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Found 112 results

  1. Just came across this Indian newspaper article about the 2 Khalistan banners at Singh Sabha slough! These banners have been up for decades as far back as I can remember as kid. https://www.indiatoday.in/world/story/uk-slough-gurudwara-khalistan-banners-1623103-2019-11-27
  2. Here is the hate filled bigotry from a mullah in pakistan. Hope this is an eye opener for those praising Pakistan. These bigots are free to make big speeches to crowds in Pakistan. Shame on them!! https://youtu.be/7dWlanixDWs
  3. VID-20191123-WA0002.mp4 VID-20191123-WA0002.mp4 VID-20191123-WA0002.mp4 VID-20191123-WA0002.mp4
  4. this is some amazing stuff! how cool is that i would love to do that i really like snakes i think they are one of the most beautiful animals. i held a big python around my shoulders in India very beautiful animal
  5. Absolutely shameless and disgusting video. This is "modern" India. Don't be under the delusion that this doesn't happen in Punjab. Just shows how backwards society in that country is Modis Incredible India VID-20190602-WA0009.mp4
  6. I dont know it you guys know because of the Bias Media..by a 2 year old Hindu girls was butaully raped, eyes gogged out murdered and thrown acid all over her...by 2 muslim in India..when it was the the innocent girl Kashmir, it was all over the news and they were blaming Modi Hindus and those hypocrites bollywood vitrual signalling..now hardly anything coverage by MSM etc..also i want those SJW Far liberal Sikhs who become Islamist apologists ...where are they?! Really SICK .....type in twitter #TwinkleSharma and you see .. Also this morning i just saw this So WHERE ARE ALSO TO FAR LEFT SJW SIKH ISLAMISTS APOLOGISTS...if this was the other way round you'd have these PR agendas Sikhs all over social media, KA Ravi etc...where are you know This is why i dont understand why Sikhs give greenlight to these ISLAMSITS PAKISTAN...cant take it with these Political agendas...PR BS IN SIKH COMMUNITY PLEASE ALL SPREAD THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA...BRING JUSTICE...PLEASE CAN WE ALL DO ARDAS FOR THESE INNOCENT SOULS ...MY HEART ACHES!!
  7. What begun as a trade war against china by the angry frustrated US is increasinly becoming scarier and taking on a more miliaristic tone over south china sea and taiwan . This can't possibly end well for the world. what do you guys think
  8. A great programme watch downloading for future and showing your family and friends https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bfnldw
  9. It's actually sad how misguided these people are. Pandits and preists also take advantage of the simplicity of these illiterate people. But then again how dumb does one have to be to worship a plastic kangaroo! I understand most Indians are poor and uneducated but they seem to lakh any common sense. I think when your culture is built around superstitions then this is what happens.
  10. Numbering 28 million they are the 3rd highest faith in terms of numbers in India. Not sure how Christianity came to India. But from various articles I have read it was forced on the people by the Portuguese. These bastards forcibly converted thousands to Christianity during their brutal rule in the south of India.
  11. Does the aforementioned committee oversee and own all gurdwaras in India?
  12. Many talk about doing parchaar in the UK and the west but lets be honest. Its not exactly been a success here. But that is probably due to Sikhs lack of knoweledge of how to do it properly and ethically. I mean the only Sikhs converting in the west are a cult 3ho who are not even considered mainstream Sikhs. So apart from those guys no one else is becomming Sikh in the west. Apart from a the odd few people who are lucky enough to stumble upon the faith by their own doing. Which leads me on to the Punjab the headquaters of the Sikh faith. Why dont Sikhs set up parchaar in Punjab itself. As there are 14 millions Hindus that could become Sikh Yet due to our silly and ineffective leaders in Punjab. We probably have more Sikhs becomming Hindu and Christians then vice versa. Its time Sikhs woke up. Parchaar should start at home in Punjab at least then move onto other states. Many people are interested in Sikhism in India. Yet they have no where to go if they need information.
  13. Speaking in platonic generalities, as per the Census Bureau of India, demographic information with regard to Punjabis has solely been collected on a linguistic basis, e.g. how many people speak Punjabi as their mother tongue, or the population of Punjab province, which in itself is inaccurate owing to the fact that not the entire population is going to ethnically be of Punjabi stock. That said, what is total ethnic composition of Punjabis in India, as well as abroad in the form of the diaspora?
