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  1. WJKK/WJKF Veer gs and Bhenjis, To begin if you don`t want to waste your time more than 5 minutes then leave it please For those who are still reading!! around June/July 2017 there was a cricket final between India and Pakistan which we still remember Pakistan had won! But short after the win Pakistani media had been posting video`s on YouTube in which Pakistani fans where saying to Indian cricketers: "akar toot gayi tum logon ki" "your attitude has been broken" as an Indian i went straight to the comment and there was a Pakistani boy who had name with "bhagwaan is gandu" Hindu gods are gay" so i had a few words with him as in Sikhi we are thought that you have to respect everyone his/her religion and in the few words i insulted his country (not Allah, i would never do that as a Sikh) then there comes a Girl (I can`t mention her name) she explains to me that not everyone in Pakistan is like "Bhagwaan is gandu" but the Indians didn`t like he reaction so they were reacting harse on her: " I will come to you in bed, and take your virginity" "Your father must be ashamed to have a daughter like you" and many more because of which she cried (she told me this later on!!) i felt the responsibility as a Sikh and i insulted every single Indian that was there and by this action she fell in love with me by time i also fell in love with her but deep inside i knew that her parents will never agree i never confessed she was the first to confess but i never really confessed until 1 day i felt she was crying because of my reaction!!( by this time i knew her for like about 8-9 months so i knew everything) i accepted when you love someone you can`t see his/her pain!! so after this day we went into a relationship and everything was going fine until i again realised that her parents will never agree for her to marry a Sikh!! And without even thinking for a moment i converted to Islam and started being part of Islamic festivals. but unfortune she concentrated too much on me in place of her studies and failed an entrance exam…. she wanted to be a docter…. she stopped talking to me...…. she will return in June/July i felt very sad and because i now was a Muslim to get remain focused i started reading the Quran more often but now i read the Quran there was written that the non-muslims will enter the hell fire i never agreed with this so i started having questions about my new faith!! so i read about every religion every religion said the same except Sikhi!! so now i converted back to Sikhi and became a Sikh!! but i still have night that i can`t sleep i even had an intership but they kicked me out of the place because i was only thinking if she is even doing well and in the proces screwed they work that i had got to do up!! Veer gs you are guys you can understand that if you love a girl and you even don`t know if she is doing well or not you have a pain in your heart!! but if you see she is laughing even if it is 1 second then your life becomes like heaven you start to like everything!! but the thing is i don`t know what to do next can any bhen or veer help me out please?
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