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  1. Guest


    Ssa everyone. I come here today not for judgement or harsh words, but to talk to sangat ji. I am 21 years old and currently at university. I am a lesbian. I have known since i was a young girl of my attraction towards women and i knew from a young age that my family would never accept it. I stay at home for uni, i have quite a restricted social life, my parents are vey traditional in the sense that girls stay home and boys can do what they like. I know my parents will never accept me, and my mother is very aggressive to the point where she calls me very harsh words and
  2. PUNJABI MEN ARE STRUGGLING WITH MENTAL HEALTH BECAUSE THEY LACK THE WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT ‘I know that if I tell them that I’m going to therapy or that I take antidepressants, they’ll see it as me having a serious sickness.’ Sukhi, a 28-year-old graduate student from Birmingham, England, was officially diagnosed with depression last year. He was forced to see a doctor after he started to lack the emotional energy necessary to do basic things: get out of bed, make food, hold a basic conversation with his flatmates, and most of all, take his final year exams for his maste
  3. vjk vjkf, Are there people here who have ASD and ADHD ? Are you a amritdhari ? I am someone who has ASD and ADHD and many mental health problems with trauma. I wish to come a singh, but I feel that sikhi won't be able to deal with me. I struggle with concept of sangat, and have been avoiding going to the gurdwara. I used to go a lot, but i find it difficult now. I probably won't be responding back, just wanted to know if there is anyone here. I live in the GTA if that makes a difference... anyway... I feel that punjabi guys are very judgemental, and I am just don't want to be ost
  4. I’ve been struggling with depression for years, and it’s currently really getting harder and harder as each day passes by. i reached out to a doctor who said I should be on meds but I’m only 21 and I don’t want that for me. it all started out when I was in high school and had started experiencing self esteem issues back then cause of the way I looked. I’m a kesadhari and I wish to take Amrit. My fam isnt amritdhari and my dad drinks he’s kesadhari though. Life has been an absolute struggle so far. Whether it was socializing with others, or completing my studies, or getting a jo
  5. https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/punjabi-men-are-struggling-with-mental-health-because-they-lack-the-words-to-describe-it
  6. Guest


    I am a male early 30's. I have suffered with lack of motivation, lack of energy and difficulties with sleep for many years. I am a qualified doctor, and definitely, there is no underlying medical condition. Can anyone help me advising on specific shabads which lifts mood, motivation and energy levels? - I would need a link to an audio or video Katha source that explains the shabad too Thanks
  7. Either this guy is mentally ill or is sane and a complete disgrace to his family and Sikh community. He is a druggie and alcoholic got into a car crash which killed his muslim mate and now he has converted to islam to make up for his muslim mates death. What kinda madness is going inside the heads of some of our youth? I'm guessing and suspect his muslim mate was a drug dealer and other criminal muslims within his social circle have pressurized and probably threatened him to convert or suffer consequences. I know t
  8. Guest

    Intercaste Relations

    Hi guys, just looking for some advice on an awkward situation. :unsure2: I've been 'suffering' from depression for several years now alone, and recently found someone who was willing to listen to my concerns and help me through what was a very very hard time recently, which consisted of anxiety attack after anxiety attack, breakdowns and feeling very low and even considering suicide at times. It wasn't a pretty sight haha. I'm 18 and a Jatt, and he is 18 but Tarkhan. Obviously this raised a huge problem among my family when they realised of his existence. They got into contact with his fam
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