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Found 82 results

  1. Hi I just want to put out a reminder that all Gurdware are sacred places. Please remember that when visiting any Gurdwara. I think people are getting a bit of a lax attitude. 1. If you are going, try your best to dress cleanly and smartly, just like you would if you were going to any place you respect. Also to dress in a respectful manner. 2. Before entering, remember to enter with a humble and clean heart/attitude, with respect for Guruji and God. You should enter with you head bowed. 3. Turn off your phone or put it on silent. Keep silent and don't talk unless necessary. 4. Don't look around or take note of other people. Be polite and respectful. Don't push in front of others. 5. Don't talk whilst Gurbani or kirtan is going on unless it is necessary to do so. 6. Keep quiet whilst eating langar also. 7. Treat the building, the furniture, the facilities etc with respect. 8. Don't judge others, be disturbed by other peoples behaviour or be concerned with people who do wrong or act disrespectfully. Just concentrate on your own behaviour. Any other good points you can think of please add them.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIZdmHBhHln/?igshid=pwqvajvshoww
  3. There was a fight in Renton Wa at the local Gurdwara. No idea what this is over, was hoping maybe someone had insight as to what is going on over there? Its apparently due to "religious difference going on within our community" and started a few weeks ago when there was another fight at Gurdwara in Kent.. Could it be related to that wedding that took place in California? https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/police-firefighters-respond-possible-assault-sikh-temple/6YMCWNFHSREE7GMH5PMO7YRRIQ/
  4. What is sangats opinion on graves (no headstones) on the gurdwara premises. Committee is considering buying a church and it has some burials. I personally don't think it is a big deal as long as we are respectful. The burials are out of the way and could be turned into flowerbeds etc with a hedge/fence around them.
  5. https://www.sikhpa.com/pakistan-gurdwara-honouring-sikh-martyr-converted-into-mosque/ Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh Ji gurdwara in Pakistan is being converted into a mosque. Shows that Pakistan doesn’t hold any regard for our gurdwaras!
  6. https://m.tribuneindia.com/news/haryana/election-for-hsgmc-president-on-august-13-114328
  7. https://kashmirage.net/2020/05/30/burglars-loot-rs-2-lakh-cash-from-gurdwara-at-jawahar-nagar/
  8. how to become ragi and granthi in uk? are there any courses requirement any uk based school or is there no system and I will need to go to India
  9. https://youtu.be/Y5B--eZO57I
  10. Guest

    How to meet new sangat

    Waheguru ji ki khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh I have recently gotten into sikhi, it has been around 3 years since I've started wearing a dastar now I think. Since I've started I have had stages where I have been very religious and then stages where I haven't. Coming from a non religious family at all I find it hard to get guidance from someone close to me. I have two local Gurdwaras one of which I used to go to regularly however they seemed to be very Liberal and hardly any of them were gursikhs and most of them drunk alcohol and such things. The other Gurdwara I have been to a few times but they dont make me feel welcome at all they stare at me and act abnoxious to me. I have recently started going to another gurdwara outside of my town which is around a 20 minute drive but I literally know no one there and as I'm going alone it makes it a lot harder to try to meet new people and being an introverted person makes it more difficult. If anyone could suggest any ways of making new friends that are gursikhs that would be great thanks
  11. Guest

    greeting Guru ji

    Hi Redoptics posted this link on another thread: https://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Bhai_Nand_Lal_Rahitnama What I found particularly interesting was this bit: The Sikh desirous of Guru’s Darshan,Should go and have the Darshan of Granth Jee,(14)After ablution early in the morning,he should judiciously undertake its three circumambulation,(15)DohiraWith folded hands he should be seated, seeking my audience,And after paying obeisance to Guru Granth Jee, listen to the celestial exposition.(16) I just thought it was an interesting (somewhat lost?) tradition to make three circumambulations of SGGS. Is this still done anywhere?
  12. https://www.indy100.com/article/andy-street-sikh-mosque-gurdwara-conservative-m The gaffe is a possibility as Dr Jasjit S tweet makes clear, we haven't educated others with Sikhi terminology, but wth is a n1gger Kirtan...that's a new one!!
  13. Beautiful old gurdwara built during the Sikh empire by Baba Bir Singh Naurangabad. Baba Bir Singh was a warrior. Most of these old Gurdwareh have been demolished. Have no idea if this Gurdwara is still standing or has been demolished.
  14. Which historic gurdwaras do you really want to go to? I really want to go to tarn taran sahib, I have never been, with wahegurus kirpa I will go some time in the future. It's one gurdwara that I really want to go to I have been harmandir sahib so many times but never been tarn taran sahib.
  15. Gurdwara Shaheed Singh Singhnia in Lahore marks the site of execution of thousands of puratan Singhs . The Gurdwara was built with efforts of UK sikhs And singhnia during Mir Mannu's time . Gurdwara marking the shaheedi of Bhai Taru Singh is also nearby . The Gurdwara is built on top of Shaheedganj mosque where execution of Sikhs used to happen.
  16. Fed up of Gurdwara politics, how the older generation treat youth and tension in general. Want to take a small break from gurdwara. Ps not just a problem at one particular gurdwara but is happening everywhere
  17. Guest

    Living at a Guru Khar?

