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Found 173 results

  1. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ I'm really confused about Harnam Dhumma. Is he Jathedar? At first he's been meeting with the anti Sikh Akali Dal and now he has sent a letter (along singh Nihang Jathedars) to Akal Takt to kick Clown Nidar (RSS guy in the UK pretending to be a Nihang Singh) out the Panth! Hypocrisy. His chele have reasntly atacked Nihang Singh Fauja at Mehta Chownk! Please help me.
  2. Guest

    Which Shabad to do

    Sadh Sangat Jio please can you tell me which Shabad I should do to ensure Waheguru Ji keeps my children safe and well. I am always worrying about them dying, coming in any sort of harm etc. Please help. Desperate mum.
  3. mahandulai

    Sikhs in Shanghai?

    Any gurdwara there? Heard that all religions are banned there or something?! Going there in summer for few months
  4. Guest

    HELP With BOOK

    WGJDK WGJDF Khalsa ji, i will be writing a book which has my views , question and answers , details ,resources and activity about sikhi .So, i request you to give me some questions about sikhi which i can answer in the book (you can also give answers ),topics i should give my views on in the book(you can give ur views too) ( i dont want people to fight because of different opinions so please dont do that )( even controversial topics) ,resources , activities,saakhis ,sikh stories (any good story with sikhs in it)that i can write about in my book . I wont write your names in the book though (not even usernames) ( privacy 100 %).Please help your brother in this mission. Also you can give me suggestions for the title of the book.if you have any doubts you can post below and ask me i will surely reply.I will see your suggestions and select from them . I hopee you will like this thanks, love, bhul chuk maaf peace Regards Daas Guest Singh WGJDK WGJDF KHUSIAAN DE JAIKARE GAJAVE NIHAAL HO JAAAVE, NIHAAL HO JAVE ,NIHAAL HO JAVE ,NIHAAL HO JAAVE ,BAIRI NU BHAJNA PAVE , KALGIDHAR SWAMI SAHIB SRII GURU GOBIND SINGH JI DE MAAN NU BHAAVE ,SHAHIDAAN SINGHAAN SINGHNIAAN DE MAN NU BHAAVE NANAK GURU GOBIND SINGH DE MANAN NU BHAAVE NIHAAL HO JAAAAAAAAVE SAT SRII AKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL
  5. Guest


    At school all my friends have turned their back on me and no one listens to anything I say. I've always been nice to my friends but they just bully me and say I'm too weird to be their friend. Why is Waheguru doing this to me! I do paath and always help others. But now my life is so miserable! I'm a girl in grade 9. Everyday I cry and all I ever hear are rumors about me! No one listens to me and my mom thinks I'm lying! Is Waheguru listening to me? Is there any shabad or paath to help me? I feel so alone and miserable. I have restless nights because I'm scared to wake up and face another terrible day. Sometimes I wish I could just die in my sleep! I cry myself to sleep every night. Even when I do paath it's like Waheguru isn't listening. Please help me, what should I do? I have posted the same thing to another sikhi forum, I would really just like some advice. Thank you so much. Wjkk Wjkf
  6. jathasingh1978

    benti from a young brother

    vaheguru jee ka vaheguru jee kee fateh iam singh in uk and i'm in my late teens i am amritdhari and i face a huge pornography addiction iknw its wrong but i really need help iam scared of telling anyone cuzz i know ill be judged. its an addiction its not even jus hindering my sikhi but its ls also making me fail my a levels. cuzz of the pornography addiction i cant complete my assignments and iam failing and my parents just think iam lazy thats why iam failing as humble brother i need in the dark age of kalyug can anyone help me please i would reallly appreciate vahegurooo jee kak khalsa vaehguroo jee kee fateh
  7. Guest

    Im scared of the dark

    Ever since i was little I've always been scared of the dark and i still have to sleep with the light on cuz its scary and what if a monster or ghost is going to get me so i have to keep a look out for them. What do i do?
  8. Guest

    Amritdhari eyebrows

    I am amritdhari, my eyebrows are pretty bushy and a monobrow too, sometimes I want to just trim them but I refrain myself. Are there any way I can make them naturally look better?
  9. Is this place an actually Sangat or is it just a forum, do we have dedicated educated spiritual Sikhs on here or all like me are manmukh
  10. Guest

    Please help!

