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Found 5 results

  1. Just wondering what are you all up to? My job contract is finishing in a few weeks and due to the nature of my job there won't be any job opportunities for the next 2 months. So what are people up to at home? What I've tried and didn't last; - exercise - home growing veg - learning a new instrument
  2. WJKK WJKF Sangat Ji, How has your Gursikhi jeevan been affected by working from home (or staying at home)? Whether you’re a child, employed, unemployed, study, have children to look after – whatever. Would be really interesting to read your experiences. I’m in my 20s and work full time. Sikhi is important to me and I would normally feel guilty not being able to do more than 7 baania due to having a busy day. After work I'd visit the Gurdwara sahib and spend 1hr doing sangat. Following a busy day in the office being able to close eyes and listen to kirtan with sangat around me was a much needed spiritual boost. Now with lockdown I really miss sangat. Not just doing sangat but the small interactions too. For example speaking to kids following Sikhi for whom doing kirtan daily at gurdwara was a big part of their lives. Now my days are spent working from home on laptop definitely feeling something missing without physical sangat. Have been listening to bani like Asa di vaar or Sukhmani Sahib in kirtan roop while working. Sometimes when running late for work I had to leave Anand Sahib and do it during lunch break. But have found nitnem is more raas filled now as I have time to do it slowly
  3. With the corona virus lock down. We all know the amount of hardship and suffering people we will go through due to amount of victims of the Virus. But could their be any benefits from this global pandemic? Usually many people are so busy in their lifes with working, travelling, socialising and doing all kinds of activities to keep their minds occupied. Such as gym, pub, clubs you name it. But now comes a unique juncture in peoples lifes a unique opportunity to look back on their lfes and look forward. They now have so much time to do important things that they could never do before. They actually have time to reflect on their lifes and think about their direction in life. Ie what is really important and what is not. Positives out of corona I can think of A time to rest and recupirate time to spend on new goals. such as learning a new language or doing an online course. We are no longer in the rat race. But can breathe a little more. Less wrok stress and more time sit back, enjoy our gardens and get back to nature. I have visited a few nature spots and it was good to be able to do things like this. Any other benefits of the lock down?
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