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Found 134 results

  1. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Kalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh. I was wondering if any kirtanees would off tips on how to improve my voice. I have been doing kirtan for many years and my voice seems to be getting worse by the day. Do kirtanees just rely on sa re ga ma? If so, how long for? and what different tunes? All tips would gratefully be accepted. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Kalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh.
  2. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fathe I really wanted to learn kirtan, so I would be very grateful if someone could share details of a harmonium teacher or a place where they teach vaja in Birmingham thank you Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fathe
  3. Guest


    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh as I'm fairly new to Sikh really want to engage with kirtan ,so I wanted to know if anyone know any places or teachers around Birmingham who teach kirtan on harmonium (vaja)? iv been looking for a teacher or a gurdwara where they teach but iv been struggling and I really have a passion to learn so I would be grateful if anyone could guide me many thanks ,sorry for mistakes waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  4. This was beautiful. One could imagine how maharaj under a beautiful starry sky, where the wind is blowing gently,there's peace in the air, there's incense and candles and divas, and how maharaj absorbed in prem sung aarti as a tribute to the greatness of parmatma while bhai mardana ji played the rabab. How all those listening must have felt,how some must have awakened from their sleep and some must have felt the presence of parmatma within.
  5. just amazing kirtan by bhai sahib ji
  6. National Amrit Sanchaar Smagam In Remembrance of Chaar Sahibzade & Shaheed Gursikhs Saturday 22nd December 2018 GURU NANAK DEV JEE GURDWARA 1912 WAKEFIELD ROAD BRADFORD BD4 7DP Start time 7pm With respect to getting pesh, please remember the following: 1. Wear 5 Kakaars, including Keski and Dastaar. 2. Wear Clean Gurmukhi Baana 3. Kirpan must be made of Sarbloh and held in Gaatra. 4. Kachhera must be White only. 5. Karra must be made of Sarbloh. 6. All Abhilaakhis must come after Body & Kesh Ishnaan. 7. 5 Kakaars Will be provided as free Seva if needed. Note – It is strongly advised all New Abhilaakhis should do 2 hours Mool Mantra Jaap & 7 Baniaa in preparation for Amrith. For more information, please contact 07969 655015 ਪੀਵਹੁ ਪਾਹੁਲ ਖੰਡੇਧਾਰ ਹੋਇ ਜਨਮ ਸੁਹੇਲਾ||
  7. Really beautiful kirtan and shabad I'm not sure which guru or bhagat this was written by ? It's very beautiful
  8. Can't stop listening to this ! Amazing seva by veer Parminder singh jee !
  9. VJKK VJKF I thought it would be beneficial if I started a thread where everyone could share sakhi's and kirtan. It is important that we know sakhi's and we listen to kirtan. Not only will it benefit everyone else but it will benefit us, we will get closer to Guruji. So everyone please do feel free to share any kirtan or sakhi's on this thread. VJKK VJKF
  10. Guest


