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Found 1 result

  1. Community leader. That's who I am. I'm a community leader. So are you, So is your dad and uncle. Imagine if a white news network came to your town, was interviewing members of the public in the street and stopped you to talk. What caption do you think they're gonna put up on screen under your name ? Congratulations you're a community leader. When white people come to brown and black towns they imagine it is something like going to another planet such as venus or mars. Like aliens, they imagine we have a leader and if thats the one that made it to the news interview segment that that must be the leader. That's white people for ya. Camping. After working hard all month, sometimes 2 jobs, do you think any brown or black person wants to 'relax' by going out into the 'jungle' and live in a tent ? No......we've seen real poverty. We've experienced it. It's not our idea of fun. Its our idea of torture but not fun. Mountaineering and white water rafting. I have never EVER in all my days met a brown or black person that goes mountaineering or white water rafting. Why the hell wold I want to go up a mountain anyway ? If I've got a day of from work I need to go to Preeto's house, Sukhi's wedding and the Sahota's akhand path. I ain't got time to go up a mountain for no reason !! Skiing. Who, other than white people, think the idea of going to a freezing place and sliding down a hill with a 500% increased chance of breaking your legs is fun ? Bland food. I had dinner at a work colleague's house not long ago. On my plate were potatoes and other stuff. Nothing on these vegetables. They simple put them in boiling water and boil them. If they're feeling really REALLY adventurous they may put some salt in the boiling water. And that it. Thats dinner. These people have built rockets that can go to the moon but have not yet advanced from the 20,000 year old concept of picking a vegetable (potato) up and putting it in boiling water. Ask me if I know Hitesh, Imran or Manjit from the Neasdon office. The answer is no. No I don't know them. Why should I know them ? I don't go up to random white people and ask them if they know Sharon, Steve or Ian from the Newbury office. Why do they think that all of us brown people MUST know each other ? Doing crazy stuff like bungee jumping. There was a story in the papers last week a white guy who climbed the top if the great pyramid in Egypt and photographed himself having sex with his girlfriend on top of it. Why can't white people see a beautiful building, like a pyramid, tower or bridge and just appreciate it's beauty. Why does a little voice in their head say "oooh...I must now tie a rope around my ankle and either tightrope from one end to the other or jump off the building completely" ? What the hell is wrong with them !!! Eat cheese. I mean we all eat some cheese at some time but for crying out loud these people have cheese parties and whole stores that sell nothing but cheese !!
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