    Please could you help with this gofundme campaign or please share the link in your network! https://www.gofundme.com/young-kids-left-without-father&rcid=r01-153988041811-61b9ae1a11784ca0&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w
  11. Wjkk wjkf, i am 12 yrs old and I want to take Amrit but my parents won't let me. 1. They say u r too young. 2. You might cut your hair when u grow up. 3. People don't hire amritdharis. 4. When will u get if u take Amrit. 5. You don't need to take Amrit to be a true Sikh. (I know this but I said u r not a complete Sikh) 6. God doesn't give anything to amritdharis These r some of the issues I am facing please help very depressed
  12. I'm finding it hard to type but I am forcing myself. I'm thinking this is a dumb idea but I know how important sangat is now,especially because I have no friends. I hope you don't find this post boring. I am sorry ahead of time if you do. I suffer from anxiety. I can't tell you what type it is. Everyday is mental and emotional torture. It feels as if someone is taking my brain and heart and twisting it like a wet cloth. I also feel the need to be accepted and validated by others. I also have a very, very low self esteem. I'm a 30 something loner who goes to work and comes home to his wife and child. I don't have a social life. I'm sometimes socially awkward and have a hard time making friends. I find it difficult to trust people. I have memories of being sexually molested by my father when I was young. I told my family and there has been a bad communication break down. I believe based on the responses they do not believe me. A lot of the issues I face today come from that experience I sincerely believe. I used to think my identity and happiness would come from my career and I set out to do what I always enjoyed. While I started it I am happy to do it but I am overall the same mess. I started to read the SGSS in English. My Punjabi is weak and Gurmukhi non existent but I am finding the English translation helpful. I wish I could remember more of it after reading. I try to listen to simran in the car on those long drives. I guess I'm posting to be involved and have more sangat. I am being selfish here. But I am a nice guy. I'm a little boy trapped inside a man's body. Just trying to find his way. I'm a little lost. I need someone to take my hand. Sometimes that's how I feel. I'm embarrassed to say that because I am a father and husband. I look at others and feel bad about myself. I think I should have things figured out but I don't. I'm just a lost boy.
  13. RajKaregaKhalsa1


    Even though I thought that doubt was about to leave and I was walking towards Guru Sahib, an hour ago I read a comment saying that is not true and it is a dumb concept made to fool us Please really need help. Last post was on the same topic but need more replies. Have any of you gone through this doubt? What is God? How do we meet God? And does the soul live after death?
  14. Guest


    Hello, I am 21, since i was 15 my life has gone downhill. I am not a baptised Sikh. I have a rare skin disease which has left my back and other parts of my body heavily scarred and difficult to even look at. I broke my leg months before my GCSE exams and was bed ridden for months, even now my knee is not completely fine. I have OCD (not the fake ocd like you see in social media) where I have horrible intrusive thoughts 24/7 and I find it difficult to even do prayers. I have done prayers for the past year every day in the morning. I used to recite chaupai sahib but now can only listen as my intrusive thoughts say bad things about the Guru and Waheguru so I'm too ashamed to recite it, I also try to say thanks and ask for help from the Guru and Waheguru and I do Naam Simran and Mool Mantar. Things just keep getting worse. My 'manhood' is also below average. Due to all of these things adding up I've put on a lot of weight as I can't motivate myself to do anything and I feel so cursed. I cry most days and constantly think of suicide. I have tried asking for help on other forums but they all think I am a troll which just pushes me closer to ending it all. I will never be able to enjoy my life and do things a normal man would. things keep getting worse for me. I have been to Gurdwara's in India and have asked for help from the Guru and Sikh Saints. Nothing is helping. If anyone can explain why this is happening and the best way to rid myself of most of this I would be greatful. I know to be a Sikh you must accept Waheguru's decisions but I find it difficult as my life is falling apart. Please someone help. WJKK WJKF
  15. Guest

    Regarding the ardaas

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i just want to spill my heart out that today after our kirtan smagam at an university i was randomly asked by someone to do ardas afterwards I answered with a yes. But when i satrted doing ardas after kirtan i was blank i forget the ardas I don’t know how and completed it all on a very bad note. It was very humiliating for me that I can’t even do an ardas being an amritdhari sikh i should have done it smoothly but I can’t and moreover as i do ardas for karah prasad no one was there i waited and again repeat it but no one came which turns the things into more blunder. Everyone was laughing at me afterwards, some were disappointed, some were angry, everyone was pointing at me. So all this leads to shake my self confidence, my inner peace. I can’t even have courage to go to the kirtan smagam and do kirtan next week as every Tuesday it was held. I dont know what to do i just want to share this all with sonebody so i just posted.
  16. Guest

    Porn addiction

    WJKK WJKF, I used to suffer from porn and masturbation problem, just wondering if this requires pesh and what'll have to say to panj pyare etc.?
  17. Dear All ive had a tough life- never been married, rejected so many times that I believe I am not good enough to love or be loved. Have had a good career but so many ups and downs that I am tired fighting 1. can I do something to get a stable life? 2. Why does this keep happening to me? I know its Gurus parshad but it pains and i
  18. Guest

