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Found 2 results

  1. This is going to sound bitter and most likely damning and I really do not want your sympathy and nor am I a pessimist. But, the disunity of Sikhs will probably be the end of Sikhi. I have a friend who is poor and not a resident of the country which we live in. So what do people of the local Sikh community do? They decide that just because the family does not have residence: 1.) They should be kicked out of work. 2.) Kicked out of the Gurudwara. 3.) Rumours and slander should be spread about them. 4.) Make their lives as hard as possible. I have even seen amritdharis doing this!!!!!!!!!! Whilst in other communities, from my experience, its the other way around. On one hand for whatever damn reason, the Guru is not listening to this family's prayers. In India they don't even have a house or any family they go back they die. And it looks like they will go back and on the other hand the mother******* <banned word filter activated> community is dead-set against them. When these individuals leave the panth, we hanker on about "you have to be strong to be a Sikh" or try bringing them back but do we ever blame the right people? So one way or another crying over Khalistan, Rajoana and panthic matters will not help us. It will probably destroy us. When Sikhs are betraying Sikhs why do we prefer different treatments from others? Now it seems that just because the Guru for whatever reason does not listen to ardassa, local Sikhs think they have the right to kick people out of gurughars. If this family go to the gurudwara people give them the "look." Personally speaking after seeing such disgusting behaviour I have left the Gurudwara. Whats the point of going when no one focuses on the Guru but poverty stricken unfortunates. Afterwards committees get in fights "oh u made them leave," "u did" old idiots have their beards ripped out, women abuse and swords are drawn, ears are hacked off. Sheer drama from the very people who think they are kings of the world.The family itself has left the gurughar and their faith in the Guru is just about gone, 90% is gone and only 10% remains and even that is decreasing day by day. This sheer stupidness of our community is going to make us become only a memory in textbooks.
  2. I recently did this documentary (15 min.)with my local Gurudwara Bhai on the Kirpan. Bhai Saab is going back after next week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to burn the film to disc and sent myself an email of it to upload it on Youtube. The problem is that the media player says "format not supported." Whenever I try playing it on my laptop and youtube also says a similar thing. How do I change the format for free?
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