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Found 46 results

  1. Go through this motivational channel for counselling Channel link https://www.youtube.com/c/LifeCoachGurpreetSingh Some Quick links for your reference Life coaching explainer https://youtu.be/mrTApyRA4fk Mental Health awareness playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6tAtaoa5Av0u92r9rcnvi-AtyzsZhgSi Webinars Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6tAtaoa5Av3-RbcN1pGKhFg7IihXVmIn For more info visit website www.lifecoachgurpreetsingh.com
  2. Guest

    Feel like dying

    Sat sri Akal ji I am in biggest dilemma of my Life.Recently I got engaged with my parents wish, At that time I was in such a pressure that I have to say yes to a Girl.But later I felt I did wrong.I didn’t have feeling for the girl, I tried my best to fall in love with her and get attached.Regularly did Simran and ardas so that Waheguru show me the way.But Im depressed now.The girl is nice but doesn’t match me in looks and nature ,her family is good.My family and girl’s family are very happy.Girl is in love with me but I have no feelings for her. Now I can neither call of the engagement as I can’t see the families and girl in pain, Im very much depressed as I can’t fake love nd how can I spend the whole life with her ,Im in depression , my mental and physical health is highly effected. Now I feel like ending my life is the only solution as I can’t go both ways. I feel like dying .Plzzz suggest.
  3. Big_Tera


    What is Sikh view of Karma. Are we punished for our sins in this life?
  4. Guest

    i want to die??

    Hi, so basically im a 22 year old female and i am completely fkin fed up of life I HATE IT AND I HATE EVERYONE IN IT. and all i can think about is killing myself lately??? it just seems there is no point in me living anymore. is there some sort of paat or kirtan or ANYTHING that can help me feel better!? I dnt rlly know what im suppose to listen too, religion is like my last resort rn cos MAYBE GOD CAN FRICKEN HELP ME. i feel so alone and hopeless and i have like 5839 meltdowns a day. THANK U FOR READING THIS AND I RLLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP TBH.
  5. I'm wondering do people have hobbies here? I think these things are super important for us. Especially when other aspects of our lives can get a bit much. It's nice to have something you really enjoy to look forward to. Care to share?
  6. I heard that there are some sins which cant be forgiven such as these people who went to gurdwara to do wrong on Guru Granth Sahib Ji *waheguru waheguru*. Or also adultery, where the person will live 1000 days of hell. But is this true? I cant understand of course the first thing. Someone who does this should rot in hell. But what about someone does a mistake, because they are so attached to one person? Are there really sins which cant be forgiven? I thought Waheguru forgives everyone who chooses the path oh Waheguru Ji. And how does Waheguru forgive?
  7. I read this by Bhai Kulbir Singh ji and it is clearly shows that evolution is against Sikhi. "I read the theory of evolution many years ago and one of the notion it preaches is that species can evolute to higher species e.g. humans have originated from apes. This theory does not seem to be according to Gurmat because all the 8.4 million life forms were formed at once and not through evolution. Some life forms may be active and some dormant, at a given time but no life forms converted to other life forms. It just can't. Dogs cannot give birth to cats and insects cannot give birth to lizards.The human form has Dasam Duaar, Nabh Kamal, that no other life form has. If we believe in theory of evolution, we will then have to believe that Dasam Duaar and Nabh Kamal were products of evolution and formed itself. Furthermore, matter is not animate and as thus does not have intelligence, nor it can think or plan. The theory of evolution is totally contrary to Gurmat. In the evolution theory, matter is intelligent and in Gurmat theory, matter is dead.The evolution theory as invented by Charles Darwin and as propagated by science today is not in accordance with Gurmat. Gurmat believes in the evolution or devolution of the Jeev-Aatma depending on its Karma but the life-forms or the species don't evolve into something else. Gurbani says that the whole creation has 8.4 million life forms (life forms or Joonis are not same as species) and this has been the truth from the beginning. At any given time there have been 8.4 million life forms. If we believe that one life form evolves to another, then there would be an additional life-form thereby violating the Gurmat principle that states that there are fixed 8.4 million life forms.These Chaurasi Lakh life forms not all active at any given time. Some are dormant and some are active but all are existent at any given time.Gurmat does not promote the idea that humans have evolved from Baandars (monkeys). Jo kichh paaiya so ika Vaar.The kids brought up in Western countries have become Mutaasir (influenced) by the modern education that promotes such anti Gurmat notions like evolution and homosexuality etc.ਲਖ ਚਉਰਾਸੀਹ ਮੇਦਨੀ ਘਟੈ ਨ ਵਧੈ ਉਤਾਹਿ ॥The above Pankiti clearly states not only that there are 8.4 million life forms but also that this number does not go up or down. There are more such Pankitis as well but for a Sikh just one Pankiti will suffice.Now if we believe that one life-form can evolve or devolve to something else, then we have to accept that a new life-form has been created and this will violate the above Hukam of Guru Sahib.I am not an expert on the evolution theory but know that one of the claims it has made is that humans have possibly evolved from Baandars (monkeys). The human life form is very special and as per Gurbani this life form is the doorway to Vaheguru and only in this life form it is possible to meet Vaheguru and for this reason this body has secret Dasam Duaar or the mystical tenth door. How did the genetic mutation or whatever it is called, caused to create a life form that contains something as specific as the Dasam Duaar?It is the Jeev-Aatma that goes through different life forms and but the life forms don't evolve to different life forms. A cat is going to stay a cat and will not become a dog, no matter what. Yes within the parameters of the cat life form, it may become large, small, Black, White etc. but it cannot become a different life form.What to talk about and trust science that changes every now and then. Now with the discovery of the so called "god particle" it has rendered many old theories obsolete. The theory of evolution is just a theory and nothing else. Most of it including its concept of the survival of the fittest is garbage. According to Gurbani, Vaheguru is Deena Naath and Ghareeb Nivaaz. He would never allow the survival of the strong just because of their strongness. He according to His will may many times let the biggest underdog to survive and let the fittest perish. Darwin's evolution theory is for Manmukhs who believe that Vaheguru jee is not leading the world and that it came into being and evolved to this level as part of some accidental chemical reactions. Can we believe such nonsense when we know that even a leaf does not move without Vaheguru's will?Kulbir Singh" we should be telling this to more people and not just agreeing with whatever scientists say. The theory of evolution is nonsense when you think about it and I'm going to link some videos about it and how it is false and how this directly proves an intelligent designer Even further, apparently even if evolution were to be a viable process, it would take longer than it takes the sun to burn out. And that doesn't even account for Dasam Duaar etc. Be aware of these theories and know that they are wrong.
  8. Guest

