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Found 3 results

  1. So....UK Sikhs. We're a peculiar bunch arne't we ? An unusual bunch in fact. When we go back to Punjab we meet Canadian, American and Australian Sikhs back in the village and the first thing we notice is how proud they are of being Canadian, American and Australian. They proudly display their national flags on their houses, vehicles and clothing and have integrated so well into their home countries that they have reached the very top of society. The Canadian Sikhs especially have adapted so well to that famous American / British hybrid sense of humour that they have reached the very top of that profession too. And then....sadly....there is the UK Sikhs. A very unusual bunch when it comes to interrnational Sikh diasporas in that they are so negative, so pessimistic, so downbeat. Always moaning about this, that or the other with their depressing nature disabling them from being able to see how a lot of the things they are moaning about are actually a lot worse in the other countries I mentioned. Ain't no chardi kala among the UK Sikhs. No....it's all doom and gloom. I mean there was a recent thread about depression and in it I did try and explain how this is actually the greatest time ever to be alive and life is truly wonderful if we look at it in the right way. But that was ignored and everybody just carried on with their usual depressing thoughts. Let's take a closer look at what we've learned about the UK Sikhs from a few of my recent threads here on this forum: 1) Absolutely no sense of humour at all. A complete inability to not only laugh but even be able to spot a joke. 2) The only Sikh diaspora that actually hate their own country. Wish it ill-will and insult those that served in it's army. Just wanna put this question out there then: With most of you UK Sikhs here hating Britian....hating it's army....hating those that served in it's army - This story of the UK Sikhs can't end well can it ?????? I mean this story has got a very painful end written all over it. Or....is it just the fact that sikhsangat.com is not a very good representative of the general feeling among UK Sikhs ?
  2. Re; the thread on the main page: No you're mistaking Canada for the whole of Western civilisation. In the UK the major criticism of 'Sikh youth born in the west' is that they are too soft, don't fight and just want to either study or pray all the time. Tejs. One of the signs of being able to tell whether someone is 'intellectual' or 'unintellectual' is in the way that person communicates with other individuals. You could have responded to jkvlondon in a more respectful way. The fact that jkvlondon didn't know what the actual historic Zafarnama is and mistook it for Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji's letter by the same name is OK. The fact that you didn't know either demonstrates the dangers of starting threads questioning the intelligence of others. We do have values and we are Punjabi so why should we not propagate our own culture ? When England embraced Christianity all those centuries ago, should it have immediately stopped speaking being English ? Genie, The current leader of the NDP in Canada is from that village group......The former Governor General of British Columbia is from that village group.....90% of the many Sikh MPs in Canada are from that village group.....Vancouver's deputy Chief of Police is from that village group....The American United Nations Secretary is from that village group ......The world's largest fruit farmer is from that village group.....The International Operations Manager of Tim Hortons is from that village group.....The owners of some of Britain's biggest industry brands are from that village group........The largest KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominoes franchises in the UK are from that village group....100% of the UKs Sikh MPs are from that village group....the world's most popular poet of today is from that village group..... NKJ speaker is from that group....Basics of Sikhi Jugraj Singh was from that village group. Do you see a pattern forming here genie ? There is a message behind it. The message is that no one group is any better than another. We are all individuals, each of us capable of amazing things. I don't want my children being evil castists by negatively labelling other groups as backward and I also want them to kick people like you in the teeth whenever they come across someone like you....i.e. someone that sees no problem in labelling people from that village background as backward and stupid. Either you are permanently stuck in the 1970s Genie or you are the most crass castist this forum has ever encountered. How on earth can you make disgusting statements like that about people and get away with it ? What a thoroughly disgusting thing to say about the rural folk. You would do well to remember that those Punjab 'city' folk you admire to much also habitually follow a practice that is completely unheard of among rural folk....Setting daughter in laws on fire for not bringing enough dowry !!!! I used to think that to Genie. But trust me, there is not a single person here - including you - that wants to learn anything. You want to say that right thing in order to portray your 'intellectual' qualities in an attempt to differentiate yourself from the 'unintellectuals' but we are living in a world where the line between the intellectuals and the unpadhs have been blurred. We have millions and millions of gems Tej. In can be argued that the unpadh man that can come to foreign 70 years ago, lay the foundation for future Sikh communities, take physical and mental blows galore but still keep his eye on the prize and work his way to a good future for his children and future generations has shown a lot more intellect than rich businessmen (perhaps like Mr Kampany) who didn't have enough intellect to know that they could have used their riches to empower their people in such a productive way. Please define what you mean by 'intellect' Tej as the very fact that you've self-proclaimed yourself one of the intellectuals and started a thread in which you criticise as 'unintellectual' those that fail to live up to your ideals does seem to suggest that you belong firmly in the latter camp. As a lifetime scholar of the Greeks let me say 2 things: 1) the Greek philosophers themselves look east (including Punjab) as a source of wisdom 2) The fact these 'wise' men also saw it as normal and OK to commit suicide by the age of 60 and see young boys as existing for the sexual pleasure of older men shows us that not all is as 'wise' and 'intellectual' as first seems. Didn't one of them also say "he who says (i.e starts a thread about how intellectual they are) doesn't really know. Those who really know don't say" ? Yes that is partly true but another way of looking at the Persians (from ancient to modern) is that they are poetic and artistic rather than 'intellectual' in the traditional sense. I'm a great lover of Persian poetry and neo-realism cinema so I do say this with a heavy heart but I can't help feeling that this poetic side to them is their downfall rather than saving grace in terms of intellect. Sure, it means they have a great tradition of the intelligentsia which is the vital component for revolutions and freedom struggles but it also means their overly emotive nature makes them the most drug addicted nation on earth. Me thinks they think too much. Intelligence then comes in many forms. The illegal fauji sitting on the Green in Southall for example, having first the intellect to know he needs to provide for his family, trekked through dangerous west Asian territory, darkest Africa, dodged bullets in eastern Europe before finally clinging on to the bottom of a truck for many hours in order to get to the UK. Isn't this intellect of knowing how to survive the true intellect ? or is it the 2nd generation western born Sikh who sits at his desk in front of the computer with all the comforts of the world proclaiming others to be unintellectual and himself the intellectual one ? Tej ?
  3. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I am a Sikh girl who has recently started wearing a Dastaar. I chose to do this as I wish to live in the bana that the Guru set for us. I am also Amritdhari. One question came to my mind... Is wearing a Dupatta/Chunni required if I am wearing a Dastaar. From my belief, Dupattas/Chunnis are meant to cover hair as a sign of respect for the Guru. Wearing a Dastaar permanently takes care of that. However, I see several women that have Keskis, yet they use a Dupatta/Chunni to wrap it around their breasts/bust. Is that the whole point of a Dupatta? To simply cover one's breasts? Women without keski/dastaar are often just covering their chest with a Dupatta/Chunni yet have their heads uncovered. Defeats the whole purpose... So simply put, is it preferred for women in Gurdwaras to cover their breasts over their hair? And if I am wearing a Keski, then is it preferred if I also wear a Dupatta/Chunni to cover my breasts? I would be grateful if someone could shine some light on this issue for me. Thank you. Kind Regards
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