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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    I want to cut my hair

    I have worn a turban alll my life and have hated most of it. I find as though it gets in the way of my every day life such when playing sports it tends to fall off my head and if I do have it tight on my head I tend to feel dizzy and in unable to play team sports properly such as rugby and football which makes my teammates very pissed with me and has also led my to failing to get onto the school team. I live in community in which I have people pointing and staring at me ,and calling me names like "rag head" or sly comments like "I have your head gets better" or even when I wear my patka people on the street call me "pirate". I am suffering from depression and social anxiety in which has lead me to having no friends. I am often extremely angry with my life and often think 'why me' , why have I been made to wear a turban against my own free will, isn't it violating my human rights that I have to wear thus thing on my head to please my dads wishes and not be my self. I'm currently 15 years old and don't beleive in religon at all (I personally think that its all garbage). for these reasons I want to cut my hair I personally know that I will fit into society better with my hair cut. but don't post anything about the gurus and sikhism in response to this post because i allready know anout it all. do you really think that god woild be pissed off about me cutting my hair, do you really think that god would care about such a petty thing. the main reason why I am posting this is because I don't know how I would ask my dad for permission to cut my hair and my mum is the only sane person in my family because she is the one that will let me do it I've asked her and she said yes but I need to ask my dad if its ok for me to do so.
  2. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!! Guruji said that rehat maryada is important. But tell me is the rehat maryada followed in true manner. Sikh girls::About more than 90% sikh girls these day go far hair styling,waxing,bleaching or other forms of hair styling and modification.....sikh parents also support this,it doesnt matter much as they need to cope with the society as they say. As we always insist on boys for keeping sikhi saroop,,is this not apply to girls....many girls wants to marry clean shaven sikhs and they do .. Those with sikhi saroop & some amritdhari sikhs::I also don't understand the concept of "Thatha & fixor" it almost costs Sikhs 2 hrs a day on an average. Now isn't it tampering with the natural form. The Urban sikhs follow it who pretend to be "true sikh" wearing thatha fixor & then going to pub shub, mad behind cars , money & sex . "is this what is preached in Sikhism" Now what is prime important ???
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