    WJKK WJKF, Daas was just wondering if any Guru Khars (mainly in the Birmingham area) allow one to live there (permanently). WJKK WJKF
  18. We need drastic changes to all Gurdwaras Ideas It should be mandatory for all Gurdwaras to have a training room ie a Gym and some kind of self defence or fighting skill taught free of charge. We need to hire trained martial artist of or other self defence discpline teacher to train the youth. One of the fundemental beliefs in Sikhism is that we should be armed and trained. Ready to defend ourselves and others. Yet Gurdwara space and resources is going unused. This will also attract the youth into the gurdwaras as their will be many types of activities available for them.
  19. Sometimes when I am rushing to work in the morning and don't have time to even go to gurdwara for ardas and matha tek (god forgive me) , I tend to do ardas in the direction of nearest gurdwara from my bedroom itself and do matha tek in that direction . Is this valid belief in sikhism ?
  20. NOTE: This post is a work in progress Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Often times I hear Non-Sikhs bring up common arguments against Sikhi, and as someone who likes to create a lot online resource hubs for Sikhs, I am taking it upon myself to create a list of Q/A's. I recently got a series of arguments (posing as questions) from an anonymous user on the Sikh Reddit who was allegedly Ex-Sikh. He frequently made references to Islam, and also claimed that he had done a lot of research on his "questions", yet the questions themselves seem as if they are taken from wikipedia or some anti-sikh site. Here are some of the arguments I would like to debunk: Q: If Sikhi is against the Caste System, then why are their Caste based Gurdwara's? A: Anyone can just create a "Gurdwara" and install their own beliefs into it, that doesn't make it valid. The key part here is that this cannot be supported by the actual theology of Sikhi, and all the main Gurdwara's still allow people of lower-caste to enter. All of these so called "caste Gurdwara's" are also not backed by the Akal Takth, and are not recognized by the Khalsa Panth. Q: Why were the Gurus themselves all from the Khatri caste and married within their own caste despite preaching against such barriers? A: The very premise of this question is incorrect, Guru isnt from the Khatri caste becuase the concept of caste itself is invalid. There is no evidence to suggest that caste was involved in the marrage decision, and neither was any proposal rejected due to caste. Furthermore, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji itself contains writings from people of different "castes" and backgrounds. When the Guru created the Khalsa Panth, the Panj Pyare were from different occupations, locations, and families, the entire concept of the Khalsa itself destroys the caste system. If the Guru was secretly supporting the caste sustem, he would have not created the Khalsa and passed on the Guruship. Gurbani itself is the Guru, and its anti-caste message is very clear, but it's some food for thought. Q: How about the succession of the Gurus? How do we go from the 4 first being chosen by merit and from different lineage, then suddenly it turns into a system of monarchy resulting in the succession of Guru Harkrishan Ji at such a young age who also passed away at a young age. A: "Nepotism" is defined as: The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. A lot of people like to accuse the Guru of being Nepotistic, and use it to bring down Sikhi by stating the successors of the Guru were not truly worthy of the title. The next Guru was never chosen on the basis of nepotism, and was always chosen based on Merit, the Guru tested each of his followers to see if they were worthy of the title of Guru. We are all just vessels filled with the same light, "family" is an illusion, we are all One. Although some of the Gurus did pass the Guruship on to their human sons, many did not, and even if they did, it was becuase their sons just happened to pass the test.If Sikhi allowed Nepotism, then why didnt Guru Nanak Dev Ji or many of the other Guru's pass it on to their children? Guru Nanak could have easily made Sri chand or Lakhmi Das the next Guru, the same applies with Guru Gobind Singh ji who did not have to let any of his sons sacrifice themselves for Sikhi, and could have asked them to not give Shaheedi. The fact that Guru Gobind Singh Ji established the Khalsa in 1699 before the death of all his human offsprings shows that he was going to stop the line of Human Guru's anyways. The ultimate argument against nepotism in Sikhi is the fact that the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji & the Khalsa Panth were made the eternal Guru. Hypothetically, even if the Guruship was passed down based solely on Nepotism, I would have no problem with it becuase it is the Guru's decision and looking back at history and how each Guru lives his life, I can say the Guru made the perfect decision. As for Guru Harkrishan Ji, the reason the Guru chose the vessel of a young boy was to show that spirituality isnt affected by age, and even a child can attain liberation. The reason Guru Harkrishan Ji physically passed away at such a young age was to exemplify shaheedi, it makes no sense for the Guru to go around curing other people of small pox, yet die from it himself. Q: why has Sikhi remained confined for the most part to the Punjabi population? A: Sikhs dont go out and actively convert people like people of Abrahamic theologies do, the Sikh community is also generally very young compared to others. This issue is already starting to change, there are already hubs of non-punjabi Sikhs thriving in places like America, Indonisia, UK, Canada, etc, and we just need time. Q: Why did/are some Sikhs converting to other religions, if Sikhi is supreme, then why would people leave it? A: The message itself is supreme, but the people themselves are not. The argument of people leaving/joining a certain religion can be made for any group. The larger abrehamic religions