    My current state of mind

    I’ve been struggling with depression for years, and it’s currently really getting harder and harder as each day passes by. i reached out to a doctor who said I should be on meds but I’m only 21 and I don’t want that for me. it all started out when I was in high school and had started experiencing self esteem issues back then cause of the way I looked. I’m a kesadhari and I wish to take Amrit. My fam isnt amritdhari and my dad drinks he’s kesadhari though. Life has been an absolute struggle so far. Whether it was socializing with others, or completing my studies, or getting a job. I am getting extremely weary of this now. I have been contemplating suicide. I need answers! I recently developed severe dry eyes cause most of my work is with my computer cause I basically studied computer science and I’m really passionate about it and this medical condition now poses another challenge. I wouldn’t share much. But I have been carrying a massive weight on my shoulders which not only affects me but my parents as well if I fail. Its only getting tougher and tougher I don’t know who to reach out to. It’s a very painful phase in my life and as each day passes by I’m losing hope if it’s ever gonna get better. Idk how long can this go on. Heres what I intend to do now, I wish to go on a meditation journey and I’ll try to meditate as much as my body will allow me. I wish to receive Darshan from guru saheb from whom I need answers and help. This is my last resort. If our path is the true path, I need to meet with guru saheb and ask him all these questions that I have. Is there anyone in the Sangat has had that experience. Has anyone had Darshan of guru saheb. Please help me out here. IM NOT CRAZY! waheguru ji ka Khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh
  9. How can we? At school, work or wherever you go, there are always distractions but how can we progress spiritually without those distractions having an effect on our spirituality?
  10. What did everyone learn today or this week?
  11. I wanted to know i heard about that person who killed many many humans, but god forgave him. I dont know his name now. So my question is what if a human makes a huge mistake and hurts somebody or cheats on their husband/wife. Or if somebody lies. Does our Waheguru forgive such humans if they see their mistake and do paath then everyday and didnt wanted to harm anyone in first place? And how can somebody know that Waheguru has forgiven? Will they still go to nark (hell) ? And also what if the person is ready then to do amrit shakan (sorry if i spelled wrong), and prays everday, also does sewa and goes to gurdwara?
  12. Some might say they make it to sachkhand, but is Sachkhand a physical place ? I don't really think so . Sachkhand as per my knowledge of baani is somewhat of a state of being stateless and merging back into brahm . Those who don't have to come back . But I can't even imagine an amritdhari having to come back into a muslim family where they will be circumcised or a hindu one where their kes will be cut . So how does it happens ? Does guru sahib somehow arrange their next visit into a gursikh family so that they can complete their left over work ?
  13. God Tier 1. Japan - The cleanest country in the whole world and it even seems like the citizens are the most well behaved, for example a white racist will tell you to your face why he hates you and might even attack you, in Japan, people who don't like you wouldn't even bother with you much less assault you. Anyhow, I wish I was born in Japan but still a Panjabi, I don't want to be a Jap. Japan has everything, games, mangas, ANIME , beautiful geography and Safety. Japan has the least murders or crimes of any country. 2. Canada - Simply because it's mini Panjab. If Panjabis weren't in full force here, it would be very low. High Tier 3- Nordic Nations 4- Germany 5- France 6. UK 7. Austria 8. Swizterland 9. Italy Mid Tier 10- USA [ It's full of red necks and low lives but if you live on the west coast like California/Washington/Oregon, it's pretty great ] 11. South Korea - They're pretty racists to all non whites, and unlike Japan, they will get in your face and tell you. 12. Singapore - It should be higher 13. Dubai /UAE - But mostly Dubai because of large Indian dispora there, you aren't treated like garbage like in Saudi 14. Spain 15 Portugol 16. Ireland Low Tier 17- China - It's crazy how India and China were the same size economy in the 80's and now China is almost fully developed and the second largest GDP after USA, they got clean cities [mostly], paved roads, people who follow traffic , and just about anything a developed country can claim. Although I don't like the chinese people, these leaches are very cruel to not just animals but other humans as well, I saw videos of children who were hit by cars and crying and yet the passer by's kept walking and didn't help the children. And I don't have to tell you about Yulan " dog " festival , these people are very backwards in their compassion. You know the phrase, Asians will eat anything , well it's coined by the chinese and their appetite for anything and everything weird and gross. 18. Turkey 19. Eastern European countries - Aka Slavic hell holes like Bulgaria, Serbia etc. 20. Central Asia 21. Russia Garbage Tier 22 India - I mean we're all born there and if given the option to move back, would easily reject it. India is developing but it will take a long time, what china did in 30 yrs will take India 60. 23. Iran 24. Rest of the middle east 25. Pak 26. Bangla 27. Nepal - Should I just say South Asia ?
  14. Guest


