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Found 2 results

  1. Pakistan has strongly condemned the recent attack on the afghan Sikh leadership. And it does seems to me a bit far fetched for indian media and establishment to be making the case that Pakistani ISI is funding and giving orders to armed islamic groups that deliberately target tiny significant powerless religious non-muslim minorities. It would also be against their interests for patriotic pro-pakistani Sikhs or afghan Sikhs to be attacked also it also defames pakistans image in the eyes of non-muslim international community and the global Sikh community especially khalistan minded Sikhs. But maybe it is pakistani ISI or maybe its another foreign power hostile to pakistan's national interests? or Maybe its rogue evil islamic elements within pakistani ISI's funding structure that zealously wants all non-sunni muslims eliminated. So who would be the ones funding these murderers? why do they target peaceful sikh populations who have not harmed the muslim majority in anyway or posed any threat to them. Same thing happened in kashmir march 2000.... bill Clinton went over for a visit and a few days later 40 kashmiri Sikhs were murdered gunned down next to the walls of a gurdwara (https://www.nytimes.com/2000/12/31/magazine/a-kashmiri-mystery.html ).... and the following year later 9/11 happened in america. Who in your view is using the lives of innocent Sikhs as a pawn to be played in their geo-political games. I personally don't think its Indian RAW as kashmiri brahmin hindu's were ethnically cleansed from kashmir in 1990s and still unable to return before the kashmiri Sikh massacre happened. It seems the vast majority of funding for these global salafi caliphate wanting Islamic extremists is coming from arab middle east (including salafi saudi and jewish israeli mossad)and/or British and other western intelligence agencies. We need to look back in history who funded the Muslim salafi wahaabi jihadis against Sikhs in 19th century? It was the British intelligence agents who funded the wahaabi sect of islam and thus the indian born sayed bralevi converted to this brand of islam while on hajj there he also received funds from the British to destablish Sikh rule in north west part of the Sikh empire. So this sayed brelvi British funded islamic extremist puppet along with his band of muslim m0rons declared a jihad against Sikhs but were eventually caught and massacred in battle of balakot by the Khalsa army along with help of local muslim pathan tribesmen who had grown tired of his strict islamic and unjust reign of terror on them. Perhaps the clues to the recent attacks on afghan, pakistani and kashmir Sikhs is laying back in history...
  2. I was reading articles recently regarding how the Russian soviet KGB had deeply penetrated the Indian state from 1950s onwards basically since the time of Nehru. British domestic intelligence agency MI5 also had an office stationed in India since 1950s and has had a close relationship with India since its formation in 1947 but they werent as close as the KGB where. What the Mitrokhin Archives are alleged to have revealed is how deeply they had influenced in the formation of the R&AW (Research and analysis wing of the Indian army). And how the KGB's aim was converting India to communist state and vessel state of the Soviet union. In the many articles I read it is alleged that KGB agents gave particular emphasis on painting Sikhs as the enemy to India and the converting the Punjab population to communist ideology. They provided false intelligence information to the Indian government to influence them in carrying out anti-sikh policies. They even wanted a war between India and pakistan in 1981 to divert attention from what the soviets were doing in afghanistan and to distract attention and resources from american CIA and pakistani ISI operations in Afghanistan. It is alleged that they told the Indian government that pakistani ISI had trained 1,000+ SGG commando's who had infiltrated Indian punjab and were ready to help destabilize Punjab and create Khalistan. I know believe that it was the soviets via R&AW that caused indira to hastily ask the indian army to organise and execute the infamous operation blue star and thus it lead to the disaster that it did. Over the decades since we have also learn't that there was no Pakistani commandos in Indian punjab at the time, there was no attempt by Pakistani army to infiltrate or over run the border to help the Sikhs. There was no pakistani's in the golden temple as was alleged by Indian propagandists at the time. We also learnt that trucks full of ammo and weapons were allowed to pass into darbar sahib under the curlew and watch of the Indian troops and state machinery (as reported by sunday times in 1984). General brar being the dopey mass murdering m0ron; that he is did not question the fake intelligence he was given by R&AW or why Indira was going to use the army to attack his allegedly own religions holiest shrine, neither did general dyal only general that stood down from attacking darbar sahib was Lt .Gen Sinha who was a hindu (friend of general shubeg singh) and has since passed away. In many interviews General brar says he believed the pakistani army was going to invade the punjab and help create khalistan and recognise it. The Indian army did not only invade darbar sahib they fanned out to many villages and gurdwaras of punjab fearing Sikh rebellion and pakistani troops in punjab. A minor Sikh rebellion happened yes, but the cowardly pakistani army was no where to be seen because they had not even plan to invade and help the Sikhs. However this was the huge lie and basis of why heavy weapons military assault on darbar sahib (operation blue star) happened, everything came down to FAKE and deceptive intelligence.
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