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  1. I. POLITICIANS The following is the list of those alleged to have instigated violence and/or protected alleged criminals. 1. Mr. H.K.L. Bhagat, Minister of state (Information and Broadcasting). On November 5, reported to have intervened to get miscreants released who were held in Shahdara Thana. 2. Babu Ram Sharma, Member, Municipal Corporation (Ward No. 58) reported to be the right-hand man of H. K. L. Bhagat. Reportedly responsible for loot, arson and murder in trance-Yamuna areas-Babarpur, Chajupur Colony, Maujpur, Gonda. Allegedly led people on motor cycle with megaphone. 3. Sajjan Kumar, Cong. (I) M.P. from Mangolpuri. Reported to have paid Rs. 100 and a bottle of liquor to each person involved in the killing. 4. Lalit Makan, Cong. (I) Trade Union Leader and Metropolitan Councillor. Reportedly paid to mob Rs. 100 each plus a bottle of liquor. A white ambassador car reportedly belonging to him came 4 times to the G.T. Road area near Azadpur. Instructions to mobs indulging in arson were given from inside the car. 5. Dharam Das Shastri, Cong. (I) M. P. from Karol Bagh. Reported to becarrying voters list with him at Prakash Nagar for identification of Sikhs. On November 5, according to newspaper reports, he along with other Congress-I leaders tried to pressurize the SHO of Karol Bagh Police Station to release the persons who arrested during the police raids to recover looted property. 6. Jagdish Tytler, Cong.(I) M. P. from Sadar Constitutency. On 6th November 5 p.m. he barged into a press conference that the Police Commissioner S. C. Tandon was holding. A journalist reports that he told the Police Commissioner that "by holding my men you are hampering the relief work". 7. Mahendra, Metropolitan Councillor. Reported to have accompanied Dharam Das Shastri with voters lists at Prakash Nagar. 8. Mangat Ram Singal, Member of Municipal Corporation (Ward No. 32) was reportedly with Dharam Das Shastri and Mahendra at Prakash Nagar. 9. Dr. Ashok Kumar, Member of Municipal Corporation, Kalyanpuri. Reportedly held a meeting in Kalyanpuri, following which violence broke out immediately. According to many eye witnesses he led mobs which indulged in loot, murder, arson and rape. 10. Sukhan Lal Sood, Metropolitan Councillor. According to eye witnesses was seen leading mobs, which indulged in loot, murder, arson and rape. He had come with petrol and serial lists and addressess of Sikhs in the locality. The women refugees, recognized him and drove him out. 11. Jagdish Chander Tokas, Member of Municipal Corporation Munirka (Ward No. 14) reportedly led a mob to R.K. Puram Sector IV and V. 12. Ishwar Singh, Member, Municipal Corporation, Mangolpuri (Ward No. 37). Allegedly led the mobs that indulged in looting, burning, rape and murder in Mangolpuri area. 13. Balwant Khokhar, Youth Congress-I Leader, Delhi, Identified as one of the persons responsible for instigating looting and arson in Palam Colony area. 14. Faiz Mohammad, Youth Congress-I Leader, Delhi, named by refugees in Shakurpur camp and in Mangolpuri for being a part of the mob indulging in looting, arson and murder. 