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Found 10 results

  1. With reference to a couple of 'discussions' presently taking place on the main page of this forum. I have previously on this forum given explanations (or pointless 'lectures', whatever you wish to call it) about both those topics. If you don't want to read what I write that's fine but I do find it odd that a few weeks or months later some numptey always seems to decide to start a brand new thread about things I've already covered. Alas...never mind...anyways, the first one is the thread about the word for tiger, i.e. Babbar: In one of my linguistics threads here in the past I explained how the Punjabi word for tiger comes from the Persian word 'Babbar' and indeed the English word for tiger, i.e.....err….Tiger....also comes from Persian in that it comes from the Persian / Punjabi word for arrow, i.e Teer. An arrow, as you know, travels very fast and the Greeks took the Persian word and used it for Tigris and western European languages,i.e English took the word from the greek. Also fairly interesting is the fact that our Punjabi /Persian word for tiger: Babbar does have a roundabout connection to the English word 'Barber' as the English word is taken from the olde French word 'barb' which means the sharp end of a Teer (arrow) And the other thread on the main page was, for some very very strange reason, started by someone just a few very short weeks after I started and finished a thread here about 'Sikhs in Shanghai' in which I not only told him that although at one point the Sikh community in Shanghai was the largest of all diaspora Sikh communities it is now all but gone, I also posted a photograph of the building that used to be the Gurdwara and told him where it was. I'm really not sure why I bothered starting a thread called 'The Sikhs of Shanghai' in which I state there are no Sikhs there now and state where the old defunct Gurdwara is only for some numptey to come along exactly 2 weeks later start a thread called 'The Sikhs of Shanghai' in which he asks if there any Gurdware / Sikhs there. But, that pretty much sums up this forum in a nutshell. Links to the new current thread and original thread below:
  2. Hi all, Masturbation is healthy every week or so, I think, and reduces prostate cancer, so how do Sikhs view this, because I was always taught it was wrong, but surely the scientific health benefit is more important? Maybe, similar to sex, which also releases good hormones in the, but also banned by people I know. If it does in moderation and lovingly, then is it alright, with God's kirpa?
  3. I am 27 and a half. Although I am gay (only attracted to males and not females) , so one would wonder I would die childless. However if in future I choose to have a child, do I risk having serious issues with his/her health ? will my child be born normal as i think that by then there might be chromosomal abnormalities in DNA of sperms. for me masturbation is like smoking. its a stress buster , as I never smoke or drink ever. So do I have to quit it off although it would be really tough. The longest I have been without waanking was 42 days last july
  4. Guest

    Masturbation I need help

    I'm an amritdhari 14 year old and I have masturbated 5 time.i really hate my self for it but in the moment my mind gives in. It somehow relieves me of my lust but I don't want to do it my mind gives in and im also forced by my mind to do it. I want to stop. Please help me pyare sangat
  5. Im an amritdhari and I have masturbated 3 times. I feel miserable knowing I have done this and feel like crying. When I do it I feel it relieves me of my lust and I try not to do it but my mind gives in. I feel truly sorry for this and I really want to stop. Please suggest what I should do also I am 15
  6. Why is it bad to lust after a person? Masturbation is a pleasurable experience, what is so bad about it that must be conquered spiritually?? If it hurts no one else, why is it bad?
  7. Dear friends, Discussion of topic like masturbation is embarrassing but we have make it clear is masturbation a keraht or bajar keraht. I asked to few amrtdahri persons (even serched on internet )they views didn't matched thier were like this :- 1. It is keraht but not bajat keraht 2. It bajar kehrat even highest of all of them. 3. Can't say, panj payeri don't tell about so we can conclude it is not a bajar keraht ( which if we do then we are no more amritdari persons ). Now my question is masturbation a part of bajar keraht or but due to embarrassment one talk about masturbation.
  8. Guest


    Hello, I wanted to know how someone could control masturbation and lust. I'm currently having this problem and would like to stop.
  9. After reading through a number of masturbation and lust problems, I was reading through a website when I came across a message which could be highly helpful. http://satnaam.info/2005/12/02/2-overcoming-the-effect-of-past-lives/ Practicing what this page says should help to put you back on the right path. May Waheguru help you.
  10. Guest


    Hello, I've been having a Masturbation addiction and I know it's not right and leads to Kaam, but I would also like assistance on how I can combat this issue, (I also know only Guru Sahib can help me, but I'd still like to try the best I can).
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