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Found 6 results

  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa..waheguru jee kee fateh.. Sangat ji I have some concerns regarding our social lives.. Some kathas and sants talk about being alone is good and then I think about this Ghrist Jeevan. Sometimes we have to sit with a group of people who are talking in general and then end up gossiping and criticizing others. I know it is wrong and when I tell them as a joke that we should gossip less, I get the answers back like oh this is the reality..this is how people are.. we are just telling the truth.. So I have few questions in my mind.. First of all.. When someone call himself/herself spiritual.. can they still be rude? Can they still insult you in front of others to prove you wrong? Can they still criticize( commenting on others' upbringing) ? What I understood..that once your heart is pure..you actions are simply sweet.. but then these days..everyone goes..oh be careful from those who are sweet talkers.. those who are little rude..they have good hearts.. My second question and really important for me to know is if I sit with someone(elders.....from family) who talks bad about anyone or gossip.. will it effect my karams too? What to do when you have no choice? Sometimes, they complain and expect you to get involved .. anytime I don't answer, I get to hear oh I am not being respectful..I am being ignorant...especially in the family..it is really hard... Please advice how to handle this situation.. Waheguru JI
  2. I had these type of philosophical questions 3 years ago, but I am just curious and for some reason, I am still thinking about these questions. People often say we are living in Maya an Illusion, while in Sikhism we do believe in this Maya, but we don't actually believe that the Universe is fake, but created in God, but the only truth is in Whaeguru; however, there are Maya that trap us from reaching Whaeguru such as greed, lust, ego, etc, but I was wondering what does Sikhism view reality as?
  3. Reasons why we should not celebrate Ram Raheem being arrested. First of all, YOU'RE A SIKH! We do not know n like to celebrate. And if celebration is happening, authi wi do - chaar nukhta gadd dinya lol. 2nd we all know Ram Raheem's sentence will be 6 months long. Even if it's an order by CPI (highest commission) it means jack all. Raheem will pay his way out easily. Raheem's "prison" will mean 5* hotel luxury type prison, kinda like Pablo Escobar's. TV, 24 hours access in cell and courtyard, no hard labour (breaking bricks), it'll just be visitation from his cheli (he'll b dead busy with them), phone access, lovely food and possibly breakfast in bed by the police guards. Lets not forget the support from his cheli neither.
  4. It is a philosophical idea that we can't confirm the truth about reality and in the end our version of reality depends upon what we believe.Basically if I can't confirm what is real then why should I believe in a religion. Consider these facts There is 10% probability that you're dreaming right now. 20% that we might be inside a simulation like matrix. Some probability that you might be in coma (because in coma consciousness is there) And these are one of many possibilities that I can think about reality.So why follow religion if I can't even confirm what is real and what is not.maybe I am already in hell? Through The Wormhole - S04E08 - Is Reality Real?: http://youtu.be/i2CZg5jo7ck
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHP3mN-9MBg
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