15. Ratan, Youth Congress-I Leader, Delhi, named as having taken part in violence and looting in Palam Colony area. 16. Satbir Singh, Youth Congress-I. He allegedly brought bus loads of people from Ber Sarai to Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School (Munirka). They burnt school buses and parts of the school building. He was reportedly involved in looting and beating of Sikhs which carried on throughout the night on November 1. II. POLICE The following is the list of police officials allegedly responsible for negligence of duty and more abetment of /participation in violence : . 1.Malhotra, ACP, East Districts at Shakarpur (under Shakarpur P. S.) Reported to have invited mobs. Heard to say "You should have blown up the Gurudwaras in addition to killing Bhatia (Congress-I worker, Trilochan Singh Bhatia ) of M. Block, Shakarpur. Mob was accompanied by Malhotra, who moved with one jeep, station-wagon, two men with sten-guns and revolvers, petrol-cans and stones. He supplied weapons to the mob, according to eve-witness accounts. Reportedly incited mobs at Laxmi Nagar, Gurunangal Nagar (under Shahdara P. S. ) 2. Jai Singh, S.H.O., Allegedly told mobs in troubled area that they could do what they wanted for three days. 3. Rao Ram Mehar, S.H.O. at Shakarpur reportedly pointed out Shik shops and houses to the mob. 4. Hari Ram Bhatti, S.H.O. Sultanpuri P. S. reported to have helped the mob by disarming the Sikhs. On November 1 and 2 it is alleged that he himself killed them. On 3 and 4 reported to have had the Sikhs shaven at gun point. 5. Ravtas Singh, S.H.O. Sadar Thana. Reportedly broke into houses and indulged in arson. 6. Survir Singh, S.H.O. Kalyanpuri, P. S. He reported reached Trilokpuri (under Kalyanpuri P. S.) at 2.30 p.m. On November 1, when plunder and killing were going on. He immediately removed head constable and another constable from the spot, thereby giving the mob full licence to indulge in arson, rape and killing. 7. R. D. Singh, S.I. Information from refugees at Durgapuri Gurudwara, Loni Road that he abetted mobs and personally beat up and killed people. 8. S.H.O. and Constables. R. K. Puram Sector IV P. S. According to eye witness account when appealed to by two residents of Ber Sarai to project a Sikh family being attacked by a mob in Sector IV they categorically refused. Furhter, they are reported to have declared that Sikhs should be killed. The following are the names of other police officials reported to have abetted / participated in violence in the mentioned areas : 9. Tyagi, S.H.O. in Trilokpuri. 10. Rana, Inspector-in-Trilokpuri. 11. Moolchand, S. I. In Shakarpur. 12. Bakshi, A.S.I. in Trilokpuri. 13. Rajvir Singh, Head Constable, Kalyanpuri, P. S. in Trilokpuri. III OTHERS INVOLVED The following is the list of persons allegedly involved in looting, arson and other criminal activities: TRILOKPURI: BLOCK -5 1. Papita, one of the ring leaders allegdly involved in murder. BLOCK-12 : 2. Brahmani (Misrani) Shastri. BLOCK-14 : 3. Baleshwar Bhargi alias Bhalu. 4. Bal Kishan BLOCK-21 : 5. Bihari Dhobi. BLOCK-25 6. B. D. Sharma. BLOCK-27 : 7. Israi Ali (alias Chunnu). 8. Salim, Well known goonda, allegedly involved in murder. 9. Massa, opium dealer. BLOCK-28 : 10. Dr. Yahya Siddiqi, Clinic at Main Road, Block -27, reportedly led the mob.\ 11. Manu Singh, shop-keeper. 12. Soni, Railway Worker. 