    WJKK WJKF, recently daas heard bhai baldeep singh ji singing allahaniya on facebook. The composition was created by Guru Nanak Dev ji themselves. I loved the composition so I tried to find it on YouTube, I found a video of Bhai Avtar Singh reciting allahaniya in the same composition but I noticed both Bhai Avtar Singh and Baldeep were adding extra words in the bani. Anyone know what they are saying and why? Thanks, Guru Panth da daas, WJKK WJKF
  11. Hello! I work all day at a physiotherapy clinic that plays relaxing meditation music all day. I have control over the music selection and was wondering if some of the sangat can help me out. I want to play kirtan or simran but because we have people from different communities I want it to be something that won't scare away some people. When I first started off I used to play asa di vaar kirtan but that got some people weirded out. It would be cool if I could find some kirtan audio or even raag instrumentals that I could play and listen to and maybe help me do simran or kirtan in my mind. Yet still be relaxing for people getting treatment. Also some people come into the clinic reeking of cigarettes and sometimes alcohol...would this be a problem with me playing kirtan? Need your advice sangat ji. Benti to all kirtan lovers I need your expert advice ji!!! I currently play stuff like this:
  12. I wonder if Gurdwaras could encourage or hold classes/sessions for those with health conditions or disabilities. What are your thoughts on this?
  13. Came across this video. Any idea who the kirtan jatha is?? This sounds amazing, and I've been trying to find it. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you
  14. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki fateh The purpose of human existence has been to merge and be one with God. One of the ways to reach God is Gurbani Kirtan. Sikhism , is the only religion that stresses completely on kirtan, as the banis of Gurus, Bhagats and Bhatts have been recorded in the holy book, Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji, the sikh Holy scripture describe the characteristics of God (almighty) throughout 1430 pages (Ang), and tell us about the description of God " GOD IS ONE, HE THE SUPREME TRUTH. He is Creator of world, without any fear and without any hate. He is neither born and neither die. He has no body, He is the greatest spirit of all and our soul is a part of Him. The Guru has pronounced that Kirtan is the magical formula to keep the human soul afloat in the dark era of Kaljug provided the devotee sings the pure melodies with his or her heart closely focused on the meaning and true spirit of the Gurbani. http://www.amritbani.info
  15. Reading and watching this update makes my blood boil, what can we do? http://dailysikhupdates.com/Amp/kirtan-raagis/
  16. I want to download shabads from internet and i want to know which ragis kirtan i can download. I know these only . There may have cpme new ragis which i may not be familiar with. please let me know Bhai Harjinder Singh ji Bhai Joginder singh Riar Bhai Ravinder singh ji Bhai nirmal singh khalsa Bhai satvinder singh ji delhi wale Let me now more names which are good to hear
  17. WJKK WJKF The other week I came across a singing reality programme 'Gavo Sachi Bani' on PTC Channel. I love listening to Kirtan, so I enjoyed watching it and then it hit me. It's a kirtan competition!!! Are our gursikhs doing Kirtan for the wrong reasons? Ego? Name? Status? I understand competitions/reality programmes may be used as a way to bring in the youth. There's a fine line.... But surely if we focus on educating humanity of the meaning and understanding of each shabad, wouldn't that itself bring in Sikh youth? As a person, I am very open minded and liberal. As a Sikh, I don't do our daily nitnem, a bit of naam simran here and there. I do try to focus on being humane... I have joined this forum, like yourselves to learn and educate myself. Maybe Satguru ji will bless me with the thirst of doing paath everyday... Before I get carried away typing every thought... Back to topic, are we using Shabad Kirtan not as a method to unite us with akaal purak but making us slaves to our vices?! Forgive me if I have said anything wrong. I'm here to learn. Students make mistakes.
  18. Does anybody know of any kirtan ustaad in Toronto Canada? Thank you.
  19. Just wanted to let the Sangat here know about the new 24x7 Akhand Kirtan radio station: Sikhbytes Radio. Its available on TuneIn radio and works on CarPlay and Android auto as well http://tun.in/sfvop
  20. Gurfateh Ji It has come to light that Maninder Singh (sri nagar vale) who is known for preferring singing geets to shabads has demanded over £3100 plus business class tickets to come to the UK for a programme in Leicester. Since when did Ragis become so commercialised? I am so disappointed by hearing this news as all I hear is that Ragis want so much money. Where has the love for Gurbani gone? I accept that this this is their livelihood but surely demanding so much money is just greed. If he wants to become a pop star then he should give up kirtan.
  21. WJKK WJKF, can anyone tell me the tune of this shabad on the harmonium . The shabad starts at 2:47
  22. Can someone list a kirtani(s) who do kirtan in raag. I know the famous ones like bhai balbir singh ji and bhai avtar singh ji. Actually I need something that I can practice my tabla to ( so someone who doesnt speed their rhythm in their kirtan).
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