    Please translate

    Wjkk, Wjkf sangat ji, My siblings and I sat our parents down for a serious conversation about their health. They’re getting older & they need to be eating healthier. My dad said that his body isn’t healthy if his food has ਬੈਅ. My question is.. ** WHAT IS ਬੈਅ? Pronunciation: B with short A sound [ back without the ck ] It would be great if someone could let me know what this translates to in English, please. That way, we can do better when we prepare our parents meal plans. As of right now, my parents & other uncles/aunties have given vague explanations of the word ਬੈਅ. (I’m told Fauja Singh said he doesn’t eat things with ਬੈਅ) Thank you, Wjjk, Wjkf
  19. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Basics of Sikhi urgently needs help, it only has enough money to last 3-4 months! Basics of Sikhi has helped spearhead Parchaar of Sikhi online. The parent organization “Everythings 13” has multiple projects which include not only Parchaar, but also training the first generation of western Parchaariks, creating content for the children of the Panth, countering anti Sikh propaganda in the media, and spreading the message of Sikhi to the world. Organizations such as Basics of Sikhi are currently playing an important role in the survival of the Sikh Dharam. Basics of Sikhi is more important than any single Gurdwara, because without organizations such BoS, there won’t be anyone to use all these big and fancy Girdwara’s that we like to throw money at. It’s time to invest in the community, which will only generate more returns in the future! Basics of Sikhi had a very major role in my, and many other Sikhs lives. I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for that famous Jagraj vs Dhawa Man video, that I would have never be inspired to become a Sikh, and would just be some Punjabi Boi who plays video games on YouTube. I personally know a lot of Sikhs and families who had their entire lives changed by BoS. I am not getting paid to say this message, I’m just an average Sikh who is trying to do my part. It is my request that you all donate to Basics of Sikhi. If you don’t have the money, then try to donate your time, but in both cases, please share this message EVERYWHERE!
  20. Guest

    Nihung Bana help

    Well I just got some nihung banas made from India but the problem is that from where the buttons end (waist level) the bana is open around the legs i.e 2 pieces which overlap and one end keep flapping about (since there are no buttons) and if doing gatka it exposes the kachera from the front due to this fact. Are their any nihung banas which don't have the central split from groin area below as i would like to get some but need some help.
  21. WJKK WJKF ji, I'm an international student in US who used to be a really good student in Science. I came here to study strong fields of Computer Science which required to sell all property we had in India and also take debt. My parents only saw my dreams and sold all the property. After coming in the US, (I got into a few prestigious universities like UWaterloo) but chose an affordable one. The university is really for-money only and no education was found. I felt like cheated but couldn't do anything. I had no idea which University I should transfer to. I felt confused. I accepted it as Maharaj's Bhaana and attended this college. It's going to be almost an year. Really bad things happened with me I asked so many professors that I'm doing a research in making a device for blind people and various other interests I shared. All of them heavily discouraged me all the time. In classes, I was pointed out all the time. The professors wanted me to praise them for some reason, I felt like. All my internal peace and confident got murdered. This semester, I went through a financial hardships. I am only eating once in 2 days since the last 3 months. I've been trying really really hard to stay alright. But the professors killed all my confidence and self esteem. I have exams coming up and I'm so low I couldn't even study. Everything is failing. I have no idea what to do. I got a job but the Starbucks manager asked me to cut my beard which is hard although I used to trim it before. Everytime I try, the financial issue always comes up. I felt like I couldn't tie turban. I'm so poor after paying thousands of dollars in international & out-of-state tuition. I really wanted to ask my veer and bhenjis to please suggest me something. I'm really going through tough time. I've been in a situation where a large part of my funding is taken while returned nothing in education. I've been murdered internally. Please help.
  22. Guest


    I am a sikh girl who started to keep her head covered a few years back but now ive really begun to hate it as i cant do anything/wear anything etc. I still love god but my family is against me uncovering my head. Please help because this has become a burden which is making me depressed. Im so sorry
  23. Guest

    Which Shabad is this?

    WJKK WJKF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuY6LCTSG1s In the video after the very short Satnam Waheguru Jaap, they sing a little shabad before Aarta. It has the word 'Maharaj' in there. If you know which shabad it is, please tell me so I can include it when I do Aarta too as it is a beautiful shabad especially with the melody they are singing it in. WJKK WJKF
  24. Guest

    Kaam help

    So I'm at 17 year old male amritdhar, so I've abstained from porn and masutrbation for about 4 months but lately my old habits of masutrbation and watching porn are coming back and i feel so devestated after watching porn and masutrbating, I know it's wrong but sometime I can't seem to controll, I do japji sahib path and ardass after each time I do masturbate and watch porn. How can I stop myself from feeling devestated and stop myself from this bad habit?
  25. Is there any gurdwara for couples having problems in their marriage? Eg go there to do seva or ardas to help the relationship I know of gurdwara in India where u go do ardaas for finding partner or having baby but wat about this

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