  14. https://www.livemint.com/Leisure/mSyGt5z1cPLcIOPsJKYVSP/Reporting-Indias-rape-culture.html https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/hyderabad-engineering-student-arrested-for-rape/articleshow/67072559.cms https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/four-held-for-rape-murder-of-36-yr-old/articleshow/67067727.cms https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-46423520
  15. http://barficulture.tv/world/408 Special report published this week http://www.nsicop-cpsnr.ca/reports/rp-2018-12-03/SpecialReport-en.pdf Some key findings Ten out of the report's 18 findings, and three out of its five recommendations, were partially or completely redacted due to security reasons. But it still makes some significant points. "According to a CSIS Intelligence Assessment, the threat from Sikh extremists in Canada peaked in the mid-1980s and declined thereafter." Canadian and Indian officials met several times to "address more effectively India’s growing concerns regarding the rise of extremism". It recommended that MPs and Senators be briefed regularly on the "risks of foreign interference and extremism in Canada". "The conclusion of officials from the security and intelligence community that Mr. Atwal was not a threat was based on a narrow interpretation of risk that did not reflect his known criminal record or *** [redacted]"
  16. Guest

    Lessons from the past

    Forgotten stories of the bravery of the 1.5m Indian soldiers who fought alongside the British in WWI and the racism they faced in the trenche By dallysingh101, 2 hours ago in POLITICS | MEDIA | Around 1.5 million men, mainly from remote north Indian villages fought with the British from 1914 to 1918 Fighting under the command of their colonial masters they faced racism, brutality and prejudice in the war The truth about their service is revealed in veteran interview transcripts offered to the British Library https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6325571/Forgotten-stories-bravery-1-5m-Indian-soldiers.html Hey Dal, do you seriously think the Sikh quom is in denial, therefore very reluctant to learn lessons from the past or even pass them to their future generations? Do they seriously have any desire to pass on any information, in terms of their Sikh heritage or Sikh culture or history to their children or grandchildren? I doubt it very much! They fail to perceive how our past can teach us some really very important lessons, lessons, which are not taught at high schools or universities! Shocking!
  17. Shocking! look at what these apes did to that poor woman. They raped her while she was pleading with her attackers to consider the sanctity of the place. The irony! the masses in India believe Ganga to be pure/pavitar. One of the worst sinful acts committed in a place where people come to wash cleanse their sins, men have gone mad in that country, they behave worse than stray dogs. Women are not safe anywhere in that place! not safe in their homes, not safe in the villages or cities, not safe in religious places, where are women supposed to go then? what the hell is wrong with that country? why are the men like that? They are pigs not men https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6238733/Two-men-turns-rape-film-woman-Indias-sacred-River-Ganges.html
  18. Hindus strangled Buddhism in India. However it spread to other places like Tibet. Buddha was born in India in a town called Gaya. They made Buddha into a incarnation of Vishnu and burnt Buddhist temples. The same thing is happening to Indian Sikhs.
  19. New Prime Minister of Pakistan. What does this mean for Pakistan? India? And will it have any direct/indirect impact for Sikhs?
  20. Ashoka Chakra is a representation of Dhammachakra (a buddhist icon) . Ashoka Chakra is related to emperor Ashoka who was a violent king who lived more than 2000 years ago and conquered most of india from kashmir to far south and from bangladesh to afghanistan. He did cruel wars to achieve this . Not any empire in india except mughals have conquered so much territory. But Ashoka was a cruel man . He had a torture chamber called "Ashoka's hell" to torture saintly people , esp buddhist monks. However he later converted to buddhism and threw his sword near patliputra (modern day patna sahib) and gave up all violence. From then he became a saintly man and erected ashoka pillars with ashoka chakras and the "4-direction facing lions" on top of those pillars . These 4-lions are now icon of indian govt btw. So the question is if we claim India is a baahman vaad country, then why would they adopt Ashoka's buddhist logos like the 4-direction-4-lions and ashoka chakra. Shouldn't they have adopted something like swastika or om. One possible answer to this is Ambedkar's conversion to buddhism . He was also the original architect of Indian constitution . It is clear Ambedkar hated hinduism for its brahminism and oppression of his lower caste people and wanted some other -- preferably dharmic religion to convert to . Sikhi was on the table, but for some reason he and his millions of followers chose Buddhism and then burnt manusmriti (brahmin law book , akin to sharia) on the same day . Imagine .... just imagine ... if he would have chosen sikhi, khanda might have been at center of indian flag today . Not that I dream of sikhi dominion on indian land, but still its a point to think of .
