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Found 3 results

  1. Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki fateh, Thankfully , The toronto gurdwarey committees are actually doing something right , they and other Canadian gurdwarey have put they heads together and banned entrance of ANY Indian Government officials to any gurdwara http://panthicspectrum.com/2018/01/01/indian-officials-suffer-major-setback-toronto-gurdwara/
  2. Recently the Indian govt and its media wing spread stories in the news that a canadian sikh woman is working with ISIS to attack delhi, india. Now everyone and his dog knows that ISIS is a salafist muslim jihaadi terroorist org and Sikhs are non-muslims who have no link or business dealing with those rats. So question is why is Indian govt and its media trying to link canadian sikh females with ISIS why the defamation in the international and nationa indian media? The answer is simple they want to demonise Sikhs and paint Sikhs in an extremist light especially in canada. Therefore Sikhs need to work together and legally bring these Indian hindustani dogs to account by sueing them either they provide information the link between a so called sikh canadian woman and ISIS or pay out money to the Sikh kaum for spreading malicious anti-sikh propaganda.
  3. Think about it in any war and conflict those elites in power do not want their proxies over run by new regimes so they fund covertly the power they put in place (indian despotic regime) to keep the populations that want change and freedom under oppression and persecution. Now we learnt in jan 2014 that thatches british govt and its military intelligence aided the Indian army and govt to attack the Sikhs at their holiest shrine. Why are Sikhs still asleep? Why isnt the pillars of Sikh society raising their voices and demanding action? Have they been brought out or have their sold out for their vested interests? Why are we not prosecuting the British government and others involved in the genocide of our people and destruction of lives and properties in punjab?. The reason Sikhs were given their own homeland in 1947 wwas not out of accident it was a deliberate policy to created pakistan over the land of the former Sikh empire so that the pakistani leaders who are in the pay of the british will do as they are told and commit the nesscary genocide of the Sikhs and keep them at bay from demanding their own state. The Queen invited the ruthless leader of sri lankan to a banquet as head of the commonwealth while 40,000 sri lankan tamils were being murdered she knew very well this was going on and yet she invited killer of all those people. This tells you her attitude towards other communities who have had genocides against them done... she and her establishment has be aidding the murders of innocents in order to rule all over the world via her proxy agents. The jews got their justice and still get billions of pounds in recompense.... we need not only compensation but the truth to be outted, the criminals in british govt and others to be brought to book and we need our own sovereign nation state to have freedom for our people.
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