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  1. Guest


    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh to all my brothers and sisters. Sangat ji I am very worried and confused because my friend has had this dream many times where he died and he sayd to me that "I think I am going to die" and says that his dreams do come true. I know this is not true but i am still worried. Can you please help me explain to him that he is just thinking too much? Can you tell me why these dreams come? Plesse help me and reply
  2. I thought after becoming an amritdhari the attention off girls would stop and my Kaam would go weaker , for some reason I feel like it has got stronger. I grew my kes at 15 and took Amrit a couple months after. But still girls would talk to me, I would try to stay away from them but they would come and talk to me, message me etc. I have never wanted to cut my kes before and I still don’t want to now! I knew a couple months back that this popular sikh girl who is very pretty liked me and I tried hard not to like her but it was too hard. I met her today about 2 hours ago when I went to the store. She was alone and came up to me in the store, she jumped behind me and covered my eyes, when I saw her tbh I thought to myself she looked really pretty. She looked at me and smiled saying I have a really nice eye colour. Long story short for that 1 hour I had completely forgotten that I was a gursikh, it felt like I was under a trance. Kaam had fully taken over me and I had a urge to just have sex. If I had a thought about backing out it just went away straight away. I had so much energy in me like I was ready to run for a race. When we sat together on a bench after coming out the store she was saying that loads of girls in school thought I was good looking and she was one of them. We sat and talked for about 20 mims outside at night. She said to ,e she wanted to see my kes, and that no one was at her home, I said I can show her my hair here she said she only lives seconds away and she held my hand and pulled me up. To make this less weird I’ll quickly end it as I’m feeling uncomfortable just typing this, I took off my keski and tied my hair back in a knot. She told me I looked so much better with it tied back and then couple mins after we started kissing and eventually went to have sex. We did have intercourse but suddenly that energy urge trance whatever it is went and I just stopped. I didn’t ejaculate if it makes a difference, I just stopped put my clothes on and went out the house running home and tying my dastar at the same time. Im sitting in my room feeling so guilty. I haven’t spoken to anyone and I can’t even look at myself in the mirror. That girl keeps on messaging and calling me, I feel sick every time I look at anything Sikhi related as the guilt is just so much. I want to read paath but I feel too guilty to even look at the gutka let alone touch it. I stumbled across this forum a couple of days ago and I am hoping to get advice. How can I get over this, is guru ji really angry with me? I’m too scared to even sleep fearing I’ll get a punishment. Please help, how do I go to the punj and explain why I need to go pesh, I don’t think I can go there and tell them, with what face can I go to the gurdwara tomorrow, please help me sangat ji sangat ji this is not a troll post, I really need help. I don’t think I can ask the sangat at the gurdwara tomorrow as I fear they will judge me and the word will get around the whole gurdwara eventually to my family.
  3. My older brother is not the most intelligent of people, he didn't get good grades in school and dropped out of college. About a week ago he said he wanted to follow my steps and take Amrit. from a young age he has been reading japji and reharaas sahib but unfortunately he still hasn't changed his ways. I was hesitant with his new decision as I knew he couldn't keep the rehat and he would have to change the way he acts (loves to annoy people, enjoys fights, almost like a old Indian women). I told him to stop eating meat, wake up amritvela and recite panj baniya. Now when I went to tell my mum (who is unfortunately a radha somai) suggested that he takes naam from them as it is easier and he wouldn't need to follow such a strict rehat. TBH my whole family (including me) unfortunately knew that he wouldn't be able to keep the rehat but then again I thought that if dasam patshaah gives just a tiny bit of kirpa on a manukh they can do wonders. now one week later he told me that he wanted to "stop this rehat as jaap sahib is too hard to pronounce and its hard to wake up amritvela etc" I told him he can sit with me and we will do santhiya of the path together and whatever he finds hard just tell me and I will correct it for him, but he wasn't listening and now he's saying he wants to become a radha somai. he told my mum and she was like fine, I didn't want to say anything in front of my mum as it would have caused an argument but now when I was trying to explain to him not to go down that path and I was explaining about the shaheeds and what sant ji told us about him but he was getting all defensive saying "they are just teaching us about the soul and the same stuff they tell us in the gurdwara that's what they tell us there" (hes allreasy been to hains park in London where the baba comes every year to do his "parchar"). then he told me that he had been reading their books from my mums room and he was saying they use bani from guru granth sahib ji and us as Sikhs going against him makes us hypocrites. please advice me on how I can make him not go down that path. he dosent have a mind of his own and he tends to listen to other people a lot more. I seriously don't want him to drift away from sikhi (he still reads japji and reharaas sahib daily) and I fear that he will stop reading bani whatsoever. PLEASE HELP.
  4. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh I need help. please dont ignore this post I had marriage proposal(Rishta) last month. Me and my family accept that rishta. Rishta was from gursikh family. I started talking to that girl every day and first things were ok but now i dont like her behaviour. So i decided to do ardass and take hukamnama . Can someone please help me what guru sahib is saying in hukamnama. Ang 353 Devghandari mahala 5 Ulti re man ulti re
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Please, please someone offer advice or something. I know to some this may sound like a minimal thing or even wrong (if so, please don't judge) but recently, without thinking, I just cleaned the dust of my table and off my laptop with a bathroom towel (which we use to wipe our bathroom floor). On the laptop, I had some webpages open about Sikhism etc, but the Chrome Browser was minimised. I feel really bad that I've just done that, and realised after. I feel extremely disrespectful (as for the past few days I haven't been thinking rightfully or as myself). I feel like I've done a huge sin and as I was cleaning the top of the laptop and the table below and around it, Waheguru Ji was testing me based on my thoughts and actions (due to my thoughts in the past few days). Please can someone offer some advice as to how I should feel and what I should do to minimise my feelings of regret right now. Thank you to all who read this or post back to this. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  6. Guest

    Authenticity Of Sakhis

    What is the authenticity of the sakhis told abt our gurus?whenever i read one,my mind keeps on wondering is it true?due to this i unable to keep myself motivated and reading dese does help me.
  7. Guest

    Kindly Help

    I am sikh woman,long time back i used to do simran and seva and my mind and my life was very peaceful.Then due to lot of engangements in various wordly things i stopped doing simran and seva.Again i am trying to follow the path of simran and doing path.But i am not able to concentrate doing that.My mind wanders and lot of weird thoughts come to my mind like who told to do simran,what a word can do.i started listening to various katha of bhai vir singh ji,but while listening them also,my mind have all sorts of negative thoughts that what he is telling is right?why should i trust him?i am scared of all these thoughts,please help me.
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