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Found 3 results

  1. Hi eveyone, Please take sometime to read my post and advise accordingly...thank you Im a sikh living in foreign country who has been speaking with a girl in india for nearly 8 months. Everytime i call, i say and ask everything. She tells me everything i ask but has never asked me about my hobbies, interests, job etc. Her mom always tell me and my parents my daughter speaks very little, is too nice and very shy and once she comes here, she will open up. I speak with her 3 times every week for nearly an hr and i do the talking, she listen...replies to me but doesnt ask me anything. I have asked her personal things aswell, but i feel she is not interested in sharing anything. I felt so happy everytime i called her but lately, everytime i speak with her and end the call, im unhappy and think if she is right for me. I am hurt she hasnt askes my anything at all and I have not called her for the past week and will not be doing so and am seriously considering calling this off. Because of her silence, i know little about her and this is troubling, i know nothing about the person who i might marry. Please advise: - does the above mean she doesnt like me? If so, why is she dragging this on. - should i assume she isnt saying anything for fear of her parents? Could our age gap (7 yrs) be a problem? - 8 months is a long time for a couple to get comfortable with one another and i feel i have given her enough time and she should be discussing things with me. - before you say she is an introvert, my parents, friwnds and job colleagues say im also an introvert. Please advise
  2. Starting on 1st January, I am going to be running an interfaith project and I need your help! I am going to be observing all religious festivals in 2015 and I need someone to guide me. Is that person you? One of the first holy days is Parkash Guru Gobind Singh, so I definitely need a helping hand! In order to help me you must be: - Sikh - able to explain to a beginner about your holy days and what they mean to you. - based in London or Herts/Berks/Bucks. I will need to be able to travel to meet you - willing to let me tag along with you to any places of worship, rituals or other religious stuff that may be involved in your holy day - mentioned in my blog, either by your name or a pseudonym - willing to come on this journey with me and learn about aspects of your own religion that you may not have known about before There is no pay for this role, but I promise to feed you! If you would like more information, please go to everydayholydays.wordpress.com or contact me on sjqjacobs@gmail.com Thanks! SJ
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