the boy just said it wasn't just him it there were other people involved and he don't wanna apolgise and also the boys dad said why didn't she come out with it before! which I understand but I told my father that yearh there where other boys but there not coming into the family whereas he kind if is cos my jijas asal family is in india and he lives with his mami and mama and cousins ( which is the boy) I used to say <banned word filter activated> to him don't get me wrong but he ( and the others) were constant and I just learnt to ignore it but cos his my jijas cousin and practically the only family my jija has here I wanted an aplogy so we could start fresh kind of... anyhow they tried to make it out as if the rishta was broke but it wasn't! and then my dad had a go and me trying to blame me and my brothers stood up for me. but yh I don't know what to do? like I want him to really suffer my brothers said they would of beat'd him but cos his family of family they cant. ALSO I had this incident with a boy ( just swapping numbers and chatting!!!!!!!! ) but it got twisted so badly! its been time but urm I remember my dad fought he touched me when he didn't and I wouldn't if let that happen with any boy or anyone for that fact! but yh I remember my dad wanting me to go to the doctors and have tests and <banned word filter activated> and I think my dad fought I had sex which I havnt and i would never unless im married! but yh me and my dad are back to normal but I can seem to forget that or forgive him for that I feel disgraced that he fought that ... AND i got hate for my sister cos when i told her about the bullying she didn't give a toss, or my mum. so my sister could of easily talked to her fiancée and what not ! im depressed in the sense of all this and to make things worst they took my phone away and im not aloud to go link with mates or go out on my ones. i felt like running away or even commiting... :'(
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