  21. For as long as I can remember I've had a doubt about the low 'official' numbers quoted of sikhs especially since there seems to a world approach of lumping us into the OTHERS category to hide us http://www.azaadsikhmedia.com/the-real-population-of-sikhs-in-india-is-about-15-crores-2/
  22. We always here about caste issues in the Punjab. Such as divisions amongst the people due to their particular community. Was interested to know due to reading some articles related to caste and numbers of Punjab. I have read that jatts constitute 25% of Indian Punjab. This includes Hindu aswell as Sikhs. Does this make them a small group? Also 60% of Punjab is Sikh . Whats castes are the other Sikhs from. Also was watching some bhangra videos the other day. Where the usual baqwaas caste songs were on. It made me realise one thing. That when these idiots start bigging up their caste. They are also intentionally or inadvertantly bigging up muslim aswell as hindu jatt people. So they are putting non Sikhs up on a pedestal creating further divisions in the religion. Also hindu are revered to as jaats and muslims as jutts. From my knowledge jatt is actually a very small community of India. They compromise 28 million population of India including pakistan.
  23. Premi5


    I have just returned from India. We stayed in Delhi, Patna and Amritsar. Observations: - Many non-Sikh men wear karas, especially in Delhi, and quite a lot in Patna too. I think this is a 'fashion' thing, but probably shows favourable feelings of brotherhood from Hindus. - Something new I had not seen before - punjabi males wearing karas with their names on it. Found this strange. - Unfortunately, obesity is increasing even in the elderly village populations and many elderly women walking around with waddling gait due to hip problems. For obesity, the city Sikhs are even worse - normal weight is definitely the exception not the norm. - City Sikh females cannot be distinguished from their hindu counterparts. - The area around Harmandir Sahib has been over-sanitised and takes away a lot of the uniqueness of going there.
  24. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU READ MY RESPONSE: MY RESPONSE: Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! The image of Sikhs is being deliberately tarnished by the Indian governments influence. The government is mad that Sikhs are starting to gain power outside India and want to do everything they can to keep us under their control. This idea of "Sikh Extremism" is so overblown, there was a recent study in the UK which showed that Sikh Extremism isnt even a threat. The concept of "Khalistan", a nation run on Sikh values by Sikhs, isnt something thats "extreme", its a very reasonable thing for a community to work towards, and even the Guru himself told Sikhs to be sovereign and remain independent. Even if we go back to the 1800's in Maharaja Ranjit Singhs Sikh Kingdom, we can see a liberal and secular society were minorities are accepted, and there wasn't even any death penalty. This is just a small taste of what Sikhs can contribute to the world. On the topic of Jagmeet Singh, its obvious that the Indian government wants to destroy the reputation of this Amritdhari Sikh who is allways try to push to have the 1984 Sikh Genocide officially recognized. Jagmeet Singh represents the next generation of Sikh politicians, and is seen as a role model in the Sikh youth. The Indian government is throwing false accusations at him, denied his visa, spread a lot of fake news, and they are trying to do everything they can to stop a decent minded Sikh from becoming elected, just look at the drama they caused in India when the Canadian PM visited, or the non stop hit pieces and character assassinations they do. When it comes to Baba Jarnail Singh Bhinranwale, there is proof that the Indian government pre-planned the attack on Darbar Sahib, and were planing it even before Bhindranwale entered Akal Takth. During their genocide, they attacked multiple Gurdwara's. and even destroyed the Sikh Reference Library and stole so many precious Sikh texts, some even written by the Gurus themselves. To this day the government refuses to apologize for its instigation's on genocide, and still refuses to at least give back the stolen Sikh texts. Its so obvious the 1984 genocide was engineered to destroy Sikhi.
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