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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh The Hindutva Indian State which celebrates it's modern day formation of the 'Union Of India' as Independence Day on the 15th. This is a kala din (black day) for Sikhs & all other minorities who have been enslaved under the Hindutva State since August 15th 1947, all the voices for the freedom of Minorities have been crushed through various Genocides and mass Human Rights Violations across what is known to be 'India'. The Bhamanvaad make up 4% of India's population yet control all aspects of India and Indian society. On this day our beloved Panjab was split between India & Pakistan, the Sikh Nation who fought for the Freedom of South Asia was left as a landless nation under occupation by Hindutva Bhamanvaad India. The Hindutva Bhamanvaad allowed the massacre of Sikhs following partition. Ever since then the Hindutva Indian State has left no stone unturned in destroying Panjab, the Sikh Faith & Sikh Nation - The 1984 Terrorist Military Attack On Sri Harmandar Sahib & subsequent Genocide of Sikhs till this day are witness to how much Freedom Sikhs really have. As many of the sacrifices made for the struggle for independence were made by the Sikhs, M.K.Ghandi had promised the Sikhs that “No Constitution would be acceptable to the Congress which did not satisfy the Sikhs”. This led the Sikhs at the time to believe that Ghandi was a man working in the interest of the Sikhs. Looking back at this event it is clear that the Sikhs were side-lined, as not a single Sikh accepted and signed the constitution. There were some major issues in 1950 which the Sikhs did not agree with. Article 25 was one of them. Article 25 was written in regards to the right to freedom of religion. Ironically in this article it is mentioned that Sikh people are to be considered as Hindus. As a result of this clause Sikh marriages would later be solemnised under the Hindu Marriage Act (1955). This was a complete U-turn on Ghandi’s part and an act which undermined the Sikh people and psyche. The nation of people who had fought so courageously and made so many sacrifices for the freedom of the nation from the clutches of the British raj was now considered something they were not. On August 15th 1947 Sikhs exchanged one master for another. A 'kala din'. Source: Dal Khalsa/ International Panthic Dal
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