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  1. I was sent by RAW but no one recognised me when I was in jail: Daniel IBNLive.com | Updated May 03, 2013 at 03:56pm IST Daniel hails from Gurdaspur district's Dadwain village and was apprehended by Pakistani rangers in 1993. He was jailed for over four years. He now pulls a rickshaw. He alleges that the Indian authorities who sent him across the border refused to recognise him and help him out once he was caught. According to him, he met many other Indians incarcerated in jail in Pakistan on espionage charges. Daniel, Indian who served jail term in Pakistan, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the life of an Indian in a Pakistani jail. Q. Once you came back, Did our politicians ans authority help you? Asked by: Mahesh V I was sent by RAW but no one recognised me when I was in jail: Daniel Daniel, Indian who served jail term in Pak, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on his life in Pak jail. A. No they did not help me at all. Instead I was interrogated and tortured by policemen. They instead levied a case on me saying I willingly went to Pak. Q. How was you treated in Jain and by Pakistan Authority? Asked by: Mahesh V A. I was in Sialkot jail. I was severely tortured and severely beaten. Electric shocks and all. Q. When you approached Indian diplomats in Pakistan, what was the response you got? And who was helpful to understand? Asked by: Mahesh V A. For three days the consulate in Rawalpindi listened to me but nothing after this. Q. Do you feel like coming back to a country which fails to recognize you? This nation cares more about terrorists than our own citizen. Was there any effort taken by our holy politicians to save you? Asked by: Ravish A. I was sent by RAW. It's better not to ask me this question. I run my family by plying a rickshaw. My family did not get any help from the govt while I was in jail. Q. Why did the Indians send you across the border? Asked by: airbuss A. I was sent to spy on a few things. I can't say more. Q. Daniel, do you think there is an "Eye for an eye" philosophy in the jails in India and Pakistan, or both Sarbjit/Sanaullah were exceptional cases. Was there, ever, an incident of rough treatment meted out to you as an Indian prisoner in Pakistan? Asked by: Mansoor A. Yes, it is not of any use. But we should not expect anything from the govt. Q. does the fact that both Indian and Pakistani men are prisoners there,not enough to bind both nationals on humanitarian and emotional ground? Asked by: pallavi sakhare A. In an ideal world it should be. But the agencies on both sides of the border are heartless and just push forward the agenda of the state. Till common people take matters into their hands, nothing will change. Q. It became my perception with time that Indian govt particularly the Congress has no nationalistic agenda. Especially when it comes to nationalism (Indian people in Pakistani, Sri Lankan jail, national integrity) or the Indian Hindus conditions in domestic as well as internationally fora. They have only one focus Muslim vote-bank to be in power and nothing else. Asked by: Satya A. I can't say much about this. I am not an educated man. But during the BJP govt too, many young people were pushed in across the border. Some of them were caught and the Indian govt did not recognise them. It is not about parties but I may be wrong. Q. Because you was jailed in Pakistan, are you getting different treatment when you was looking for a job in India? Asked by: Mahesh V A. No one would give you a job, if you have been in jail. And if you were in a Pakistani jail, you get what I mean. No one would touch you even with a barge pole. Q. Why not talk about RAW? You were only doing a job...you better not pull rickshaw for life and rot for a good job you did? Why not struggle for compensation? Asked by: Irfan Sayed A. I don't know much about them. I was approached by them and did as I was told. I am happy to be alive. Compensation is a day dream for poor people like us. Q. Would you do it again? For the country? After all that's happened. Asked by: Shabbir A. Never, never again. All that talk about country is very rosy from the outside. Once you face the music, you will know. It's very murky. Q. How is life in Jail for an Indian in Pakistan Asked by: Alok A. Horrible but you have to tough it out as one has to come back to his family. It is just that hope that keeps you going.
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