    Hi Sangat Ji I am a 20 year old boy atm doing nothing i study but really dont enjoy i have a family business that my dad wants me to take over and just life is going very shitty i have no idea what to do please some help?
  15. WJKK WJKF ji, I'm an international student in US who used to be a really good student in Science. I came here to study strong fields of Computer Science which required to sell all property we had in India and also take debt. My parents only saw my dreams and sold all the property. After coming in the US, (I got into a few prestigious universities like UWaterloo) but chose an affordable one. The university is really for-money only and no education was found. I felt like cheated but couldn't do anything. I had no idea which University I should transfer to. I felt confused. I accepted it as Maharaj's Bhaana and attended this college. It's going to be almost an year. Really bad things happened with me I asked so many professors that I'm doing a research in making a device for blind people and various other interests I shared. All of them heavily discouraged me all the time. In classes, I was pointed out all the time. The professors wanted me to praise them for some reason, I felt like. All my internal peace and confident got murdered. This semester, I went through a financial hardships. I am only eating once in 2 days since the last 3 months. I've been trying really really hard to stay alright. But the professors killed all my confidence and self esteem. I have exams coming up and I'm so low I couldn't even study. Everything is failing. I have no idea what to do. I got a job but the Starbucks manager asked me to cut my beard which is hard although I used to trim it before. Everytime I try, the financial issue always comes up. I felt like I couldn't tie turban. I'm so poor after paying thousands of dollars in international & out-of-state tuition. I really wanted to ask my veer and bhenjis to please suggest me something. I'm really going through tough time. I've been in a situation where a large part of my funding is taken while returned nothing in education. I've been murdered internally. Please help.
  16. I would like some book suggestions on people who have transformed their life e.g from atheist to religious/spiritual or from super modern living to more traditional living. Thanks
  17. VJKK VJKF Sanagt Ji, if we believe that Vaheguru's jot is in all then why do we cut grass and eat vegetables? Vaheguru JI.
  18. Guest

    Wasting Time?

