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Found 3 results

  1. I believe that, in more ways than one, this article might act as a potential eye-opener vis-a-vis the fall of Sikh Raaj. To quote an excerpt: 'The hidebound state which both the Hindu and Islamic doxas’ envision run on the concurrence of the power-wielder and it’s brokers viz. the Brahmin(s) or the Ulama. The socio-legal concepts devised, and implemented, in the Shastras and Shari’a are designed to keep the proletariat in check from whom the danger of mutiny is ever-constant. To shatter this inimical nexus of Babur (the state) and Bipar (religious hypocrisy), Guru Nanak Dev Ji laid the ideological foundations of the Khalsa which were later made manifest by his nine successors. On his deathbed, in 1708 A.D., the tenth Nanak enjoined the Khalsa to ‘march towards stability and enduring prosperity by renouncing dogmatic traditionalism and the writ of any sacerdotal class…’ (17) The Sikh Gurus, doubtless, were well aware of the sub-continental past. Empire after empire had followed one another to the grave and politico-religious oppression had confined the proletariat to the merciless whims of his superiors. Political impermanence had arisen out of either theocracy or Caesaropapism relegating many a kingdom to oblivion. The medieval epoch, in the sub-continental context, was marked by the rise and fall of various polities namely the Maurya and Gupta empires; the Harsha empire confined to the north; the Pala empires in Bengal and Behar and so forth. (18) With the Khalsa being inherently equal, the birth of any sacerdotal class was well arrested whilst a quasi-democratic outlook was bequeathed to the body vis-a-vis it’s political approach. The question remains, was this outlook ever implemented?' https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/raj/
  2. Does anyone remember Sher-E-Punjab from the 90's and the most recent Sarabha Punjab? What was the history behind these groups and were are they now?
  3. Main Points: "No mechanical repition of Naam" Association and partnership with missionary Harjinder Sabhra and associates No clear answer on Dasam Granth, putting doubt in Sangat's minds We are all brothers and sisters, no such thing as Mahapurkh or enlightened ones No clear answer on meat, putting doubt in Sangat's minds. Harjinder Sabhra: "Where we go as humans, we have to adjust our cuisine and life accordingly." <<< If that is the case, then that means Sikhi will just merge into other religions and cultures and there is no need for Sikh Rehat and Dastaar and Kes, sit on chairs and tables in langar for everyone (not just seniors/disabled) etc......Putting doubt in Sangat's minds, BEWARE. They are being loose in every answer, making Sikhi what someone THINKS is convenient for them and not what Guru Granth AND Guru Panth has decided. Therefore, they support MANmat and not GURmat. They are doing everything according to what is convienient for them. Full 3-Part Video (25 to 30 minutes in total approximately) Right Here. Make sure to record it, as I cannot record and save every little thing. Send messages to Panthic.org as well. These missionaries are saying they are so open to questions, then why don't they ever talk to AKJ, Nihungs, Taksal, etc OPENLY ON VIDEO?
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