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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    Ear cut from patka

    I am fourteen years old and I wear a patka. Since I play a lot of sports and hate when my hair comes out from my sideburns I tie my patka really tight. Recently, the skin behind my ears has gotten cut and hurt when I tie a patka. I don't want to tie the patka above the cuts because then other people will see them and I think I am crazy. I also don't want to wear a pag or anything. Please help. What should I do? My ears hurt really badly when I tie the patka every morning.
  2. I play cricket and I want to make my gutti smaller in my patka so the helmet will fit easier, how can I do this? squash it? but keep it in the normal style but just smaller?
  3. Hello, My question is what do you do if you are involved in a fight and your turban falls off , or the 'enemy' tries to rip it off? What would you ? Would you fight and dont care if your hair is seen? Take it off by yourself and wouldnt give him the chance to take it off? Run away? Please some serious thoughts - because this can happen everywhere and everytime . I mean if someone else sees your hair, what would you do/think/react?
  4. There's a new twitter page and website that started up a few days ago called @patkaspotting it's made to shame people who were patka's. The person who started this page said their intention is to promote people to wear dastaars instead of patka's. In my opinion I think this is very wrong and it can even be considered as cyber bullying because the people on this page don't give permission for their pictures to be used (a lot of them don't even know their picture is used). Does anyone else think this isn't right? The website is http://patkaspotting.com
  5. Hello, can anybody tell me how to tie a FIGHT PROOF dastaar for martial arts like kick boxing , thai boxing etc ... How do I tie it the best so it hardly get loose or fell off? Furthermore I would prefer to make thejura in the back , because if someone hits the joora , the pulling is too hard... Please some input and serious help.
  6. I was wondering if you guys knew a place to buy patkas online. All mine have ripped and only have 2 in my rotation for school! haha I tried contacting GoSikh because my measurements for my patka are 21x24 (I'll have to recheck but I believe this is correct) And most places make patkas that are square shaped. If anyone knows where I can buy some online could you post below. It's hard living in a city without a significant Sikh population. Thanks!
  7. Question is above - How is it comfy for you? It really annoys me , I donĀ“t know how to tie .. If it is to tight I get headache if it is too loose, it gets off while sleeping - and when I am asleep I turn around much and pull the hair out that makes me awake Lol, I can tie good dastaars etc, but I fail in doing Jooras - never learnt it proper Have you got some tips or videos etc..? @ Moderator please movie this thread I guess I posted it in wrong section.
  8. Guest

    Ear Pains From Patka

    Hi, basically iv been wearing a patka, i do like it to be perfect - tightish and cover my ears, the problem is my ears are alright for a bit but as time goes on they just kill ;/ i know its not that i have to get used it as iv been wearing a patka for ages so... Im not looking to wear a turban as of yet or change the way my patka is tied etc or tie it under my ears. So anyone got any good/effective solutions for this pain? I've heard about the cotton wool but havnt really tried it lol seems a bit dodgy lol wont the cotton fall out or something lol. I put some vaseline on my ears and it does seem to help but yeah anything else? Thanks.
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