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Found 6 results

  1. Ardas Karan Dian 13 Jugtian - Book By Bhai Guriqbal Singh Anyone know where I can find a PDF for this- possibly English but if not Punjabi will do. Thank u
  2. Kirtan was going on and sangat was listening. A snake came there and made a terrible noice. Sangat was frightened. Baba nand singh ji did bachan dont be afraid this is a sikh who has come to do darshan and now will be free from this joon This snake was an sewak of us and now will be free.so the snake did parikarma of guru sahib and went back. Note : those people who dont have shardaa please stay away from this post and dont comment this is only for sharddaa wale people bole so nehaal sat sri akaal.
  3. Two satsangis of baba nand singh ji came to do darshan of babaji. One was bhai Surjan singh and the other was bhai makhan singh. While they were talking to baba ji a lizard fell on bhai surjan singh and he came in a sudden motion. Seeing this baba nand singh ji did bachan bhai dont consider this to be a lizard this is your sister who died waiting for you.you were busy at that time and your other brothers had met her on death- bed but before you could meet her she died.Now surjan singh became astonished as this was true. Now surjan singh fell on feets of baba nand singh ji and said please baba ji forgive her now and make her free from this joon. Now baba nand singh ji looked with kirpa drishti on lizard and she died. Now babaji gave bachan surjan singh you have made use of this time otherwise she would have wandered for many janams. Note : those people who dont have shardaa please stay away from this post and dont comment this is only for sharddaa wale people bole so nehaal sat sri akaal.
  4. Sant attar singh ji mahaaraj mastuane vaale were sitting and sant teja singh ji of baru sahib were doing their sewa. This is an incidence of 1920's. Sant attar singh ji : teja singh youvhave spent a lot of time in education in foreign countries. How much have science discovered about life in other planets. Sant teja singh ji : mahaaraj you are all knowing they have not yet discovered any such thing.mahaaraj you tell me please. sant attar singh ji : teja singh this creaton has no end. There are many many planets, galaxies ( brahmand ) and people live there also. Sant teja singh ji : Then mahaaraj please tell me about any one of them Sant attar singh ji : Teja singh there is a planet wher all people are bhramgianis. Sant teja singh ji : oh really mahaaraj whole planet of bhramgianis? then what job they do the whole day? Sant attar singh ji : Kai kot aatam dhiaan dhaaray ( sukhmani sahib ji ) hun sant attar singh ji ik khaas ilaahi rang vich aa gaye te bachan kitta Oh Teja singh the next turn is of this planet on which we are sitting. A time will come when each and every person of this earth will become of high spiritual avastha and all this will happen because akaal prakh's jot in the form of guru nanak dev ji has come into this earth and had gone in that planet also and all this will happen when satyug within this dangerous kalyug arrives
  5. Guru Har Rai Ji was born on 30 January 1630 to Mata Raj Kaur Ji and Baba Gurditta Ji at Kiratpur Sahib. On hearing this news Guru Ji's grandfather, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji went to Kiratpur Sahib. It is said very beautifully that on the way to Kiratpur, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji blessed all sangat and brought them happiness. On holding Guru Har Rai Ji in his arms, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji gave Him many blessings and said "Vaddee Cheez Da Gaahak Aayaa Hai". Sadaa Sang Rakhe : Guru Sahib Ji then settled at Kiratpur. After Baba Gurditta Ji passed away, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji tied a pag to Har Rai Ji and took care of him. He kept Har Rai Ji with him all the time, he educated him on shastar vidiya and also taught him horse riding. Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji made Har Rai Ji sit with him while singing kirtan and during reciting of vaaraa : Jab Gur Baith Deewan Me, Bhakhat Katha Vairaag Sadaa Sang Raakhe Prabhu Har Rai Vadd Bhaag Being brought up in the shade of his grandfather, Guru Har Rai Ji learnt humility and love for the sangat. Guru Har Rai Ji respected and took utmost care of every word and bachann that Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji gave. Daaman Sankoch chalo : One day Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and Guru Har Rai Ji went for a walk to a garden. While walking a flower got stuck with the chola of Guru Har Rai Ji’s and fell down. On seeing this Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji explained to Guru Har Rai Ji to take care while walking if wearing a big chola. He further explained if you attain something do not hit over other’s shoulders and walk. Guru Har Rai Ji held on to these words, those bachann with respect all his life. P.S. Please correct the above wherever needed as it is translated from gurmukhi ji.
  6. Guest

    Guru Amar Das Ji'S Love

    Waheguru ji, here's sharing a saakhi that i heard long time back :. Once sangat was sitting in hazoori of Dhan Dhan Guru Amar Das Ji.. Amongst sangat, a Guru de pyaare (a kodi) was also sitting.. He did not have parents and sangat asked if there was anyone who was willing to get their daughter married to him.. Everyone was quiet and began wondering and then someone got up to ask what was the kodi's jaat, paat, who's son he was and where did he belong.. ?? To this, Dhan Dhan Guru Amar Das Ji, got up and embraced that pyare and told the sangat that he was of the cast to which Guru Ji belonged, he was His son.. This is the kind of love that Maharaj showered upon that pyare !! :) P.S. This is all i re-call from the saakhi..
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