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  1. What if I told you that the slavery on sikh people is because of something we did not do , and that in the long run there's one quick fix to more than half of the issues sikhs face today. And that quick fix is this : 1) Higher rate of reproduction, 2) Proselytization , 3) Preaching to orphans .' 1) Higher rate of reproduction In the latest indian census, Sikhs as a group were the ones who had the lowest fertility rate. It means Sikhs are having lesser children than hindus or muslims. Not surprisingly , muslims had the highest fertility rate . Whenever I encouraged Sikhs to have more kids per couple, the usual nonsensical , condescending reply I got was one of the following : 1) Muslims are R-type species, while Sikhs are K-type . In plain words, it means we prefer quality over quantity . However the argument is rather ludicrous . Sikhs of today can't claim the good, old , oft-boasted "1 sikh = 125000 enemies" . Its a no-brainer our people have anything but quality. Would the people who make such ludicrous argument would rather be happy if Sikhs became an exotic, rare-to-be-found community like the zoroastrians . Money of all the world , but no future to look to . 2) Muslims have multiple wives , so it makes it easier for them. Ok, fine , but what about the christians rapid growth-rate in india ? They manage to get a heavy majority in many north eastern states without having multiple wives. Their sword is capturing the orphans and the needy. I have always asked Sikhs what stops us from having more than 1,2 kids per couple ? I never got a satisfactory answer. Its a fact that in a democracy your numbers dictate your political power. In every country , there're the sell-outs , the leftist who will pander to you and your needs , only if you have the votes. As the saying goes, "either be a note bank or a vote bank" . Else politicans couldn't care less about you . We see it in europe, we see it in india and elsewhere. Its a fact, when will out simple sikhs realize this ? The reason politicians don't pander to sikhs is because we hardly make a mark in their political votebank. The votebank of pandering goes like this : One would think its a common sense that the number of kids once have will have a domino effect once you go down generations , something like this : In the first case, the so called nuclear family , look at the degrading domino effect which is suicidal for a sikh population . In the second case, its merely maintaining the population. The 300% growth rate actually happens in third case If you think I am being ridiculous , lets not forget our gurus too had atleast 3 kids . Guru Gobind Singh ji had 4 children. And the sikhs after that had even higher number of children , some as high as 12 or 15. The reason muslim population is so successful and causes terror in hearts of those who wish them ill is because of their humongous birth rate. Just look at how many kids the famous saudis had , you will be shocked ! 2) Proselytization This is another place where we're totally nullied ourselves. We like to preach that we don't preach ! I guess this is another fukra symptom in our community that we just wanna sound good to outsiders, esp amongst the elite , and give ourselves an exotic feel in front of people . However the Sikh gurus themselves had manji system in punjab which were nothing but centers of preaching. 3) Preaching to Orphans Why should we not preach to orphans ? Forcible conversion is against sikhi, however if christians can raise kids under them as christian , why we despite so much money can't pull sikh orphanages to sikhi-ize kids out there. Infact we're doing their halat-palat good , meaning now and the hereafter good by raising them and preaching them sikhi. Having said this , I think there's a great probability most of those young sikh men would just cut off their hairs and turbans off once they grow up . I think sikhi by its nature is not meant to be followed by the masses, esp vast majority of men who find the uncut hair , uncut facial hair and turbans uncomfortable.
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