are the ones that generally have a higher turnover rate compared to easter Dharams. Q: why hasn’t history seen Gurus with a similar message in the West or other corners of the world? A: There are other people with similar messages, there's even some new relgion in the west called "Eckankar" which is very similar to Sikhi on certain aspects. Gurbani also contains Bani from a lot of people who lived before the physical arrival of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who's Bani is inline with Gurmat. Q: Why is Gurbani repetitive? A: I dont know if your reading the english translation or something, but in Gurmukhi the way certain words are used has a different meaning depending on the context. Furthermore, Gurbani is also multilayered, and speaks to the mind during its different states. As for repetitiveness in message, it's important becuase Humans learn from repetition, when you were a child, your parents had to constantly call you by your name so you remember it, etc. Gurbani is not like the abrehamic texts, it is not divided by chapters, but rather by Music. Gurbani does not have dedicated sections for certain topics, becuase as a Sikh our job is not to pick and choose what we want to learn, the Guru teaches us what we need, and the format Gurbani is written in ensures its multi layered and speaks to different people at different stages in their spiritual journey. The fact that there are other Bhagats whose Bani is inline with the Guru, reinforces the Oneness of the message of Sikhi. Q: Why did the Gurus have multiple wives? At least with Islam there is a specific guidelines prescribed, a lot of Sikhs like to argue based on emotion rather than historical evidence. A: The narrative that the Gurus were polygamists is highly contestable on the basis of historical analysis, not emotion. "The story of Guru Har Rai having married seven wives, who were all sisters, is found only in one MS of Suraj Prakash and is written on unpaged leaves which are clearly an interpolation. Unfortunately this copy became the basis of the editions nowadays in vogue. Other copies mention only one marriage. Mahima Prakash, which is much older than this book, also mentions only one wife. See on this point the annotation of Bhai Vir Singh on Suraj Prakash" -Dr. Ganda Singh, Baba Teja Singh; 'A Short History of the Sikhs,' vol. i, pg. 48. Here is a good post discussing this issue As for Islam, providing specific guidelines, I hope you realize that it also provides guidelines to beat ones wife, among many other things... Q: Why so much debate over a simple matter of canon scriptures (the Dasam Granth which oddly enough contains 2 of the prayers forming the Nitnem) A: There isnt "so much" debate over this. the Anti-Dasam granth crowd is a vocal minority, and the Dasam Granth is accepted by the Khalsa Panth as a whole, and even backed by the Akal Takth. Furthermore, the Debate that does happen isnt about the nitnem banis from Dasam Granth (Jaap Sahib, Tav Prasad Savaiye, Chaupai Sahib). Overall, Sikhs have still preserved their scriptures far better than many others, and the Quran itself was never even written down by Muhammad, Jesus never wrote the Bible, etc... Q: Why is there such a controversy over vegetarianism vs meat eating? Why didnt the Guru lay our a clear guideline? A: This wasn't really an issue before the start of the modern day meat industry, but we as a community have turned it into an issue. Sikhs historically ate meat, this is a fact, the reason there is a big vegetarian movement in the Sikh community is mainly due to the modern day meat industry and the idea that Sikhs dont really need meat anymore becuase they have so many more alternatives. As for the actual theology regarding this issue, its already clearly laid out by the Guru: Sikhs are to refrain from Halal Meat, if a Sikhs is to hunt or eat meat, then they must follow the Jhatka Maryada set up by the Guru. More information and sources can be found at jhatkamaryada.com Q: Why are Sikhs encouraged to be critical thinkers, yet told not to ask questions? A: People are getting two concepts confused: its ok to question the Guru similar to how a student questions a teacher, however its discouraged to question for the sake of trying to create an arguement or disruption. Final Thoughts A deep underlying issue that motivates a lot of these arguments is the idea that if Sikhi is true, then why would it not also temporally reign supreme, and why would "bad things" happen to Sikhs if they are morally correct? The answer to this is the simply: Hukam, and the fact that "good" and "bad" dont really exist. However, the issue here is that others will see this as a cop out. I am interested in developing a more indepth response to this strain of thought. Any recommendations? Feedback If you have any suggestions, please let me know any way you can, you can also email me at TheTurbanatore@gmail.com or contact me via Reddit at reddit.com/u/TheTurbanatore
  21. Just watched this , done very well but points everything out that's wrong in our gurdwara
  22. Why are white Sikhs opening their own Gurdwara?
  23. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I live in London and have done my whole life and don't know anything the Manchester area. I'm going to be in Sale, Manchester soon and I wanted to know if there are any Gurdwaras in that area or just any Gurdwaras in Central Manchester Ji. Thank you Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  24. Guest

    original Karah Prashad

    Hi, this is not to rake up any controversy, just out of general interest. I was wondering about the original recipe of Karah Prashad. To my knowledge, the western Gurdwaras today use: wheat, butter, brown sugar. these are convenient, though processed foods. They are also modern variants. So what were the ingredients used in Guru ji's times? For example, it must have been whole wheat. And ghee I presume? And Gurr (indian red sugar)? Also, I presume it was cooked in an iron pot? Can any history buffs help with this?
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