13. Mukesh, reportedly involved in loot and murder. BLOCK-29 : 14. Mukri Master, Tailor, allegedly involved in murder. BLOCK-30 : 15. Om Prakash (Omi), Mason, allegedly involved in murder. 16. Ved Prakash (Brother if Om Prakash), Handpump Mistri, allegedly involved in murder and rape. 17. Nur Jahan, reported to have incited Muslims by spreading the rumours that mosques have been burnt by Sikhs. 18. Keramat, Dealer in Cement. 19. Shabnam, TV shop owner. 20. Damesh 21. Punju . 22. Salim allegedly involved in murder. 23.Abbas Son-in-law (see Abbas in Block 32). 24. Mukri, Video shop owner. 25. Hasin. BLOCK-31 : 26. Kamaruddin, Atta-Chakki shop owner, and Furniture dealer. 27. Niyamat Ali. 28. Ninav, Tea shop owner. 29. Dr. V. P. Singh. 30. Duli Chand, Local Leader. BLOCK-32: 31. Rampal Saroj, Pradhan and Congress -I worker. Allegedly responsible for killing of Gopal Singh, Ranjha Singh, Mekal Singh. Other charges against him are instigation, rape and burning. 32. Kishori lal and his four brothers, Shrawan, Sbrlya, Chhote, Kamal, own a Meat shop. Allegedly responsible for killing of HuRum Singh, Tirath, Sajjan Singh, Soma Singh, Tara Singh. 33. Jagga Sansi and wife Draupadi, allegedly responsible for burning, murder and rape. 34. Khadak Singh Pradhan. 35. Gaffar Khan, Businessman dealing in Cement. 36. Babu Khan, owns a dairy. 37. Manu Sansi 38. Aasim. 39. Somnath, allegedly responsible for killing of several persons including Hoshiar Singh S/o Milap Singh and 3 young men whom he locked in the house and killed later with other people. 40. Ajit. 41. Kadir. 42. Monga. 43. Sati. 44. Tello Sansi (Draupadi's sister) 45. Ruplal, allegedly responsible for killing of Labh Singh, r/o 32/121. 46. Omi Chamar, Shoemaker. 47. Morari, owns grocery shop in Block-31. 48. Pahelwan (Brother of Rashid). 49. Bachchan. 50. Aziz. 51. Ansar. 52. Kallo Khan, Dhaba owner. 53. Abbas, owns cloth and chappal shop in Block-27. 54. Dr. Lambo. 55. Bhallo, Sells liquors. 56. Kayamat Ali. 57. Raju (Bhangi), Sweeper. 58. Jaggi. 59. Bhaya. 60. Murli Khan. 61. Sher Khan. 62. Raja Ram, Rickshaw Driver. 63. Bethis Ramesh. 64. Bedhu Ram, allegedly responsible for killing in 32/99 and 32/97. BLOCK -33: 65. Pappu, allegedly responsible for murder. 66. Bhum, local goonda. 67. Gyano, student. 68. Mohammad, Cycle shop owner. 69. Birju. 70. Zakir. 71. Kamal Singh, Rickshaw owner. 72. Munshi. 73. Rashid, Cycle Rickshaw repair shop in Block-32, allegedly involved in murder. BLOCK- 34: 74. Mahendru. 75. Ratan (brother of Mahendru). 76. Behem Sharma. 77. Mahendra Pal. 78. Sher Singh, Shop keeper. BLOCK- 35: 79. Jeevan. BLOCK- 36: 80. B. B. Pandoy. OTHER BLOCKS: 81. D. R. Lakhani, Youth Congress-I. 82. Abdulla. 83. Two sons of Sitaram, Milkman. 84. A.Mulla, lives near Mosque in Trilokpuri, teaches children in Mosque. Allegedly incited Muslims to go to burn two Gurudwaras of the locality. 85. Lakhan. 86. Rohtas, Land owner and Goala. 87. Rishi, Land owner and Goala. 88. Kripal, Land owner and Goala. 89. Brahrn (Tea shop owner in Trilokpuri). 90. Chabban & Munim, Cloth and Tailoring Shop near Mosque. Allegedly responsible for the death of Duleep Singh. 91. Babu Sharma. SULTANPURI: BLOCK- A- 4: 92. A. Bagri, Pradhan. 93. Brahmanand Gupta, Pradhan. 94. Nathu Pradhan, Sweeper. 