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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    Using money in Panjab

    Gurfateh Ji! I will be going to Panjab soon and would like to know how people from UK spend over there. Do you just withdraw from your UK account from ATM's? Set up an account with say state bank of india or national bank of Panjab? Any advice would be appreciated. Also, admin when you approve this can you please unlock my account. I have been contacting you for months, via reset account, contact us and forgotten password but no response (checked my spam too). I have never been blocked. Please sort it. Thanks. Akaal!
  2. It was always a problem, during the invasions of Abdali, the blind trust in dogra scums of Jammu , to whom Ranjit Singh just handed away Kashmir to not getting out Fauj in 1947. Sikhs in 1947 were barely 10 percent of Punjab. Hindus made up majority in the east and muslims in west , and because of that our sacred Gurdwaras are now in hands of Pakistan. Another problem in the Sikh kaum ever since it's inception has been " Gaddars " in the sikh Kaum . Since the start , the Hill Rajas against Guru Gobind, the house cleaner Gangu who handed the Guru's boys to mughals , to the cowards who abandoned Banda Bahadur in Sirhind , to the Dogra kuttay who fed vital info to the brits during the sikh - anglo wars to Ala singh , who led afgans to the sikh civilians in amritsar , to weak leaders like Tara Singh, who were chamcha of Nehru, to the gaddars who killed their own sikhs in 84 , scum like Beanta , Longowal , Kps gill , gen brar , to the leaches of current day punjab Fat pig CM Arminder and the the theif of punjab , mr Badal himself ... Just look at the amount of gaddari here . The Mullahs never had soo many traitors in their kaum for thousand yrs like the sikhs have had in 500, and mullahs had to unite non arabs in islam while our own punjabis have backstabbed the kaum . This on top the weak numbers on Sikhs , the failure to forceably convert non sikhs to khalsa has really hurt the kaum . We barely make up 60 percent of punjab while only making up 1.8 percent of india . Had there been a 20 perecent sikh pop in India during the partation , we would control , all of modern pakistan , Kashmir , Haryana , Himachal , Uttarkhand , east punjab and large chunks of UP / Rajistan . Maybe even annex Afganistan , since we would've helped the russians during their invasion of afganistan unlike the americans whom the pakis helped. What can we do now , wish there was a time machine in which i could go back and fix this . Our sacred punjab has been sullied by the overwhelming numbers of islamics , and because of that , not just punjab but all of pakistan is just another backwards , poverty stricken & education lacking Sh^thole.
  3. Guest

    Santhia in Panjab

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh... I was comtemplating with the idea of going Panjab for a few months (maybe 3) and wanting to learn santhia. Any ideas where the best place to learn would be and how one would arrange this? Thanks
  4. I'm not going to rant about congress badal AAP etc and the apparent stupidity of the panjabis. Same jail, new jailer. Putting the obvious negatives a side, can we focus on the few positives? 1) badal drug mafia raj comes to an end. For today. 2) As far as I'm aware, captain is against SYL (??) 3)....?
  5. For more than 50 years, the Central Govt has made Panjab give away more than 50 percent of its river water, for free, to the non riparian states of Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. And it has costed Panjab more than 20 lakh crore rupees (£200 billion pounds). Today only 20 per cent of Panjab's water needs are being met by its own river water. In this film, Pritam Singh Kumedan, an expert and advisor to the Panjab Govt on riparian water issues, reveals, in an interview with UNITED SIKHS, how Panjab can stop giving away this water for free. Will the politicians, who Panjab is voting for on 4th Feb 2017, ensure that Panjab does not give away its water to non-riparian states anymore?
  6. How would those in Punjab (remembering there are Hindus, Muslims, Christians too) vote as a percent of Yes vs No? If NRI Sikhs were to vote, how would it compare by country, e.g. UK, USA, Canada, Italy?
  7. Dear Sangat ji We can give practical help to our brothers and sisters in Panjab by supporting charities working there e.g Seva84 Sikh relief Khlasa aid United Sikhs I checked United Sikhs website and they're running a project supporting families of farmers who committed suicide, helping children get an education. Does anyone have any experience of United Sikhs as have not heard of them before . Are they well run and money gets to people who need it?
  8. I was browsing on YouTube and found this video, I thought I would share.
  9. Today Marks one of the most Shocking cases of the disappeared Sikhs of Panjab. Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra Sikh Human Rights Activist The Person investigating the cases becomes a victim of the Panjab Police. Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra : A Human Rights Activist, A Sevadar and Becon of Light for the Disappeared. who had challenged the darkness by exposing the Indian government, in how the innocent Sikh youth in India were being killed. Bhai Sahib attained shaheedi on 6th September 1995. to read about Bhai Sahib's findings, jeevan and an interview with Bhai Sahib's singhni, please go to the link below: Jaswant Singh Khalra's grandfather Harnam Singh was an activist in the Ghadar movement for the independence of India. Jaswant Singh is survived by his wife, Paramjit Kaur Khalra and two children. 18 years ago Sardar Jaswant Singh Kalra Ji was washing his car outside his home in Punjab when a police jeep under orders from K P S Gill pulled up and abducted him. Jaswant Singh Kalra was never seen again! He was tortured and murder, his body was disposed of by the police. His crime was that he spoke the truth. By going to the cremation grounds and looking at the records of those that supplied wood to be used for cremations he was able to prove that Punjab police was abducting thousands of young Sikhs and killing then cremating them. Jaswant Singh Kalra was speaking out and being listened to across the globe and this was dangerous for the authorities so they had him murdered. Six police officers have been tried to date, five are serving life sentences and one has been acquitted. They all say they were acting under direct orders from K P S Gill. This butcher needs to be brought to book. Will this happen? I doubt it, he has so much protection from central government that it is rumoured that he lives in a place so secret that the average public are kept 50 kilometres away!! Bhai Sahibs Speech to Canadian parliament - MUST WATCH A TRUE HERO AND A TRUE SIKH, BHAI JASWANT SINGH KHALRA WE SALUTE YOU ! and we hope to have even a ounce of the anakh and bahaduri that you had for more info see here http://www.1984tribute.com/Jhujaroo-Jeevani.php?id=126 and please leave your comments and tributes in this post, so that we can remember such heroes and teach our children about them.
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