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! How to control wasting time on useless stuff and focus on building productivity in Gurmat or personal things? Sometimes, I genuinely feel like I could do something so much more; however, it all gets wasted away in stuff that I don't really need or think other people need, (this website being one example, where it just seems like debates and nobody really learns anything). Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  19. WjkK WjkF Sangat ji, I wanted to know what happens to the soul when someone dies, does it stay to wonder through relative does it with draham raj? Answer with references to gurbani pls, as I have log conversations with some Singhs with lots of opinions.
  20. I came across a couple of unfortunate incidents in the news recently that served to get me thinking about issues that i suppose go to the heart of Sikh philosophy. We are instructed not to veer towards extremes; that the correct path is the balanced, considered middle way. Sikhi is as much a faith about standing up for oneself and battling for those who cannot defend themselves, as it is a faith that believes that love and kindness are essential traits if we are to live fruitful lives, and eventually merge with God. How does one decide which situation merits a particular approach? Some Sikhs would have us believe that the default position must always be the one of tolerance and kindness even in the face of the overwhelming likelihood of serious harm befalling the individual who refuses to be mindful of their own welfare, instead choosing to believe in the goodness of others even when the evidence points to the contrary. Is it the right option to "be good" but then suffer terribly as a consequence, or should we be selective with our charitable nature, and only be forthcoming dependent on the situation before us? Which way would bring us closer to God's graces? Here's two recent instances that got me thinking. All opinions welcome. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/30/mother-son-die-triple-stabbing-home/ http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/03/white_social_justice_warrior_dies_at_hands_of_black_killer_.html First: A wealthy family begin providing the local homeless with a roof over their heads by taking them into their own considerably plush home. Yesterday, allegedly, the latest homeless man who was lodging with them went on a rampage, and killed the mother and son of the family. The father was found stabbed and bleeding in the driveway. Second: A white social activist heavily involved in the liberal scene of upper middle class activism was robbed, stabbed, tortured, and murdered by a black man. She spent most of her days espousing on social media about the evils of whiteness, and that black society was a perpetual victim of the insidiousness of white America. She refused to accept that there could ever be bad apples in the black community. She met her end alone and in an utterly tragic manner. Edit: In the case of the American woman, i was initially reluctant to use a right-wing website as the source, but all other sites and reports neglected to mention her political views and opinions that she shared on social media. For some reason they only seemed to highlight her work as an artist but not her beliefs. A lot was glossed over or completely ignored in the case of the lady in question.
  21. I hope this doesn't sound strange or delusional to any one reading this. Maybe there are other people out there like me, who "know " things, or "see"things, without trying. I am a very spiritual person , who does not know how to read Gurbani, but deeply believes in the true Sikh way of life. I believe you should care for all human beings and try to help and show compassion for them. I was born in England, and raised in Canada. We used to attend the Gurdwara every weekend, when we were children, with my parents. I am an adult 47 year old woman now. I used to see auras in University. I didn't know what was happening, so I mentally blocked it , as it would take tremendous amounts of energy from me, and I needed to focus on my university studies( specializing in Political Science at the University of Toronto). After many years , I started noticing that I just "knew " things. Random things, such as who would be on the phone, before it rang, or very coincidental things of a very unbelievable nature, at times. I started to think I had some type of psychic ability. Now, I understand, its not psychic ability, but rather spirituality. Long story short, this weekend I was at the shopping mall with my 12 year old daughter, and when I turned back to look for her, I thought I saw an image of Guru Nanak Dev Ji on a Christmas poster. Then I turned away, and looked back again, and again I saw the same image , with Guru Nanak Dev Ji holding his hand up at me, with a halo around his head. The third time I looked back and saw my daughter, and I told her she might think this is weird, but I think I saw Guru Nanak Dev Ji. As soon as I told her, and looked back again, the image was gone. My daughter coincidentally believed me, as we've had many psychic type events happen to us, including my other 2 children. My daughter said she also saw Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the poster. Before we arrived at the mall, I had the thought of Guru Nanak Dev Ji flash across my mind. What does this mean, and is this real or possible? Has anyone else also experienced this? Outwardly I am not religious at all, but I am deeply spiritual inside, and everyday I pray to my 2 pictures of Guru Nanak dev Ji, and Guru Gobind Singh Ji, which are hung in my living room.
  22. I feel I can be close to God but I am very far off so I might be a Gurmukh in my next life? What can I do to be with Waheguru when I am destined for reincarnation?
  23. If you went to bed one night and the next morning you woke up as your old three year old self in your old bedroom when you were three years old but you had you same intelligence of your adult self plus the memories. If this happened and you had a chance to relive your life, would you relive it in the sense that you would make sure that you never made the same mistakes in the past plus doing things you regretted never doing?
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