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Found 1 result

  1. I know there is a number of threads on 3ho. But thought I would raise it for another time. Let's just look at some of the facts The Sikh faith is over a 500 year old faith with over 30 million adherents and is truly a world wide faith. All our major Gurdwaras and institutions are located in India. But here is where the shocking and most funny thing is. The people who represent us are actually 3HO. A small group of white people dressed in white consumes and yoga outfits based in Mexico. Representing the entire Sikh community of the world. Now you may think how are the scamming 3ho representing us all. Well the answer is simple. The number one Sikh website in terms of people visiting to find out more about Sikhi are 3ho website and they are number one by a huge number. Most of these people who visit are non Indian/Punjabi. But they just assume that 3ho is real Sikhism and they are real Sikhs. Not a group of people that have been classed by the Akal takht as non Sikh people. Yet people who are not even Sikhs. But some looney people who think they are and destroying the Sikh reputation by.making a Sikh website for their own profit and gain. To add insult to injury these guys under the false pretences of being Sikhs are taking in millions of pounds through gullible people some who are even desi Sikhs donating on their site. So not only has our entire faith been hijacked by 3ho they are also making millions out of it. These guys must be laughing at us behind our backs. Many don't have no interest apart from earning as much as they can from donations they receive Yet Sikhs are doing nothing to stop this group. Imagine if the number one Buddhist website in terms of numbers visiting was run by a group of none Buddhists pretending to be Buddhist and teaching Buddhism to everyone at the same time making millions in donations. All while being some phoney group who are Classed as non-buddhist. 3HO should be boycotted and all money they raise should be made public and investigated by the police for their legitimacy. Yet because they are white us desi people don't do anything. Akal takth needs to take action to remove their blasphemous website. As we are currently being all portrayed as 3ho followers. Sikhs need to fully investigate these shady people.
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