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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Memory of past lives

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh sangat ji! I don't know whether this is the right place to post this or not, but here I go- I just did Sohila Sahib ji da paatth and was going to sleep and something strange happened. A random image came to my mind, and I almost ignored it at first because it wasn't the first time and I've always assumed that it must be happening to everybody. But almost suddenly I broke down crying. I'm confused. Was it an image of a previous life? I have no clue. It felt like a possibility. It was a scene of a serene shallow clear water body covered by trees next to some sort of a building. I almost felt myself walking in the water and I think I even drank it. Very peaceful. Any comments? Is it normal to see such an "image"? It is just a result of my mind having calmed down? (I'm writing this post right away after the experience and the day was in fact quite tiring) If so, why did I break down crying instantly as soon as I got conscious of the image that was in my head. Could be lucid dreaming but it was too short. I'm too confused, but I'd like to see if anybody has had any similar experiences. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!
  2. If we knew about directly about our past lives how different would life be? Would we be more understanding of all the difficult times we face and the lessons we must learn? Or would it be too dangerous for our psyche to know about all the relationships we have had with those close in our lives in the past?
  3. I know this will come off as very strange, I am not sikh but absolutely love the religion out of all others. My first introduction to Sikhism was in grade 10, but my teacher did not really have my attention nor did she really teach much more than the 5 k's. I don't think I remembered anything and a few years later I would have a dream. I believe in past lives and feel that this dream was of a past life. But I can't put the pieces together and hope someone will know or maybe have an idea. So hoping people will have an open mind with me. In 2004 I dreamed I was in a war, i was still female and holding a sword on horseback. I felt very angry and emotional. I remember seeing dirty white horses with men on top holding yellow flags high into the air as we went into battle..But at the same time, I question if we were intending to battle, or if we intended to gain victory by getting to a certain territory. Regardless, I remember feeling hatred for the brits. i have never felt such a strong emotion of hate in my current life. I am in reality half european, my mom being born in England. I am also French and Aboriginal. But in my dream, I had a man who was without a horse attack me and i tried to hit him with my sword. i did not stab him, but I think used the side..So I don't think I was trying to kill him, but defend myself. It didn't work and I thought my life would be over when he attacked again, but another man stabbed him through the head. The man who attacked me was bearded. Which I couldn't later understand. I don't think Europeans were bearded people. At the time ofthis dream, I didn't know anything about sikhism. I had met a girl online who i knew was sikh recently and so when i told her my dream, she thought the yellow flag was the sikh flag and she told me women fought in sikh wars. That's when I started to learn more and eventually visited a gurdwara. But If it was a sikh war against the brits, i wouldn't have been attacked by a man with a beard? Brits never really had facial hair sporting. Is there any time period to explain this? One where I may have been fighting someone else, but still in a time period that brits influenced? I'm not much for understanding everything but would like to. Thank you for those who won't think I'm crazy
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