95. Udal Jat. 96. Owner of Hanuman Ration shop. 97. Gayanand, Shop owner. 98. Ganpat, Shop owner. 99. Piria (Gujrati). 100. Gurbat Brothers. 101. Islam. 102. Rao. 103. Changa, Doctor. 104. Omi, auto-rickshaw driver. 105. Garib Das. 106. Vermanand, Kerosene seller. BLOCK A-5: 107. Hasla Ram. 108. Mangla. 109. Satbir. 110. Salam. BLOCK B-1: 111. Pal Brahman. 112. Samthu. 113. Khismvia. 114. Kumar. BLOCK- 3: 115. Gopal & Brothers 116. Babbar & Father 117. Tiwari 118. Raghubir,Sweeper 119.Pratap,Sweeper 120. Wajiz BLOCK- C- 4: 121. Barjilal & Sons. 122. Kalaram and 2 sons 123. Prem Singh alias Prem Muchiwal, Property dealer 124.Jai Kishan, Sweeper 125.Danny 126. Pappu 127. Raju 128. Ravikaran, Tailor 129. Kannaram. 130. Mohan Lal s/o Thekeda Komal BLOCK P-3: 131. Tara Chand, Carpenter. 132. Master, Kerosene seller 133. Radhe Shyam, Mechanie 134. Babu Lal, Vegetable seller 135. The brother of Sikandar 136. Gulab Singh, owner of Godown MONGOLPURl: 137. Hardwari Lal, Mandal President 138. Narendar Singh, Congress-I Worker 139. Salim Qureshi, Congress-I worker, belongs to Waqf Club 140. Shawkeen, Congress- I Worker, belong to Waqf Club 141. Malaram, Congress- I worker 142. Rajendar of New Star Club 143. Shiv Charan MAUJPUR: GONDA: 144. Bhisno Joginder, Kerosene seller 145. Trilok, Flour Mill owner 146. Gupta, Paper seller 147. Delu Ram, Tailor's Apprentice 148. Ram Kishan, Tailor's Apprentice 149. Bhola, MilLman I 150. Balbir, Milkman s son 151. Prem, Barber 152. Gyan Malwai 153. Narain's son 154. Brahm SHAKARPUR: 155. Bhatia, Congress - I Worker 156. Dogra, Congress-I worker 157. Mr. Singh, Congress-I worker 158. Lakshmi Dhoban, Mahila Samiti, allegedly instigated mobs to burns Sikhs alive. 159. Mr. Ashwini, BJP worker 160. Satpal, owner of 3-star hotel on main Shakarpur highway. 161. Ashok Kumar, owns a flour mill in Shakarpur. 162. Ram Niwas Sharma 163. Rohtas Singh, Shakarpur Village. KHAJURI KHAS: 164. Kadam Singh, Panchayat Sarpanch 165. Nephews of Kadam Singh 166. Nambat Singh, owns Ration shop in the area. 167. Shyam Lal, Retired ASI. 168. Jai Singh, Kerosene seller 169. Jugnu. 170. Parsa JANAKPURI: 171. Pratap, Pradhan of Sagarpur, allegedly responsible for killing 22 members of the family of Budh Singh of Sagarpur near Janakpuri. BLOCK C: 172. Dablu, Sweeper 173. Kalia, Sweeper 174. Upli, Sweeper 175. Son Sasi 176. Mohan Sasi 177. Bhana Sasi 178. Raju, Sweeper 179. Malaram, allegedly distributed free kerosene MANDAVALI: UNCHPUR 180. Sachdeva, property dealer 181. Raj Kalia, Cement dealer 182. Gupta, alias Chakki, owns Grocery store 183. Ram Prakash, works in Khadi Bhawan 184. Dr. Babbar 185. Dharam Pal 186. Kishan Dutt 187. Babu Ram 188.Lal Bahadur Mishra 189. Joshi RAJNAGAR: 190. Balwan Khokkar 191. Mohinder Singh Bargdola 192. Pandit Tara Chand 193. Ishwar Chand Verma 194. Pandit Ram Niwas SADAR BAZAAR: 195. Kamal, Dhobi 196. David, Dhobi's son 197. Vinayak Family AZADPUR INDUSTRIAL AREA: 198. T. S. Bedi, Factory owner. On Nov. 1 he is reported to have organized mobs from early morning which became active later. While his own factory was left untouched, the neighbouring Crown Motors factory belonging to Sardar Pyare Singh was gutted the same day.
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